Tuesday , February 7 2023
Sambo Dasuki

Again Dasuki opposes secret trial says “I’m Being Punished for Old Grievances”

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Former National Security Adviser (NSA) Colonel Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (rtd) has told a federal high court in Abuja that he is being punished by some persons at the highest level of power in the country for perceived grievances they hold against him while in active military service many years ago.

Dasuki who did not name any particular person said that the punishment being meted on him was unfortunate having borne out of mere vendetta.

In an emotion laden submissions while reacting to the government request for his secret trial, Dasuki who spoke through his counsel Mr. Joseph Daudu SAN told the court that he has rested his case in God for the ultimate judgment.

“It is crystal clear that the defendant (Dasuki) is being punished by the powers that be for the perceived offences committed long before… we leave them to the Almighty God for his ultimate judgment”.

Dasuki had been arraigned before three different high courts for various allegations and was granted bail but was rearrested in December last year by the Federal Government and has since been held incommunicado.

At the resumed trial today, the Federal Government had approached the court, seeking secret trial of Dasuki who is facing charges of unlawful possession of firearms, money laundering and breach of trust.

In the fresh motion argued by the prosecuting counsel, Chief Dipo Okpeseyi (SAN), government prayed the court to allow witnesses give evidence behind the screen to be provided by the court.

He held that the request hinged on the fact that Dasuki as a former top security chief has large loyalists across the country who may jeopardize the trial if done in the open.

He further submitted that Dasuki has in the recent past held the highest security office in the country and has loyalists in the security circle whose loyalty has been transferred to personality and whose actions might be inimical to prosecution witnesses some of whom are still in the service.

Okpeseyin cited the case of the government witness who was involved in a serious accident, resulting in multiple fractures and injuries but however stated that in as much as he would not allude that Dasuki has a hand in the accident, it heightened the need to have the witnesses protected by the court.

He further submitted that in the highest military office where Dasuki served last, loyalty was the first, second and the last rule and because of the peculiar nature of loyalty some persons have for him within the military and beyond, those to give evidence in the trial were at one time or the other, staff of the defendant.

He stressed that since the witnesses are those of the court whose primary duty was to assist the court arrive at a just conclusion, the issue of security must be viewed with a serious concern.

He therefore urged Justice Adeniyi Ademola to screen the witnesses from the public in the interest of justice, and to protect them, their families and career.

But Counsel to Dasuki, Joseph Daudu (SAN), vehemently opposed the request for secret trial of Dasuki.

His argument was that it will breach the principle of fair trial.

He added that contrary to the position of the government, Dasuki cannot be a threat to the witnesses as he has been in the custody of the federal government since December last year.

Daudu argued that open trial is the minimum requirement in a criminal trial and as such, any attempt to opt for a secret trial in the instant case, which was not a capital offense will run contrary to Section 36 of the 1999 Constitution on fail trial.

The Defence counsel therefore asked the court to discountenance the claim made by the prosecution on the issue of loyalty in the military circle, stressing that such claim was a mere speculation and not backed up by facts.

On the accident of the witness, Daudu told the court that the accident would not have been caused by Dasuki, who has been in the government custody for almost a year.

He said that the alleged accident has no bearing with the request for secret trial.

He therefore urged the court to dismiss the application for secret trial as such will trample on the rights of the defendant to fair trial.

Justice Ademola after taking argument from both parties fixed ruling and continuation of trial for September 13, 14 and 15.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Better u should be bcoz..u re evil

  2. Hahahaha this means that u are reaping what sow.

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  4. So, this devil never die?

    Do U knw hw many innocent lives ur evil deed has claimed in the NorthEast?

  5. Dis is just d beginning many more are yet to come, foolish man like u, dis will teach u a lesson dat nothing last for ever.

  6. Did you not divert money meant for the procurement of arms to fight Boko haram?

  7. What of those innocent people that were killed because of your selfish action.

  8. Nigerians want to watch it live

  9. Through talk this government came to revenge dat’s why they can’t make progress

  10. you never seen anything yet

  11. Buhari is de one doing it to u, he said u re de one arrest him

  12. Good for u. U sold this country

  13. What goes up most come down . God ‘s time is the best time. God bless us all

  14. The punishments of yesterday sins…

  15. Dasuki the evils men do lives after them!
    You cannot eat ur cake & have!

    • What cake plz, the truth is that Dasuki is being victimized, but I expect our president to forget what happened during the military, after all he too overthrew someone, why the vendetta, I’ve always known the military to be very mature minds.

  16. Mr. Dasuki, if you step on toes during your military days, put that aside, Nigerians are asking about the billions you share among your colleagues and friends. You sabotage your fatherland and stop complaining about military era

  17. No talk. Every body know evil you have done to the country

  18. Shut up! A disgrace to military profession.

  19. Tell us wetin u been do then. We fit go beg on ur behalf.

  20. But evidences are there,stop complaining and face your jail,you have commited crimes against humanity,you too think of how many people had died because the money that meant to buy weapons to protect their lives you’ve turned it to your personal Use….

    • yinka why don’t agree with the open trial if wrong persecuted abi?Good you hv a point let him go to jail but let the whole world hear his case…

    • As I said earlier,the evidences are there

    • ok. yinka with enough evidence.why secret trial. i am against looting.at same time not in support of federal government approach to the trial.

    • @ yinka. How did you get to know of the enough evidence you spoke about? Is it not because it was made public? Why now the secret trial? If he is discharged and acquitted, what will be your comment? Won’t you say there was injustice? If Buhari is transparent as you people claim, let Dasuki’s trial be not only public, but be transmitted live. Fayose only brought out one canker worm now and Aso Rock is shaking. Do you remember that Dasuki once said that Buhari was given some money and cars from the same so-called arms deal money? Nigerian story is interesting.

    • now na blackmail while others are real! Animals will never cease in nigeria

    • What are the enough evidence even when the so called fed. govt can’t give him a public trial?

    • Since I know and start hearing of buhari long time in the 80’s his not in any way associated with sincerity weather any body like it or not, his full of controversies,look at ptf report against him,why can’t him go after IBB,abacha government was worst corrupt government in Africa which buhari was part of, look at his certificate scandal, harlibuton issue that indicts the wife which they are trying to deny,we Nigerians can see for ourselves the manner his fighting his corruption, BUHARI HAS NO INTEGRITY ,AND HIS MAKING MOCKERY OF NIGERIA ABROAD.

    • Frank,frankly saying,we don’t appreciate good people,and when good people are working bad ones love to blackmail,destroy and try all their best to kill the good people

    • Buhari is a hypocrite and a noise maker.Why should Dasuki’s trial be in secret. Let his trial be public and let the whole world see his sins and if he guilty at the end, let him be punished accordingly.

    • @ Johnson Yinka Adebayo,if I may ask,could you tell me who are the good people?
      Our major problem among the citizenry in this nation is lack of honesty, in which area is bugari a good person, the country is not in unity because of herdsmen, manner of corruption fight, he fails to follow federal character in his appointments, tell me what makes him a good person

    • Frank Matin check Johnson Yinka Adebayo pics u wll understand why he is soundn de way his soundn

  21. You thought POD will win so that you people will continue messing up our money again. Money distributor u never see anything yet

  22. So y then do u have to divert d money meant 4 ammunition to personal use & u thing so.

  23. What abt arms money you shared with pdp@dasuki?shameless man

  24. Is dis far from d truth? Aso Rock has d answer. People should not hold their brief!

  25. Was he there wen you shear arms money to your fellow Boko Harams and co.that one na story.

  26. Agreed but who made your house ammunition carriage

  27. We know, even though you erred, fulani man don’t forgive.

  28. U are right. An unforgiven president

  29. We are in shit in this country. You caught someone red handed n publicly announced him. Why or what is so special about trying the same person secretly? Are we in democracy or military era?

  30. Dasuki is right, if not why should they try him secretly? His case should be handled just like any other case of such magnitude. If he is found gulty, let him receive the punishment. The FG knows that many of them in s office as well as their party chiftains are also beneficiaries and this will be made open if he is tried openly. This is just the reason the fg prefers secret trial so that they can filter all the information first , to exonorate their people before releasing the doctored information to the public. Dasuki has d right to public hearing as we are in democracy and not dictatorship

    • Right about what? Hope you mean the money he stole. Whether secret or open if your innocent ur innocent. Let him prove his innocence and stop making noise. After all karma is real. One day monkey go go market but no go return. Dasuki has been enriching himself and friends with our common wealth but his cup don full hahahahah

    • Menuba Chinedu@ we no say e no steal since u know say e secretly enrich himself, u don judge am even before the judge. what we are saying is nothing must be hidden, no secret trial. he should be tried in the open, he will prove it in the open he was not arrested in secret, so nothing should be hidden including his trial.

    • He should not be tried in secret. Make it open, Those testifying should testify in the open just say what you know. Clear conscience fears no accusations or attack.

    • Akhademe Sunday its clear u don’t understand what they meant by secret trial . Ok i will enlighten you, besides we learn everyday. By secret trial, it simply mean that the identity of the witnesses should be made secret to the public. They will be allowed to wear mask. Besides Dasuki’s lawyer will be their to cross examine the witnesses.

  31. I think it will be fair to Dasuki and Nigerians in general that the trial should not be in secret.

  32. And the economy is in total mess

  33. Hausa people una stupid tire

  34. Even in the hereafter u r going to b punished by your old sins mr dasukigatecake.

  35. The question I may ask is, why secret trial?. Its so appalling the way this govt is driving this country. Everything about this govt is full of confusion. Arresting people and locking them up before doing investigation, disobeying court ordered, we are still having inconclusive election in Rivers State, and many undemocratic decisions. I prayed, they won’t truncate our hard earned democracy

    • I love wat u jst said, dats d right thing ‘truncate’

    • Till today…. Anambra central senatorial district have no senator…. Because it was nullified by tribunal before now.

    • Secrete trial is legal all over the world to protect those that may testify in a high risk cases.

    • Let me make it clear to u and others that your not a pastor. If anyone called you it must be the devil. Pls if u can’t contribute meaningfully to national issues, pls stop commenting. Stop disgracing we igbos before the whole country, stop giving us bad names. Am from Anambra and we are not complaining whether we a senator or not. Why are u crying more that the berived?

    • @ Chinedu who made you a judge? Insulting an elderly man who is old enough to be you father shows how rude and irresponsible you are. Who cares if you offended any body by your comment. If you know any law or constitution that backed secret trial mention it. Stop parading your stupidity for a morsel of APC bread.

    • Who is a Pastor? I don’t blv in 1. D title is misleading cos it’s full of evil.

    • Senator Ali Ndume only said“Namadi Sambo gave me Boko Haram phone numbers”and Jonathan government put his trial in secret,people failed to regard that as dangerous to democracy-who is a hypocrite?

    • Menuba Chinedu,pls pardon them for their ignorance,no matter how u try to convince them, that secret trial is legal,they will never agree,allow them perish with it.

    • The called Chinedu is not an Ibo man. It is a fake name using to cause chaos.

    • @Chinedu-U ar trading wit ur life.Keep insulting&………

    • @Chinedu! Hope you read my comment very well! And if you do. Do you see any abusive or insultive word in them? Anywhere, I can only ask God to forgive, and teach you what you lacked in home training. And you must be careful how you insult and abuse people, otherwise you’ll attract a heavy curse, which your cultism won’t deliver you.

    • Habba man of God so Nigerian courts are now hidden trails.man of God advisably you write to the judiciary, but your name does not deserved to give support to those looters

    • Pastor, what we need now is to join hands and salvage this country together irrespective of tribes,religion or sectional,we are one and God created the people of Nigeria leaved together with a purpose, and for a peace and justice to take place first of all we must respect the law of nature.A wrong is wrong and that wrong can never be rights, “God forbidden stealing in his own commandment” that we should not steal,if you steals public funds is just like you have harm the whole country citizens, many are in the hospitals, many are in hunger,many home are homeless, many soldiers have lost their life just to protect you and I,many have lost the basic human freedom, access to school, basic health care,good roads, and electricity, but because rights of a single criminal that is violented the rights of millions Nigerian is our concerns, I’m not a pastor,nor imam or clergy. So we should be realistic in approach,wise in analysis,patients and perseverance “king Solomon”

    • @Garba. Thank you very much for your articulated elucidation. Your comment is well matured with articulation. It’s our obligation to pray for both who are in leadership and their govt, which I do and also lead my congregation to do. And its our prayer that the govt would succeed, and aso that corruption would be fought vigorously. But we believe that fighting corruption should be holistically,without being prejudice or making mockly of the judiciary. No one needs to wish ill to the govt, because if the govt fails, its our collective failure, since it would affects all of us. I prayed that the country would overcome the current problem besieging it and that God will give the President great wisdom to pilot the affairs of the country without fear or favour

    • Pst Abel Okorie hahahaha with this war on corruption, it may be difficult for the ministry to get to permanent site

  36. You are not serious, even upon the evidences against you? You must be ashamed of yourself.

  37. Why secrete trial? What is the govmt trying to hide?

  38. You don’t tell a blind man that there is no salt in the soup. People are watching the way things are run in this country.

  39. No evil done to this great country will go unredressed

  40. If this is true,they are laying foundation for generational hatred.

  41. The evil that men do lives after them. Thank God for Jesus who brought GRACE, Anania and Safira didn’t do much…

  42. Why are some hausas or northerners always shying away from truth? Is it right to try him in secret or open? What did the Constitution says about such act? Wonder if this Islam is teaching

  43. Your past no Oga what we r after is arm gate Mr ATM Nigeria limited

  44. Pst okorie or what do call urself as a religion leader what have u done to better ur country, u said disobeying court does those corrupt individual remembered rule of law when they were committing those atrocities?

  45. U are just harvesting what u planted if u don’t know

  46. Since you that no need for you to cry out, prepared to pay the price.

  47. Is it that old grievances that made you stole money and financed bokoharam? Idiot

  48. The case must go secret this man is a security xhief, u can bridge protocol, i like tell a jugde to come to a political rally

  49. Are u not de one dat shared de $2.1B arms deal true or false

  50. let the court prove him guilty not the efcc and some of you who can not see that the country is heading towards anarchy with the frequent abuse of rule of law by this clueless administration

  51. Ur nemesis is catching up with u

  52. Rubbish what about the money u stole

  53. This Useless thing calling himself pastor Okorie supporting looters of our money u will never see hapiness with the support u are given thieves.

    • Which money, do you have any money??

    • @Mustapha Shehu,stop attacking that man whether he is a Pastor or not shouldn’t be the issue.Please come up with your own objective and intellectual imputs about the issue in question rather than being personal.Nobody is supporting looters of our money but objective minds are saying that Dasuki’s trial should be made public for the whole world to see and if proven guilty and the end,let him be punished or even killed if the offense warrants that.


  55. I think Mustapha something is wrong with your manners

  56. What a regime that delights in covet activities. If your honest,try him to the view of the whole world. Justice has to be seen to be done.

  57. Dasuki , stop this unnecessary excuses Old grievance was not the reasons for the transfer of money Mets for fighting insurgents into individuals accounts. Note: The beneficiaries are returning the funds to the national Treasury. Metu , Dokpechi, and others. So old grievance should not come as an excuse sir. Tell Nigerians why you diverted funds for fighting insurgents into individuals accounts. Your enemies didn’t advised you to do so. Why did transfer such funds?

  58. Oga Dasuki did what u do then right?or did what u did now right?. If it is right God will intervene but if it is wrong. Let the Law of the land judge you. And stop looking for sympathy from Nigerians.

  59. See how you wasted your blue blood by greed Mr. ATM remember that you cannot eat your cake and still have it. Its very callous to divert money for personal agrandizement to the detrimement our ever ready to defend armed forces that were rendered unarmed and shared the proceeds. It is nemesis that has caught up with you

  60. Kai Sambo the evil that men do.,………..

  61. Let him try what he did iin China.

  62. We are awashed daily in the Media of every ‘corruption’ in the ONSA. So what are we trying in the secret?

  63. that’s why Nigeria is like this, we run away from the real issues, we have evidence against Dasuki so why try him in secret . he should be tried in the open. Buhari u have WAEC certificate why hire SAN, and be wasting money. just bring the certificate or request for it.

  64. Why the secret trial if there’s evidence?

  65. Where is Nigerian peoples money!

  66. Dasuki is right, even the efcc ‘ve clearly stated that there was not document where jonathan signed money for arms, buhari is only revenging.

    When Senator Ali Ndume was mentioned as one of the sponsors of Boko Haram(like Ihejirika and Sheriff),Ndume said“Namadi Sambo gave me Boko haram phone numbers,and that revelation made the Jonathan government to put Ndume’s trial from open to secret.the wailer couldn’t wailed then.
    Now the question asked Dasuki was“if he is guilty of the charges”bu instead of mentioning why he is not guilty,he is busy saying that he is being punished for offences of the past by“Some”government officials.Who are they and why was he an offender?Apart from Muhammadu Buhari,who was the other official affected by the 1984 coup?why should Dasuki feel that he is the only offender when IBB,Abdulsalam and a lot of others were involved in the 1984 coup?How can Dasuki convince us when Buhari agreed to worked as ptf chairman under Abacha?Is Dasuki telling us that he was more impoortant in the 1984 coup than Sani Abacha?What position had Dasuki occupied after the 1984 coup?To me,Dasuki is trying t decieve and make a fool of us the same way they made a fool of Nigeria,forced Boko Haram on us and diverted the treasury.This trial is just a small one compared to the one awaiting Dasuki at the end of his life.

  68. So many things one doesn’t understand! I thought Dasuki was investigated and taken to court for that purpose. It appears he has been pronounced guilty as charged. But why going to court after guilt verdict? Or is social media guilty pronouncement inferior to judgement by a court of law? If so let the accused remain innocent until proved guilty in a law court. When his guilt is proved may he pay very well to his shame and disgrace, otherwise let the man be.

  69. I support open trial and not secrete trial. Why secret trial when you told the world the man share and spend money meant for arms.

  70. Wetin consign agbero with overload. Na im brodas him share the money with and na him same brodas put am for jail, if I’m like mek im complain to Osama bin Laden na dog chop dog case Sha!!! wait o ” why demand wan try am for secret? abi na in secret in thif the money”

  71. Go and sit down joor, thief, the simple question is whether you truly misappropriated the said arms money or not.

  72. Just bcus he chained buhari during d military

  73. Buhari has lost integrity .

  74. Dasuki worry not God wl see u tru.

  75. Because of his evil planned and wicknee,that is y he cannot win an election in 2oo3,2oo7 and 2oo11.

  76. Since I know and start hearing of buhari long time in the 80’s his not in any way associated with sincerity weather any body like it or not, his full of controversies,look at ptf report against him,why can’t him go after IBB,abacha government was worst corrupt government in Africa which buhari was part of, look at his certificate scandal, harlibuton issue that indicts the wife which they are trying to deny,we Nigerians can see for ourselves the manner his fighting his corruption, BUHARI HAS NO INTEGRITY ,AND HIS MAKING MOCKERY OF NIGERIA ABROAD.

  77. Why did u shared d funds meant for fighting terrorism & d fund meant for d welfare of d army to your cabals??

  78. Meaning you no thief the said money?

  79. Excuse lasan ni, he should face d music joooooooooooo, olochi

  80. Never do bad to another because one day may be ur turn to face the bad u did to someone.kama is behind ur suffer.

  81. No need for secret trial; an open trial will serve this nation best.

  82. Next time u will learn ur lesson nonsense u and ur bosss Ebele Jona wl learnt a lesson of life thief

  83. What r u saying if u don’t av anything doing, pls remain quiet

  84. U no shame,is that hw u could have been sultan?wit pple ‘s blood?shame on u sambo

  85. Buhari is becoming so foolish and childish.

  86. Why secret trial if they don’t have an ulterior motive. It tends to confirm he is truly been punished for ‘sins’ the powers that be perceive he committed. Afterall he was the one that allegedly arrested Buhari during the IBB coup. QED!!

  87. What happen to the new offence?

  88. Mr. Dasuki aka ATM, Stop looking for piety from public and face your crime squarely. PMB as xGeneral, knew perfectly that you were carrying order as a military officer then, and if you think its grudges why won’t he punish IBB now being the principal & main actor? 🙂

  89. Y did’t u people ask urself y secret trial is buhari hiding something.

  90. We are fighting kwaraption so dont worry.

  91. Na true arms deal na old grievaces 2, & if it is so no problems, d pounded yam of 3yrs still dey hot.

  92. So u know what u did to mr presdo b4 ok ,do me i do u .

  93. Na U know dat one. U must account for all ur mischievous deeds wt Jona, whether U like it or not. Rubbish

  94. Even if the Present Government did not take you to Trial you won’t go Free due to these Maximum atrocities. Our prayers will Nail you.

  95. How do we know that all the accusations are true if he is tried in secret. Pls lets convince d world that he is what he is called. That is justice!

  96. Hmmm ATM see what you course the country now,God will never forgive you and you must see what you planted before you die in Allah’s name amin.

  97. Dats how high profile military n paramilitary people r tried like court martial -not open court for civil cases. It’s standard practice all over d world.

  98. His ca se is equated to Genocide. Becos of his action, innocent children and women have become orphans and widows, homeless with no means of livelihood. Many Soldiers became persons with disabilities and a lot more. Let us put our feet into the shoes of the IDPs

  99. Appologiz to him n u’ll be 4given.

  100. Are you guilty of all these allegations?

  101. Ahh whch 1 b secret tria agn i neva had of dat,ah baba tk it easy na.

  102. Secret trial will only favour Goodluck jonathan

  103. What about now were you not guity!?

  104. Igbos hero may thousands of you produce in igbo land .the blood of those innocent people that get kill will always hurt you and your supporters.the witness must be protect from pdp militants

  105. That is how life goes if u do good u see good if u bad the outcome is always bad pls judge your self Dasuki.

  106. Nemesis Any tym u are in any position always remember change is PERMANENCE Biafrans lets be talking about an innocent Nnamdi who is not a politician but fighting for His people ok leave d hausas alone

  107. Bush man wen u stole d money meant for security ammunitions for thousands of soldiers been killed in maiduguri….

  108. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap no matter how long. Dasuki should shut his mouth up. Think about the several lives and properties that have been jeopardized through his action. Instead of him to be remorseful for his wickedness against humanity, he’s busy whipping up unnecessary sentiments.

  109. Dasuki,ur a murderer,thief,wicked,lier,bastard,useless ANIMAAALL!!!!!!!

  110. Don’t worry, God will punish them too

  111. The court should hasten the judgements for to be able to know his stand rather than slowing it.

  112. He ate the forbidden yam therefore it’s time for pay back.

  113. please forget about old scores but bring back our yam.

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