Friday , January 27 2023

Educartis, the African leading educational search tool launched in Nigeria

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Educartis, the leading course search engine in Africa, has launched its Nigerian digital platform with 1,700 educational opportunities to choose from including courses, trainings, degrees, basic degrees and postgraduate education.

The education industry in Africa has experienced a deep transformation over the last decade due to advances in the global information network. The increase in the number of people searching for courses over the Internet is so significant that today the best option for a training center to showcase their courses is to bet on the online world.

It is within this context that Educartis offers Internet users a new tool that facilitates communication between schools and users of the web.

This newly launched educational center directory allows educational institutions to upload and manage their own courses and publish them on the Internet. This helps them achieve greater autonomy regarding the content as well as more efficacy in promoting new programs to attract students.

With presence in 9 countries (Nigeria, Angola, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia), Educartis is the leading internet educational directory.

 Only in its Angolan version it gathers information from more than 6,700 courses, graduate, postgraduate and master’s degrees taught in 243 different training centers.

Thousands of prospective of young citizens seeking education enter the site daily and use this effective tool that provides the users with all the necessary data for choosing the right course for them, all on one website.

All these advantages make this new functionality in Educartis serve as a showcase for training centers’ educative offer. With this new tool, the possibility of promoting courses in a successful website is not reserved only to universities with a high budget, as it used to happen, but it is now available for all educational centers. Also, communication with students becomes even more simple thanks to Educartis.


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