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Horrifying footage shows a two-year-old boy eating from a dog bowl in Brazil as his mum and great-aunt laugh

DISGUSTING: Evil mum forces two-year-old son with learning difficulties to eat dog food

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Police are investigating after the boy’s irate grandmother contacted them when she was sent the offending video

By Phoebe Cooke

THIS is the horrific moment a laughing mum forces her two-year-old son with learning difficulties to eat dog food from a pet’s bowl.

Heartbreaking footage shows the toddler filmed eating like an animal in the city of Trindade in the Brazilian state of Goias.

The toddler’s mum can be heard saying: “Hey little one, you are going to have lunch, right?”



The tiny tot carries on eating out of the bowl as a dog comes into the shot, and the woman recording is heard laughing.

Local media reported the boy has learning difficulties and that he was apparently made ill by eating the food.

The boy is seen looking at the camera as his mum encourages him to eat the dog food

The video was first posted onto a family group chat, before it was posted online by the child’s paternal grandmother who was angry by the content.

The grandmother said she was sent the video along with the message: “Come and make me lunch grandma! I am trying to improvise with a little snack.”

Police are now investigating the mother of the child and the boy’s great-aunt who was reportedly present when the video was recorded.

Investigator Vicente Gravina said: “The grandmother received this video and was angered.

“Immediately the grandmother went to her daughter-in-law’s house and fetched the child, who began to feel sick. So she came here today and denounced the case.”

A dog then joins the boy in the astonishing clip

The lawyer, Marcia Gabrielle Sampaio Carvalho, told reporters that the boy’s parents deny having “pejorative or malicious” intentions and said the boy “is well-loved and cared for by all those around him.”

She added: “The suffering occurred because of the cruelty and irresponsibility of the boy’s paternal grandmother who, having access to the video in a family group, distorted the facts and posted the images to social media in a negative way, causing diverse interpretations which are out of the real context.”


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