Sunday , March 26 2023

Dubai Houses: Buratai accuses Boko Haram of being after him

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The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai has personally responded to allegations that he acquired houses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates using the proceeds of corruption, claiming that the allegations were the handiwork of cyber and internet terrorist who had been defeated on land in the epicenter of Boko Haram insurgency.

Briefing the media on the 2016 Nigerian Army Day Celebration, Buratai said: “For those making allegation about houses and weaponry procurement, the media should read between the lines. We have completely defeated the terrorists and insurgents (Boko Haram) on land and the remnants are fleeing. They can’t hold territories but are running to border countries.

 “Now they have migrated to cyberspace and the internet. What they are now doing is resorting to cyber and internet (online) terrorism to distract the Nigerian Army. But I assure you, we will defeat them. We are developing our own cyber warriors in the Nigerian Army to deal with their threat. I assure you we will also defeat them”.

Regarding the refurbished weaponry and logistics equipment some of which were said to be failing, Buratai said, “This is all part of the campaign of calumny. I am always highly concerned about doing the right thing. My officers know my position. We have carried out several investigations and due diligence on issues of arms and logistics procurement and their quality/capabilities. So there is no room for sub standard weaponry as claimed”.

It would be recalled that an online news medium recently accused Lt. General Buratai and his two wives of paying the sum of 1,498,534.00 AED (N120 million/$419,000) for a property, Project TFG Marina Hotel Unit 2711 in Dubai in 2013.

The medium further alleged that “between July 24 and August 17, 2015, General Buratai paid a total sum of N42.2 million into TFG Sigma 111’s account in Nigeria (Skye Bank 1770380452) for a second house.

The Army had earlier stated that he made the investments from his savings.


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  1. Nashiga ban daukaba bata fidda…………….

  2. Smile, am living in glass house, and at the same time throwing stones

  3. Nobody can bring you down….oga

  4. Then tell us how did u get the house which year?

  5. White lie. This one will show us the real colour of buharia. Let’s see what he will do

  6. Concentrate on your good work, those evil forces are not only epicenter of boko haram, even those who share the arms money are also there to disturbs so that their loot’s should not been investigate.

    • He also was one that have gained from this corrupt system ok. No civil servant or force man is innocent of corruption in nigeria. I can swear with the bible ok. Stop all this sentiment let find a way yo stop it in our system not all this noise and political fight and propaganda

    • @ paul, don’t be in a haste let the investigation be conducted first, we all no that corruption is seriously fighting back with all these counter allegations even to an extend that president buhari was once accused of armsdeal beneficiary thru the cars he got from federal govt and then to his wife aisha and now to buratai, lies can only endure for a moment but truth prevails forever !

    • Pple are just funny, here is a man who was in charge of military procurement for almost 4 years and those who worked with him as his subordinates were either retired compulsorily or on trial for corruption jet the oga was elevated to CAS. I PITY THIS COUNTRY

    • Arewa Ayorinde you are one of the sentimental prople and also corrupt people in this country, with the kind of you we will never move front ok. Buhari is very corrupt ok. I can swear with the bible. He is tribalistic, sentimantal, etc. He came into power to fight people. He has dragged us back. Am sorry i dont have time for your kind because is just a waste of energy. I stay tell you that is just a political battle. Our system is bad. Nigerians are corrupt and i am telling you that all are included. The human mind is corrupt and is only a good policy or good system that will stop it

    • Are saying that he is innocent?

    • Buratai is then man of integrity’s, can’t do that this is enemy conspiracy.

    • This allegations might have came from members of Pipelines Distruction Party (PDP) and they will not succeed.

    • @Musa,you mean ALL PEOPLE CURSE aka APC

  7. #remi Ajiboye. Oga mi sir. We need a more definite comment from u on this. Your ‘hmmmmmmm’ makes us followers of your posts confused oo .

  8. He who fight live to fight another day. Dont fear them power is is in your hand now. Ok

  9. there is actom of truth in every rumours.

  10. how come the properties oga? has buhari ear infection started again?? how come dis looter is not in kuje prison??? buhari God will judge you

  11. Isnt GEJ responsible 4 dis? U & APC hv always blamed him 4 evry problem in naija so , how come boko haram now? Buhari & EFCC shud beta freeeze his*houses* jst lik Fayose’s. Ndi ara!!!!!

  12. Is d allegations true or false. Oga soldier are you d owner of the property or not.

    • He said yes, in an article i read. The question now is based on the value of the properties, where did he get the money??

      I was expecting a swift answer, next thing na boko haram attacking him propaganda and gullible Nigerians have started acting like zombies.

  13. Investigation is on. Don’t castigate him yet. You people are quick to condemn. Don’t be judgemental. Who among you have not been found wanting one way or the other, let him first cast the stone.

  14. It is ur shadow that is after u

  15. Fagbamigbe,if it is Saraki or any other person even before investigation started u poeple will started castigating them.Na wa for APC poeple.

  16. Sir dont mine those nonses people consentrate with your good work pdp people behind all this

  17. No body is after you. You are after yourself.

  18. Rubbish! Beginning of treasury looting

  19. Nigeria my great country anything goes.

  20. Maybe the more reasons Mr President won’t published the names of looters he promised us, especially the list from Dubai, for me i have already hang my broom in front of my house, and a broom in my car, everywhere I go i carry my broom so as when the Punisher comes he will Passover me, i advise all to do the same, cos after the reggae the blues will play…

  21. You must die in the hands of your brothers boko haram

  22. If it is corruption not under buhari government to see dis man as been in serivces for over 35 year serving nigerian army and u people say he can not but house

  23. Dis man as been in service for over 35 year serving nigerian army and u pose noise nigerian gossping peoples are saying he can not afford to buy a house for GOD seek

    • Hahahahaha, saving indeed. Na only him waka come ba?

    • HAHAHA DID I HEAR U SAY SAVE? So it’s only him that knows how to save abi? Others were not taught hw to save to get what they want. So Diezani who is a former director at Shell,wife of a former general,governor and a biz mogul can’t save to acquire a property? What kind of nation is this? We are watching

  24. What is the corollation btw ur property and defeat of boko haram! Oga Buratai stop ur comedian show and bury ur face in shame if u dont know how to defend urself,but dont worry FG has defended u,bravo Oga Ologun wa.

  25. Oga carry on jerah, no face for d haters

  26. We are all corruption, no Saint.

  27. Officer, the Ono’s is on you to defend yourself!

  28. Buhari and his ear problem’s he cannot hear dis one . where is d efcc

  29. Time will tell if its all lies

  30. They must investigate him pls.

  31. Is that all you can say?

  32. He no get word for mouth joor!

  33. What has boko haram got to do with stealing?

  34. Brutal to insurgents, brave on possession of unaccountable assets!

  35. So Mr Mumu Mmadu Buhari EFCC And Dss Bulldogs are Now Boko harams? The truth is coming Out Gradually!

  36. he should tell that to the birds apc and their anti craft war is one sided and lotters a

  37. he should tell that to the birds apc and their anti craft war is one sided and lotters are hiding in apc cos is the led government

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  39. Hmmmmm if God judge person E gud ooo, Collins u nor wnt make God judge u. Abeg ooooo devil nor go judge me oooo in Jesus name.

  40. The sponsors of bokoharam will surely fight back .Continue your good job

  41. Shitte community is after u,oga use ur ur oga go kill u.

  42. GOD is by ur side dont mind d hooligans. Hasbunallahu wani’imal wakil ameeeeeeeen

  43. He dat killed with sword shall also die by sword
    i think Pmb sud look into dis nt buyers

  44. Burutai was the director of military procurement for almost 4 years and those who worked with him as his subordinates were either retired compulsorily or on trial for corruption jet the oga is elevated to CAS, Nigeria is really a funny place, is this really country like others around us.?

  45. What has epicenter gat to do properties in dubai? Do you have them or not? Yes or no before your epiconer.

  46. Mal you can’t expect the satanic bokoharam not to go against you. It’s that, God and Nigerians appreciate what you are doing, otherwise, it’ll have been a different story. Because many have come but, failed woefully.

    • Who is talking about Boko haram? We need an explanation where the money come from, Two houses in Dubai, How much is his salary?

    • Calling it houses is a mistake , that’s shopping mall where u can buy and sale , that mall has at list 1000 workers in Dubia there and we are here in Nigeria without job and government is promising us foreign investor’s, while they are investing our money aboard , where is the spirit of one Nigeria they are telling us. Let’s the man in question give us the reasons why he build in Dubai, no enough land in Nigeria or what? Politician and government officials has fooled this country in the name of one Nigeria, one Nigeria is a scam to humanity

    • There is God oooooooooooooo ,Nigerians, remember someone owns yesterday,another person owns today,someone else will definitely own tomorow, Hmnnnn ‘e see re ko dara,eni aiye bakan seere ‘.

    • I think it would have being better if umar mohammad had written his comment in hausa .haba umar go back to school

    • Wow, so subjectivity can make people dumb, just like zombies.

      See major propaganda, boko haram attacking him?

      Where did you get the money to buy mansions in dubai from? That is the simple question that requires a swift answer. Not a baseless boko haram propaganda.

  47. Even if that is true,so we forgive you because of your great contribution to our nation.ALLAH Bless you Sir.

  48. More corrupt men hiding under buari government will be exposed, first it was a Chieftain of APC, then it was Ashia Buari, now it is Buratai.

  49. Calling it houses is a mistake , that’s shopping mall where u can buy and sale , that mall has at list 1000 workers in Dubia there and we are here in Nigeria without job and government is promising us foreign investor’s, while they are investing our money aboard , where is the spirit of one Nigeria they are telling us. Let’s the man in question give us the reasons why he build in Dubai, no enough land in Nigeria or what? Politician and government officials has fooled this country in the name of one Nigeria, one Nigeria is a scam to humanity, but his Hausa brothers are very much in support of him

  50. What concerns boko haram and properties in Dubai?defend urself and leave boko haram out of this okay

  51. Infact if everybody are complain about Brutai our father in yoruba land Olu Falae you are not in position to conplain sir are you not the one collect one hundred million out of the money that they want to use buy harms to face bokoharam sir just keep yr mouth shut because yoruba are no more have trust on you Afenife Ibi that they are answer Afenifere Agbalagba Onijekuje Alailojuti

    • All this looting remember that’s the problems we are facing in Nigeria and the course of joblessness in labour market. Who suffers more poor masses, because the children of the rich is in aboard doing their studies comfortably, where is the hope of the poor in Nigeria?

    • Don’t disrespect older because of you know that buhari and tinubu collected out that money.?

  52. bi iwo ba serere, ara ki o ha yao

  53. Why is buhari fighting ihejiriaka, anti igbos

  54. Don’t divert our attentions away from an act of corruption levelled against you by saying it is the handiwork of book haram. Please what is the correlation between you owned properties in Dubai and boko haram together? Nigerian soldier under the present administration, nawa o.

  55. Being hypocrites knew the truth,but unable to be set free by the truth,simply bcos of the truth agains his own decision.if you refuse to do my will,i will bring you down by fire by force,who foolling who?

  56. So anyone that criticises you is a boko haram?

  57. Thief abeg who pay u the money wey u use buy house…no change d topic

  58. Plannin on silentin his critiques wit violence,,, u cant cus we’ll continue 2 speak d truth even if it means takin our lives ,, pls dont deviate hw much is yr salary 4 100yrs n hw much is dat mighty shoppin mall

  59. Buhari is nt after his pple, but d lgbos, n that will show that we ar nt one nigeria ok

  60. Then own up n tell d world how u got d money!

  61. Instead of answering if he had houses in Dubai or not, book haram were after all Nigerians not only you.

  62. Don’t worry Gen.

    They cannot succeed in tarnishing your image because you are doing a good work for Nigerians.

  63. I believe u general, even if nobody does.

  64. Dnt worry, i wl ask d boko boys

  65. S-T-O-R-Y. Nigerians are not fools as this government think.

  66. Laughable lamentations of hollow logic…rickety argument… tragicomedy

  67. We sweep it under the carpet,since it is from APC.


  69. I can understand Gen Tukur Bukaratai frivolous statement. Boko haram wants to implicate him, because he defeats boko haram. It means it is a frame up by boko haram. Boko haram owns the properties. The properties don’t belong to Gen. The Gen has no money. He is koboless. He can’t steal money. He is not corrupt. He is a saint.

  70. He has been cleared by the investigative team. He’s only a share holder to the said property and not the sole owner. It is legal and not against the law. This administration can’t make a cheap mistake. Take it or leave it.

  71. Oh boy! I didn’t know Naija has some epic mugus; for them to believe this frivolous excuse.

  72. Do you have the two houses as alleged?

  73. Theif you colleague BUHARI is covering you

  74. so one cant own properity again in niga

  75. U will believe him after all he is talking to the monkeys and baboons in the ZOOOO…

  76. Does mean even boko haram know he own a houses in dubai or what?

  77. This Hausa thief in Uniform.

  78. Thank God it is Boko-Haram. It is not PDP or GEJ.

  79. Mr man stop taking Nigerians for a ride,we all know that nothing will be done to you so pls spare us the insult,but mark my word the day of reckoning is very near for Nigeria

  80. So na boko haram come buy the house for am abi.

  81. Still waiting to hear there is an ongoing invetigation , but as usual , frivolous stories, this will be swept under the rug shortly.

    The usual selective scepticism; story of naija.

  82. Burutai is talking arrant nonsense

  83. You deserve to have houses everywhere my brother, including Paradise.

  84. I mr mallam and mr buruhari formed a group to be killing people just to win a game,finally we succesfuly won d game,now it is time to enjoy the fruit of our labour,mr mallam made away with some part of d money do i need to shout ole?i can’t bcus if they catch me i will confes how come of d money,so mr buruhari don’t talk or else i wil implicate u

  85. Allah, yana tare da maigaskiya! D trust n confidence we have on u is uncomfortable. Stick to Allah swt no harm can get to u. We pledged dat we shall b behind u in prayers until d end, insha Allah.

  86. Era of arrest when ever a northern is in power.

  87. Buratai shouldn’t be a judge on his own case. The onus is on Boko Haram to prove it’s case. I do not expect contrary reaction from Buratai.

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