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Some people have reported a strong odour of fish, months after contracting the virus

‘Disgusting’ smells of fish, burning or even toast may be long COVID symptoms

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Loss of smell is a coronavirus symptom, but some with long COVID are detecting unpleasant odours months after catching the virus.

People suffering from ‘long COVID’ are reporting a strong smell of fish, sulphur and a sweet sickly odour, as further symptoms of the virus emerge.

The unusual side-effect according to a report by Skynews is known as parosmia – meaning a distortion of smell – and may be disproportionately affecting young people and healthcare workers.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon Professor Nirmal Kumar called the symptom “very strange and very unique”.

Prof Kumar, who is also the president of ENT UK, was among the first medics to identify anosmia – loss of smell – as a coronavirus indicator in March.

He urged Public Health England to add it to the symptom list months before it became official guidance.

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