Monday , October 2 2023

Buhari not incapacitated – Adesina

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The Presidency on Monday maintained that President Muhammadu Buhari is not incapacitated by his ear infection from carrying out his functions.

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, who spoke with reporters at the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja as the President was leaving for London, said it was wrong to refer to the “ear infection” as “illness”.

According to him, there is nothing wrong for a President to take 15 days rest in one year in office.

He said: “The buzz going round town is that the President is ‘ill’, but ‘ill’ will be a misnomer, it should not be the right word to use.

“The President is going for a 10-day rest and during that period he will see specialists who will look at his ear because he has been treating that ear locally for sometime.

“Nigerian physicians have looked at it and now they have said you are going to UK, now that you will be there let specialists look at the ear. They have treated it locally, so it is not a question of whether the President is ill. If he is ill, it presupposes that there are certain things that he cannot do.

“Till the very last minute that he is traveling, the President performed the duties and functions of his office as the President.

“So illness is not the issue, but as a human being yes he can rest. He has been President for one full year; you know that in February he took five days leave; he is taking another 10 days now; that means 15 days leave in one year.

“You and I take more than that, so it is natural that the President as a human being is taking 10 days rest but he is not ill.”

He urged Nigerians to show goodwill and patriotism, pray and wish the President well.

“Things about health, life and death are in the hands of God, but I believe that all is well with out President and God will take care of him and take care of the country,” Adesina said.

Asked of his message to Nigerians, President Buhari said: “I have already told Nigerians that I am going for 10 days to get my ear checked.”

Replying to the question on how to calm the tension that will follow a President falling sick, Buhari fired back: “Is there anybody that doesn’t fall sick?”

On whether he has informed the National Assembly as required by the law, he said: “The National Assembly knows; they have been formally informed.”

By informing the National Assembly, Section 145 (1) of the 1999 Constitution allows Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to be Acting President.

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  1. Liars are devils agent that who u people are..

  2. Sori sir,d infection is not illness,my mouth shut-up,it’s healthiness,what a country,everything is possible in Nigeria especially d negative ones.

  3. Na wow!! Hw can a president run a big nation ike nigeria without smooth hearing during serious delibrations. Wonders shall nt end, that was hw a learned lawyer Adoke said musa ya’ruda can rule nigeria frm anywhere even in death, it is only in a zoo nation u hear and experience funny things jst like animals.

  4. Unfortunately, it is a Yoruba man that is in the fore-front of telling liars in this govt. Garba Shehu is always tactical when it comes to information dissemination but our journalist friend, the editor of a national dailies is always throwing caution to the wind.

  5. All liars shall have their part in HELL.

  6. Enemies of PMB shall scatter and shatter like pack of Cards!. Quick recovery my Amiable President

  7. How can a deaf man rule a country

  8. Nigerians too sabi grammar, that is our problem.

  9. ear wahala……quick recovery my presido

  10. Nawao! Ear infection is not illness but u guys referred him to abroad for treatment…hhhhm.. Anyways’ whether na illness abi na healthier condition’ i wish him quick recovery

  11. IS THERE NO EAR SPECIALIZED DOCTORS IN NIGERIA ..HE SAID WE SHOULD,, START USING LOCAL GOODS..TO PROMOTE OUR ECONOMY.. Y can’t our DR in NIGERIA.. Treat our president… Ooooh let me assume he neglected Nigeria DR capabilities… Very bad……anything you use to measure for others ..also use it for urself

  12. Nawa make God help us from deaf hand lol

  13. Okay, PMB is not ‘incapacitated’ but deaf. Is deafness not incapacitation?

  14. APC started with Lies, continued with Lies and to end with Lies and Deceit

  15. who no fit fall sick? Whether it is ear infection or any other sickness, our presido should go and take care of himself. Who will even not fall ill with the avalanche of problems he has been engaging since we mandated to take this country out of the abysmal state pdp has sank it

    • what does my comment have to do with your reply. I strongly believe that you must be one of those who are still suffering from the post traumatic shock of gej lost in last year’s presidential election. With this ailment, how can you be objective. Your case is a lost course.


    • It is because of Nigerians like you whose jugement have been beclouded by parochial sentiments such as ethnicity, political leaning and religious begotry and most importantly the corupt ones who desire PMB dead that he will prefer to travel abroad for treatment even when knows that we have dr who could handle his condition diligently.

  16. It is well with him. Insha Allah!

  17. Femi Adeshina is incapacitated

  18. Adesina shud have made it sound lyk he went 4 bed rest abroad, we wed have believe better than diz chunk of lies

  19. I wish baba quick recovery

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  21. Even if he’s incapacitated will you tell us? Won’t you lie to keep your job? Crooked people!

  22. hmm GEJ also said stealing is nt corruption wat is it? wawaye

  23. This post is about buhari,not Dr GEJ.commonwealth condemns his trip.

  24. Am just hearing it for d first time dat ear infection is not illness according to femi Adesina

  25. Can’t this man buy common chlorophynicle ear drop to treat his ears.

  26. They just keep on lying

  27. Adetola u shall live longer than ur peers, u jst said it all. Femi adesina has lost the good name he built for decades jst becos of APC desperados.

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