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Certificate saga: Buhari assemble 13 SANs & 10 others in Appeal against Court Ruling

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President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed the ruling of Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court in Abuja who on May 26, 2016 dismissed his preliminary objection in a suit filed by an Abuja-based legal practitioner, Mr. Nnamdi Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe.

The president’s legal team, which endorsed the notice of appeal, is led by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN).
Others are Mr. Lateef O. Fagbemi (SAN), Chief Akin Olujinmi (SAN), Oluwarotimi O. Akeredolu (SAN), Kola Awodein (SAN), Prof. Taiwo Osipitan (SAN), Charles Edosomwan (SAN), Emeka Ngige (SAN), Femi Atoyebi (SAN), Femi Falana (SAN), Funke Aboyade (SAN), H.O. Afolabi (SAN), Muiz Banire (SAN), and 10 other counsel.

Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe had alleged that Buhari was unqualified to aspire to the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because he did not sit for the Cambridge West African School Certificate WASC) in 1961 as he claimed.

When the suit came up on May 26, Buhari in his preliminary objection challenged the mode of service of the originating summons on him, insisting that he ought to have been served at an address in Kaduna instead of by substituted means at the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja.

However, Justice Ademola, in his ruling, had held that it was incompetent and upheld the service of the originating court processes on Buhari.

The judge held that the service of the court’s processes on the president through the secretariat of the APC was proper.

The court was satisfied that if it was served on a senior officer of the APC at the national headquarters, it would be brought to Buhari’s attention.

Dissatisfied with  this ruling, Buhari through his legal team filed a notice of appeal at the Court of Appeal, Abuja Judicial Division on seven grounds of appeal.

When contacted on the phone, the plaintiff, Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe said the president has the constitutional right of appeal and was within his rights to exercise it particularly since he had not yet submitted a defence to the substantive action and had filed nothing in defence of the merits of the case.

Meanwhile, the Principal Registrar of the Federal High Court, Abuja, Mr. Jane Egbo, has issued a summons to the parties to appear before her on Monday, June 13, 2016 to settle the records of the president’s appeal.

Also, a check at the Registry of the Federal High Court, Abuja confirmed that the plaintiff has filed an application to amend his originating summons to include prayers for the nullification of the election of Buhari, as he was not qualified ab initio to contest the election having contravened the Electoral Act and committed perjury in claiming to have had a WASC when he never even sat for the examination.

The plaintiff also wants to add prayers for the court to order the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to withdraw the certificate of return issued to Buhari and issue a fresh one to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan who came second in the 2015 presidential election.

The plaintiff’s motion on notice for amendment of his originating summons has been served on all the defendants and will come up for hearing on Thursday, June 16, 2016.

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  1. What type of corruption is this, must i invite a layer in the first place a SAN for dat matter, to defend my school start for me? God is watching you all.

  2. Amicable Martins


  3. yeye news for yeye people…

  4. This is a clear road to failure for buhari in 2019 general election. This result issue will surely hunt him down.

  5. Why waste tax payers money? Just show ur certificate case close

  6. Curroption at the highest level!!!!

  7. Produce ur certificate nw..Buhari Buhari or u gv them dat Nepa bill…

  8. Fools u don’t have anything to do

  9. For what? Just produce the certificate.

  10. What about the certificate that was displayed during his electioneering campaign in which his passport photograph was shown wearing Alhaji cap? Was it forged too? .Abeg the man get waec, sorry SSCE result. But wait a minute, which is easier? Is it to produce it or hire 20 SAN to mouth twist it.

  11. No escape for u Mr Buhari! U are going down, this time around! For forgery and perjury.

  12. May buhari enemy get hypertension like biafrats

  13. Boko you are not a saint, you don’t have certificates and you lied that you have. Corrupt leader!

  14. All those asking for buhari to produce his certificate are igbos.The only stupid people in Nigeria.

  15. So hausa/fulani don.t hv san.oh no finaly ..fall into southwest san let see i dey listen

  16. PA integrity and anti_corruption crusader – PMB – please show your certificate. Lead by example. You need to come to equity with clean hands

  17. Is a pity dat Nigerians re blind! Dis is a waste of time . watch d Drama very soon. Were is d Senate President saraki ?

  18. the aboki no get certificate period

  19. if there was indeed a genuine certificate there wouldn’t be need for 23 lawyers and still counting.he should just bring it and show them then its case nothern lawyer and the head of ministry of justice is a northerner

  20. May God have mercy upon Nigeria and forgives us, our mistakes.

  21. Did you go to school. If so call the school we have to find out

  22. Kekekeke ibos, i just dey smile… Nigeria belong to majority and Certificate or nt campign, election, don pas now we are here…

  23. To present ordinary school certificate don turn to war, if e no dey then e no dey. Wetin concern San for this matter…..

  24. In 2019 even after all these, our brothers in the North and West will still say he is the best and vote massively for him. Let’s Watch

  25. a president dat can’t even speak well. provide the certificate nd church close. 23 layers can’t save u.

  26. Buhari shld be allowed to concentrate on governance

  27. I remember that the army made a statement on this to good effect. In any case the certificate is a minimum requirement but if its is so complicated, why not wait for the verdict. If this case is so huge why is it not in the mainstream media. Hmmm….. Somebody is certainly doing a job

  28. This moves clearly shows that my gallant president has no certificate. Too bad that same lawyers advised not to defend corrupt politicians are now used by you. I m keenly waiting for d outcome.

  29. A local govt chairman can make a fast certificate if he dim it fit, left for a president. Dont eat ur egg b4 thy are arch.

  30. This our mumu lawyer brothers who are defending this illiterate jihadist who is killing their brothers deserves expulsion from our lands

  31. defending a man who says his name is anti corruption but forged common waec result is a crime at the highest order.

  32. Educated Igbo’s that has certificate in the market shop

  33. God has finally exposed him n by his grace he will not survive this one.

  34. This Na real power tussle. APC vs PDP. Politics is becoming interesting @ least I ll sit n watch from d centre.

  35. Does this case not involve corruption? Hmmm,fighting corruption without certificate.Dishonouring court orders bt using lawyes to defend himself.If at last court sack him,will he agree to vacate the seat?

  36. U all re wasting time, Waec result didn’t take him there so it can’t bring him down. Result don’t rule a country rather determination, integrity n steadfastness. He has achieved more than Waec result. His NDA n war college certs n him been a general, military head of state, one time minister of petroleum n now president. So u see his CV, Waec result is baseless now. Dey should allow him concentrate on more important matters. PDPs re wasting their time instead of planning for 2019 to try their luck wch I believe Dey ll fail again.

  37. PBM pls just show them d certificate.

  38. Behold a fantastically corrupt president that is fighting corruption. Buhari is a political mistake. Shame

  39. Do i need to call san to defend what i have that is in my hand? Or i need to present it. The beautiful ones are not yet born. All nigerian politicians are heavily corrupt. Buhari is number1

  40. Hahaha! so pmb as a fact has no waec? this is a shame. Why parading 13 SANS when all he needed to do in the fed high court was to file his defence and annex CTC of his certificate? Its a shame indeed.

  41. See the important of education, President without certificate

  42. I wondered why no local dailies carry this News .

  43. What does it take mr President to show Nigerians his certificate?. It’s hiring SANs more simple than opening his wordrop and bring out the certificate?. Who’s he trying to deceive.

  44. Remember, certificate is a big issues, just pray if not, the mess may SMELL loudly and if no proof, the next took over the glory. happy trial.

  45. Now that the army is under your command, just tell them to bring it.

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  47. Even almajiri school buhari when the game is over

  48. They should forget about this case because problems in Nigerian is enough case for him. Make una no kill this man b4 him time.

  49. When Moses filed a suit against Pharaoh,he Pharaoh assembled his magicians to perform before Moses but the case turned against him and Moses’ snake swallowed their snakes . because Buhari’s time is up;his SANS and their backups will be humiliated and defeated by the Moses in that lawyer.

  50. Buhari is just dragging dis country and her name to d mud.

  51. Why is he appealling h hs lost everything

  52. It’s easier and to present the certificate than to hire 23 lawyers. Please just present it and save all of us the embarrassment

  53. Nigeria is the only country in the world that elect an illiterate as a president and expect him to work like Obama,

  54. Buhari should not bother himself with enemies of Hausa fulani,north and Muslims.Aminu kano May his soul rest in peace has said it all.So it is an eye opener to all muslim ummah

  55. pls niaja should 4get the issue of certificate, allow pmb to complete his tenure, he has enter

  56. The present government is annoying, detention pple despatch court order to release them

  57. The president is a man of integrity. Mr President, pl show them your certificate to put shame to your accusers.

  58. All these are distractions from the enemies of Nigeria and the developments there in.

  59. WHEN CORRUPTION FIGHTS BACK! If president Muhammadu Buhari’s certificate saga becomes a trial he must defend in court at this point in time, then, i will not be reluctant to say that the Yoruba political navigators who did not allow this same issue to hold ground prior elections till Buhari assumed office have a clandestine motive to oust the president from power before time. In politics, the sin of any politicians is brought to light when personal or group interest arises. watchout and see, it may not be easy for president Buhari to forge ahead with the uncertainty of his certificate except he dances to the tune of those who want him to amend certain policies he put on ground that is affecting them. Or else, he would be going through the same frustration the senate president, Bukola Saraki has been subjected to. How would you imagine the Nigerian presidency going to court with over a dozen of (SAN) to stop his trial on certificate forgery? Of a true, in politics, your friend only awaits to revenge you when your decisions as the leader doesn’t go down well with him. Apparently, this is the time when corruption is fighting back corruption. My candid advice to the president is that he should go and get a copy of his WASSCE result from his secondary school if trully he finished. Or, ask for a photocopy of his result from the defence council where he enrolled for millitary training. Because, his WASSCE result must be presented before admission into force. Or isn’t that the case in Nigeria? Better still, write to U.S war college for a copy of his result. You can’t tell me he obtained a master degree in military course overseas without presenting his WASSCE result as a requisite for the course. Mr Buhari should be honest and straight forward as a man of integrity he claims in this issue.

  60. Buhari Certificate Saga : Only a fantastically corrupt man will hire 13 SANs and 10 other counsels to defend him when a law student can easily go to WAEC office to request for a certified true copy of his Certificate on his behalf ! What a smelly, fantastically corrupt, peculiar mess ! Gen Buhari should do the right thing and stop disgracing the office of the President of Nigeria .

  61. # commonsense CCT : Saraki hires SANs to defend him Falana: that is impunity, Saraki should resign. WAEC: Buhari hires SANs to defend him Falana: ?? E be like say Oga Falana don chop Aisha rice ooo # watin concern me self!

  62. Noncence this is to show that his hand is evil and lie

  63. What a shame! But the truth remains that whatever that is not genuine will not last. This govt will not last! For God cannot be mocked.

  64. Attractions! D same Buhari will rule till 2023. I bet u, dis issue will die permanently n nobody will ever raise alarm.

  65. fake
    the court just adjourn this case indefinitely

  66. Let him be gentleman enough and show us his certificate that is all we are asking for

  67. Ibo people are mad, u people are criminal , ibos will never smell d president seat till ending of d world

  68. I don’t think muhammadu buhari is still reasoning like human being? After all he is clueless and myopic terrorist!

  69. Forget about certificate. Wisdom is what he needed to pilot the affair of this country. Allow him

  70. Bring out ur certificace,foolish man

  71. Okwudiri you’re funny and in order hand you asked a good question. But buhari will have no option than to accept court order if court sack him. Maybe that is the reason buhari surround himself with his people, he suspect court might sack him. All his kitchen cabinet are his people.

  72. If he has it,there’s no need of hiring anybody now

  73. buhari has no certificate period. If not why spending our tax mony to mentain such a number of lawyer? It is a shamful act dat a president of a big country lik Nigeria wil be in court just for ordinary primary school certificate. We ar watchin Nigerian judiciary to no how dis clear case wil be ajudicated.

  74. whether u like am na PMB be our presido till 2013 insha ALLAH or make una go hug transformer idiots one sided human beings abokis are counted in the east but biafrauds are uncountable so tay dem get mansions for north where aboki no get even upstairs for igbo land i challenge anybody wen proof say abokis get mansions for igbo land idiots yeye pple

  75. Ask him @ Okwudiri.Someone who does not have a certificate to be a president. Don’t worry 2019 is coming and am coming as a president bkos of him.I will prob him to the last.

  76. Even if Its F9 throughout show it! What kind of person are you?

  77. Hmmm,they thought corruption is for money alone nt knowing that forgery is also corruption,is good to go school oo

  78. The president has served the Nigerian army and is now serving as president of Nigeria. He has practical experience, wisdom and knowledje, more than all the universiies degree cerificates you can think of. Most of university degree holders today cannot write letters with correct spellings. When they finish school they have no knowledje to write application for employment. You people should please leave President Buhari to contiue the goodwork he is now doing fighting corruption and recovery of our stolen money by the greedy and corrupt politicians.

    • But the constitution of d Federal republic of Nigeria spells out d entry requirements for vying for d post of presidency. I know quite well that experience is not one of them

    • Why did the consttution not hold him by the time he served from private to head of state in the Nigeria artmy? Who are the leaders, who bring the ideas of writing laws and constitutions, so that they can govern their countreis ann arrest the criminals and arrest the llaw breakers and judge them and give them the punishment according to the crimes they committed, to make their countreis safe for innocent people to live in? They are presidents of the world like wise president Buhari, who gave the lawyers and judges power to make laws so that they can be able to govern their countreis. You better leave president Buhari alone. Do not try to stop him from the goodwork he is now doing.

    • Some people just possee insect,infested brain so because he has experience he should be let go?don’t know when u Nigerians we stop making mockery of this nationg

    • With your graduate certificate, go and join the army and serve Nigeria for 35 years, whether you can become Head of State. You think, it is easy to become Head of state, and become president.President Buhari is Allah blessed to rule. Not certificates.

    • So Abel, you are indirectly upholding the belief that GMB has no certificate ie WASC?

  79. Abel Bayagbon, so u are supporting fraud by a leader of your country because of tribal politics. U forged school certificate, which is worst than corruption, u did not meet up with the minimum certificate required, imagine charcoal calling kettle black. Nigeria and their evil method of support, tell me why this Avengers will stop bombing pipe lines when people like you are supporting evil leadership

  80. kudos to the judiciary! So, there is a judge in this country Wey no dey look face? This is very very interesting…. Mr. Bubu, ngwanu. O sula, bring ur papers sharp sharp! If e don lost, no problem, go meet waec and they will print another one from their records.

  81. Na god will let him go an rest

  82. @MUAZU,u’r nt makin any sence at al.Tel ur broda to produce d certificate he said he has,simple nd short.

  83. if he want to apoint he always picks from the north but now beg SAN From south

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