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How To Cook Ewa Agoyin

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The beans is particularly soft or mashed, while the sauce is usually dark and reddish.

How to cook Ewa Agoyin


3 hours

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1 servings of Ewa Goin contains 223 Calories, 22g Total Fat and 14mg Cholesterol

Recipe ingredients

2 cups of beans (Red or White)

Salt to taste

1 large onion (thinly sliced)

1 cup of palm oil

2 cubes of Maggi

Dry blended crayfish

I blended pepper (Tatashe)

2 table spoon of grated ginger

10 Dried chilli pepper (Shombo)

Recipe instructions for beans

  1. Wash the beans under running water.

  2. Add five cups of water to a pot and set heat on it till boils.

  3. Add the beans and reduce the heat to minimum.

  4. Let it cook until the beans are very soft (2hours should do).

  5. Add salt to taste and mash up the beans.

Recipe instruction for sauce

  1. Pour the dried peppers in a boiled water and cover it till peppers are softened.

  2. Combine the bell pepper and soaked peppers, and blend (The water should small).

  3. Pour the pureed peppers into a sieve and leave to rest so that excess water can be removed

  4. Set a medium-sized pot on medium heat and heat palm oil

  5. Add the chopped onion and stir at interval until the onion is caramelized; the color should be black but not burnt and this take about 20 minutes.

  6. Add the ginger, sieved pepper, crayfish, salt, and Maggi; and stir.

  7. Cover and leave to fry until the sauce is darkened

  8. At this point your Ewa Agoyin should be ready for serving.

Recipe Yield

Everyone can enjoy Ewa Agoyin. When it is well prepared, its aroma and taste makes it appealing and almost irrisistable.


Ewa Agoyin is a very popular street food made of beans and sauce. The beans is particularly soft or mashed, while the sauce is usually dark and reddish.

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