Friday , January 27 2023

Cameroonian Soldiers Intimidating Us In Our Country, Nigerian Villagers Raise Alarm

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Some residents of Mairogo and Tosso villages in Taraba State have raised an alarm over alleged intimidation by Cameroonian soldiers.

According to the villagers, soldiers of the neighbouring country have been crossing into Nigeria in search of Ambazonian separatists.

Like Biafra agitators, Ambazonian separatists are seeking the division of Cameroon.

The affected villagers called on the Federal Government to intervene.

Commenting on the development, Chairman Kurmi Local Government where those villages are, John Joseph Amamzalla, said the foreign soldiers were harassing and intimidating the villages for allegedly accommodating separatists.

He said the soldiers were trooping to many villages under the pretext of searching  for runaway Ambazonian separatists.

The chairman said the invasion of foreign soldiers  has forced  Nigerian citizens in the affected villages to flee to Baissa, headquarters of the local government.

He called on  the Nigerian government to take urgent action by  sending  security agents to villages that share boundary with Cameroon to stop further encroachment by soldiers from the country.

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