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Godwin Obaseki

Edo APC Guber: Attempt by Obaseki’s camp to buy PVC from delegates rebuffed

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By Dr. Harrison Omorodion

It was a show of shame for the Director-General of Obaseki campaign organization, Osarodion Ogie,who is also Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s Chief of Staff and Dennis Idahosa at Iguobazuwa on June 13, 2016 as they sought to buy up Personal Voters Cards PVC) from Ovia South-West delegates at a meeting held at the party secretariat.

The trio in company of others had intimated the delegates of their desire to pay 25,000 to each delegates in other to have them surrender their voters card to them as a demonstration of their commitment to Obaseki’s candidacy but were however rebuffed by the delegates who vowed not to part with their voters card for any sum of money.

They were told in clear terms by representatives from the various wards that the demand for PVC was untenable ahead of the APC primaries.

Miffed by the developments the PVC merchants only parted away with 500,000 naira for the entire delegates to enable them return back

It will be recalled that several persons have raised alarm over the desperate and criminal act if mopping up delegates PVC by the Obaseki supporters in other have them cloned for none delegates to gain access to the venue of the primaries or induce the delegates into camping or deny those that are not likely to vote for them access into the venue.

Ten out of the 12 screened aspirants have petitioned the national leadership of the party to quickly address the issue in the interest of the integrity of the process.

A lot of party members have expressed disappointment over the desperation of Obaseki and his minders to win the forthcoming primaries at all cost by engaging in criminal and underhand tactics.

If care is not taken the way things are been handled by agents of government who are pushing for the Obaseki candidacy ahead of the primaries may inflict on serious damage on the chances of the party winning the general election.

As things stands Other aspirants except Obaseki are preparing for a free and fair primaries which only the National leadership of the party can guarantee. It will be recalled that Obaseki is the anointed candidate of Governor ADAMS Oshiomhole , but he is battling to get the acceptance among party delegates even in the face of humongous sum of money that the Governor has deployed into selling him.

Saturday 18, June will tell if Gov Oshiomhole will have his way.

Dr. Harrison Omorodion

Public Affairs Analyst

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. That is how his master entered.

  2. Obaseki is people/electorates’ reject.

  3. Apc at it again. Wayooo party with ancient old mugus

  4. Apc Knows The Will Fail

  5. Oshiomocracy boasted that PDP is dead in Edo that he will not lose sleep, why are they trying to buy PVC?

  6. APC corruption saying they are fighting corruption.

  7. Useless people useless party

    • Hnmmm.. How old were you or were you born at all when Lucky lgbinedion was Edo state Governor? Can you compare his achievements to that of Adams Oshiomole? You people are ingrate. Lucky lgbinedion sucked your state to penury with nothing he achieved and when you people accused him. His father said he should be allowed to repeat class because if a student failed he should be allowed to repeat class.

    • Bor Bor is a hell and evil name in the first place, so you are this stupid, blind and deaf that you cannot know what Oshiomhole has acquired privately with Edo State funds both home and abroad. So you are dead also that you didn’t know the so called university of Edo state he sited in his own personal land in his home town. Did fool like you know that only 35% share of the institution is for state govt while a whole of 65% goes to the man he wants as his successor? Well if you wish, I will tell you more of what you idiot didn’t know about Adams. Wait a minute, did you even hear me praising Lucky Igbinedion or pdp? You are really a drawning man, a drunk and a eunuch.

  8. he can only buy apc members own not PDP members own. all I know oshimhole and his yeye candidate Godwin will lose Edo state.

  9. Protest votes await APC in Edo state.

  10. It’s not a do or die. If any candidate buy’s his way,at the end of the day, he should recover his money by all means. And you loose your right to complain because, he has paid you off.

  11. Hw can Dey use bought PVCs? Just curious

  12. Adams and his party will surely meet their waterloo in edo state

  13. Buy pvc for primary election. Mumu

  14. Adams Oshimole & his Third term bid. Make we de look.

  15. Apc want 2 come in through the back door again

  16. Only tym wil tell… edolite tired Of lies n deceit.., anti pple policies… …godfatherism…no man one vote.. all lies to draw attention…double taxation..insultin people wy such an office…first if he his so proud dt he has done well ..he shud as a matter of urgent..prepared stewardship of his administration for eight yrs wt detail of his ova bloated road resurfacin n claimin of fg govt project include redroof shit schs whr 65% of federal govt..25% of state n 15% of local wy all big bill board claimin tax payers monies workin n allow a fait primaries for apc n evry aspirant b treat as one lik is done by a democratic heros…liar n first liars apc got bfor liar Mohammed ….if apc neva rig ds election…dy wont b doin ds…sorry apc n oshomole dnt practice anytin democracy entails…..bunch of dissatisfied lies n thieves…parading themselves as progressive…retrogressive bunch of lunatic sycophantic….

  17. In this modern day of ICT, a graphic and very eloquent pictorial evidence of this assertion would have been very undisputable. Meanwhile i count this as a spurious allegation. A Dr that is not ICT compliant.

  18. APC is a failed party. APC is complete Ebola virus to Nigerian’s .APC is a every big disease to Nigerian’s. Total nonsense

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