Friday , December 1 2023

Buhari in perfect health, to return on Sunday says Osinbajo

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President Muhammadu Buhari will stay in London for several more days despite being expected back in the country after health checks, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said Thursday.

“The president will be back on Sunday. I spoke with him yesterday (Wednesday) evening and I think it is just the best that he takes the weekend off,” Osinbajo told reporters in Abuja.

The President left Nigeria on June 6 for tests on what the presidency described as a “persistent ear infection” that forced him to pull out of a series of engagements. He had been due back on Thursday.

The presidency has said the recommendation to see an ear, nose and throat specialist in the British capital was “purely as a precaution”.

Osinbajo said Buhari was “in perfect health and ready to resume work on Monday morning”, adding: “Mr President is in good condition, he is fine, he is very well.”

The Nigerian presidency has historically reticent about disclosing health matters of the head of state and rumours have swirled about the seriousness of Buhari’s condition.

Speculation mounted after Buhari withdrew from a planned visit to Lagos, the launch of an oil spill clean-up operation in the delta region and a meeting of the West African regional bloc ECOWAS.

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  1. On your own, all we know is that you should be getting ready to face the Northern heat like Jonathan did

  2. thank God oo,mayb he his going to hear d cry of da poor mases dz tym.

  3. Wishing him sound health and strength

  4. Return wit dead not life

  5. Perfect ke. Once old u must b prone 2 sickness. So it is old age that is disturbing Buhari… Within 3months time, u wil hear him complaint of another sickness again. May b he wil complain of anus this time,

  6. Hahahahahaha see comments

  7. neva cmbk alive.all innocents blood buhari wasted for just no reason by his soldiers agent of buhari rapist and murdrer shall avenge on him.buhari killed people as if he can creat a hair on human head.

    • Stop d slander,i hate wen people talk out of ignorant thinking they re educated

    • @zillah, plz don’t advice him? He has be cursed. Ask him, what give him assurance that he will not die b4 buhari come back. He like it or not, buhari will rule this country for 8yrs and handover to osinbajo. Them will continue cry and suffery every day of their life. Ask him maybe he count his vote for buhari? I don’t no what came over them? I remember that, 50/55% of them said that, theo belong to crooks biafraud. Buhari blocked their way of loot, fraud and thief. Stupid race without historical and origin.

    • if you check Emmanex profile, you see sometin there. The guy living in north and school in Kaduna imargine stupidity in this guy life@ EMMANEX

    • Seun with ur comment u sound foolish, do u no y? Wer is it writing in Nigeria constitution dat d president ll hand over to his vice? Is either blood flow or multining take place……. Osinbanjo cannot be d president accept buhari die……. So grow up and stop all dis cos wen d war start I belive dat u south West cannot provide ammunition lyk d south south and south East….. Even Nigeria army cannot produce ammunition for themselves……. Don’t post d beast to d wall……

    • Seun if that one putaba, u lie.

    • Who put that cap on Seun’s head?

    • No peace 4 de wicked he ll suffer more punishment from God 4 killing innocent soul holy ghost fire ll fire him nd his members God ll punish dem all 4 making tinz hard 4 de poor ones in Jesus name amen.

    • Igbos with your ignorance, let me tell you, PMB is God’s given to naija so there is nothing you can do to him. All your hates and insults against him will never harm him rather to heal and make him more strong to rule naija and deal with all thieves and idiots like you.

    • Please don’t pray like that, Pay good for evil,he is our president

    • u hausa/foolani idiotic jonkey who suport buhari evil,death shall meet u all ceaselessly.buhari wl nt cmbk alive i hv spokened and so shall it be.

    • A man whose army and herdsmen killed innocent people in Nigeria. You guys want him to get well ? So that he can do more damage in Nigeria ? God is more than you guys.

    • Buhari must die, God will never keep him alive, the blood of the inocent oness he killed wil torment him, buhari wil neva stay at a place until he die, Oh God afflict buhari wit more sick for him to die soon, oh God once buhari enter niger let the sicknes become worst in jesus name Amen. FOOLS.

    • it’s obligatory that buhari must cedoff.he has sucked too many fresh inncents blood.

    • Wailers as if you are GOD. Continue making PMB more popular we love that

  8. I dash baba buhari 3 more months holiday, no relax and enjoy yourself ,I think we r good to go

  9. Be ready to handover to ur 2nd soon bcus u lie to Nigerians that you have a Certificate while you don’t have.

  10. He is afraid of d biafrans n the Avengers

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  12. Who care weda is perfect health or perfect better he should stay there bicos since he go out of dis country ther is peace, he should carry his problem stay there,buhari in my language means problem,

  13. Coming back with bad instinct? Its gonna be worst

  14. Whosoever want BUHARI died,di person we died before him,so shall he be ijn.

  15. Return to Come & do what, Okay whip out biafra. I dey laugh.

  16. whosoever that does not want Buhari dead let him or her dies on behalf of Buhari, Amen.

  17. Buhari is d next on line for sudden dead, Amen. And whosoever that does not want him dead will die on his behalf, Amen.

  18. @ Akintande micheal, watch your english, hell of mistakes in that little words posted, it seems you and buhari attended the same school.

  19. abeg monaa no inject our presodo o oyinbo pple

  20. Akintade Michael so u too go die . U dey among people wey say he go die go bk read ur post again

  21. The ear don open ,so he can hear now

  22. See if this man continue killing unarmed Biafrans ,and continue detention of mazi Nnamdi Kanu he will be running to and fro to the London hospitals

  23. This fake pastor of RCCG ……..,watch out Lai-mohammad and Femi Adeshina will tell us a different story come sunday.

  24. At this point in time, party or tribe does not matter, we should all come together and pray for our president so that God almighty will see him through these trying times of our great Nation

  25. This was how the Yar’Adua saga started gradually

  26. We are expecting you dear good President. Good health and long life to you Amen

  27. Noncence evil man who love blood but hate to see his own but god anger is on you all your life

  28. I stl repeat if buhari was responsible 4 bokoharam killing during Gudluck tenure he wl neva have peace in his health

  29. Emmanex L. You are not well, you’ve to be examing!

  30. Wish you save jorning back home

  31. Thank you Buhari,at least I can now travel out of Nigeria to remove my tooth in London hospital,hipocrazy is legal.

  32. Chiemezie thunder fire your mouth with such word it like you dey follow chop this our oil money wey him just recover but the real owner of the resources have not benefitted anything

  33. May God be with you president Buhari,may your days long,people that benefited from pdp loots can not pray for you but we can pray for you and our prayers will work for you amen and amen.

  34. He said he want leadership ba, let him come back an rule oh!

  35. Ooooooooo we don hear.

  36. we know,we don see am for picture.

  37. Emmanex fuck you where is Buhari killed people?

  38. Nwigwe chimezie u must be crary


  40. What is he coming to do. He should remain there. This is Rubis

  41. We hard of that during yara dua


  43. May he come back and continue his genocidal mission untill he kills you and your families. You hypocrites, psychopants, people with evil heart, brainless and idiotc followers. One thing i like in buhari is that he dosen’t trust you once you are not from his fathers house. I like him becos he will kill you due to your stupidity. Keep praying for your executor. Learned stupid illitrates rule by an illitrate jihadist. All commenting without thinking. NONSENSE!

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  46. ‘He is in perfect health condition’ then why are the Nigerian association of online hypocrites praying for his fast recovery?

  47. This man called buhari is extremly wicked he doesn’t deserve any life u wast people’s life and think u wil live,,,,, No now

  48. Awon ota ee, ota nigeria na maku, amin

  49. His presences & absence make no meaning.the country is passing through hard time but he doen’t care.

  50. He is now a complete imbecile and brain dead


  52. Who cares? All we want is “BIAFRA”

  53. why should this be an issue? whether he is sick or not is not important, wat should be our concern now is how d economy can be put in order,and not whether is well or not,he can die if his death will bring d positive change we desire,biko

  54. No body has a perfect health.

  55. Seen is believing. Waiting and watching

  56. May God return him safely with a perfect health ijn

  57. see his face… too old to be the president of nigeria. it’s a shame to able bodied intellectual youths/men in this country.

  58. Nwigwe i say amen to ur prayer for the president. He is an old man, so nobody should expect that he will be as strong as the vice president who is much younger. Except for his crowd of gullible supporters who will want us to believe that the president political enemies have caused this. My own take is that the old man should have enough rest & ask his doctors to check other areas of his body as there is absolutely nothing he is coming home to do. He should allow that young professor to give back to nigeria what nigeria invested in him to become professor at his age. The time of buhari in govt is gone for gud. We have no war to fight except the one he initiated to gain polital advantage. He has reached his optimal level since 1985. Or who among u his supporters will employ a man of his age in ur company? Nigerians have been gud to him to give him another chance, that is what he wanted. If nigeria is to move forward for all of us to enjoy, let us excuse this man to go and rest finally. That is why when he was forced out of office in 1985, he never engaged in any intellectual activity except cattle reareing because he knows his capacity.

  59. nweigwe,pray 4 who?abeg go seat down,if u dnt have somtin to say.

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  61. Most of you who talk nonsense about Buhari may not make heaven before him .you are not even righteous before God so why the condemnation ? Are you perfect ? God can change the heart of a king you know ?

  62. Anybody who wish pmb dead shall die wit his entire family b4 de end of dis year inshallah.

  63. Long live pmb wit sound n good health

  64. Emmanex Lawrence Prudent. Do u believe in GOD ALMIGHTY. UR WISH FOR OUR AMIABLE PRESIDENT IS GOD ‘S COMMAND. What u wish him is what u WANT N REAP. AMEN N AMEN

  65. Is it de body pls remeber 2 off light at airport thanks

  66. All dis useless so called #Igbos wey dey claim right for #Biafrats plus including de #Avengers small time dem go use military and CRUSHED una together at de same time. This’s a day job. Mek u na get ready as u ppl prepare death to life. Na God go punish u all plus including ur various generation.

  67. Is it the same cock and bull story, as it was with Yaradua?.

  68. No one is ever in perfect health not to talk of a Nigerian

  69. If he’s in sound health, let him do jugging or press-up in camare.
    Yeye people

  70. Nawaoooo for people oo. You love taking the life of others which you can not replace. The killer of little children and helpless women. Yet, he dears his and that of his family. A hater and a sadist, you are praying for his survival. What a hypocritic life Nigerians are living? You come here, and wants the killer of innocent lives to live and enjoy life when truely, inside you, you wish he never existed. I hate people with double life. Of which the same prayer worriors for buhari’s return will also be the 1st to celebrate his death. Taah!! Shut up and tell buhari the truth. And, the truth is that, he is evil and will surely die. Tell him to stop killing people and amend his ways becos, wether or wethern’t, mr death is at the door of his heart, for no amount of money can cure cancer or buy off death. However, my prayer is that he comes back and continue playing his part in the divison of the expired British contraption called Nig.

  71. Return con do wetin, who want am.

  72. God amight will heal him sai baba will come back sound Heath

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