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Doctors admonish women against using toothpaste to tighten their vaginas

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FROM vaginal steaming to labiaplasty, some women are willing to go to extremes to attain the “perfect” vagina.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, another bizarre DIY method emerges.

Now, ladies are apparently putting toothpaste on their genitals to try and tighten their vaginas.

Unsurprisingly, doctors are warning them it’s a bad idea – and could do some nasty damage.

Vanessa Mackay, consultant gynaecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said: “It is a myth that toothpaste will tighten the vagina.

“Putting toothpaste into the vagina, or on the vulva, would not only be uncomfortable but it could also cause serious damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina leading to the potential for infections like bacterial vaginosis and thrush.”

Too abrasive

Some toothpastes contain small particles that could also cause painful microabrasions to the vaginal walls.

Dr Oluwole Yusuf, an Ilorin based Nigerian medical doctor, said he had seen a “recent obsession” in women resorting to using toothpaste to tighten up down below.

He even went as far as saying that using the dental product on the vagina could leave women infertile.

Dr Yusuf  told the News Agency of Nigeria: “Toothpaste is caustic and too abrasive for a sensitive body part like the vagina and using such on it can destroy the organisms meant to protect the vagina from possible infections.

When the vagina can no longer protect itself, the body is prone to infections which could later destroy the tubes and block the chances of getting pregnant Dr Oluwole Yusuf

He urged women not to be “body shamed” by their partners and to be confident in their own skin.


Instead, Dr Yusuf said there are other exercises or practices that women can try out to slowly tighten the vagina.

“Kegel exercises and Yoga exercise are part of the exercises that can make the vagina tight without engaging in harmful practices,’’ Dr Yusuf said.

Dr Mackay also recommends pelvic floor exercises for women who are concerned about the tightness of their vagina.

She said: “There are various different ways in which women can carry out pelvic floor exercises but the easiest is to sit or stand comfortably with knees slightly apart and then engage and draw up the pelvic floor muscles as if trying to avoid passing urine or flatus.

“To check that the correct muscles are being exercised, women can place a finger or thumb into the vagina and squeeze the pelvic floor muscles at the same time, they should feel a gentle squeeze as the muscles contract.

“Women can build up the strength of their pelvic floor muscles by doing ten slow contractions and holding them for about 10 seconds each.

“The length of time can be increased gradually and the slow contractions can then be followed by a set of quick contractions. This process should be carried out three or four times a day.

“In some women, however, vaginal laxity may be due to pelvic organ prolapse, in which case it may be appropriate to be referred to a gynaecologist for an expert opinion.”

Men too

It comes after reports that men were rubbing toothpaste on their todgers to last longer in bed.

But experts warn that could also lead to severe damage and causing painful burns down below.

The trend is thought to have emerged from a series of YouTube videos and Reddit posts, which claim the bizarre method can work wonders.

In particular, one YouTuber, Jose Barber, claimed it will “crush premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction without dangerous drugs – and you’ll last for 30 minutes longer”.

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