Friday , March 24 2023
Ibe Kachikwu

Buhari has not allocated any oil bloc– Kachikwu

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Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu, has clarified that President Muhammadu Buhari has not allocated oil blocs to any individual since he came into office. The minister made the clarification on Monday in Uyo at the South-South region Town Hall Meeting organised by the Ministry of Information and Culture.

The minister who was responding to questions by some aggrieved participants from the region over alleged un-equitable distribution of oil blocs, said that the Federal Government would be fair and just in giving out such advantages. “Since we came into office, the government has not allocated any oil bloc.

“The president has said that he will need to correct the mess created by the past administrations before we begin to think of giving out such advantages. “The president has emphasised to us, the ministers that there should be no unjustifiable favour and any action we take we must be able to defend it. “When the time for the oil bloc allocation comes, it will follow very clear due process,’’ he said.

Kachikwu stressed that he was one of those who believed that the South-South people should benefit from oil blocs because it would be part of “giving back to the chicken that laid the eggs.’’ He said it would go a long way to empower the people and make them to engage in genuine oil deals, rather than being contractors to oil companies.
The minister, however, reiterated that when government wants to consider the allocation, it would be given to those who have skills and the finance to develop the blocs.

Kachikwu said that the Federal Government had finalised the Integrated Power Project with Mobil Oil Company that would produce 500 megawatts of power as well as gas pipeline project in Akwa Ibom. He said the total investment for the project, including provision of infrastructure in the area of locations, was seven billion dollar. The minister promised that the Federal Government would locate oil depots and modular refineries in the state through private capital intervention.

In addressing the challenges of militancy in the region, Kachikwu said he had reached out to the Niger Delta Avengers for a truce with the Federal Government to end destruction to oil installations. He said the activity of the militants blowing up oil installations was affecting the economy and government would use all means possible to end it.
Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who was also at the Town Hall Meeting, assured that the Federal Government would deliver on the developmental projects it promised Nigerians.

According to him, “it is time to end the blame game and move forward to concentrate on the delivery of democracy dividends.’’ He said government would deliver the Calabar to Lagos coastal rail line project, the Calabar to Porth Harcourt, and Lagos to Kano rail projects to ease movement of people and goods. Responding to an allegation from a member of the audience, Amaechi said he did not influence the appointment of the Director-General of Niger Delta Development Commission, Mrs Ibim Seminitari.

He said the insinuation that he lobbied the president to take the position from an indigene of Akwa Ibom for Seminitari in negation of zoning arrangement was wrong. The minister said that the president had noted the zoning arrangement and correction would be made. Amaechi also said that government was in the process of restructuring NIMASA in order to reposition it to deliver on its statutory mandate.

Buhari has not allocated any oil bloc– Kachikwu

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  1. We are talking about the ones already awarded Oga!

  2. Then, please what has he allocated? We are informed that 80% of the oil blocks in south south are owned by the Northerners. Please, clarify this information

  3. Idungafa d 80%, is it under Buhari 1year in office dat d owner’s emerged? dos guy’s has been d owner of dat oil blocks for year now, pls make ur finding….is not Buhari dat allocated d oil blocks to dem bros….

  4. Pmb is well calculated and has a direction

  5. Follow PMB, the man wey see Road

  6. Let him allocate food crops to his brothers and not oil

  7. Buhari or no buhari is woron that all 80% of the oil block is own by the northers. If this oil is in the north will they agree south south or south east to come over there and own the oil block.

  8. re-allocate it back.. no individual should own any oil block. do it genuinely.

  9. Thank you sir let them go and ask Jonathan hypocrites

  10. u will defend ur employee nah

  11. Infact Buhari will seize all the oil blocs held by individual

    • This is the problem with you people, you think every individual must be crook and fake you don’t believe guys with good intentions exist. You believe no Nigerian is honest and progressive. You may not like or believe it PMB is not a crook or cheat or corrupt only corrupt people take interest in the oil block or who promote or take interest in who gets what contract. PMB is not the type so if you want believe what the Minister said or you can continue hanging to your believe that’s too is your personal opinion, but if true comes to you one day take it.

  12. Has APC ever told the truth?

  13. Tell them mek them hear

  14. We are talking about he decongesting the ones owned by few people n share them out to more can one person be having 29 oil blocks,the least is 5.

  15. truth is hidden far from this Nigeria

  16. Buhar apointed 95% of his ministers frm north na oil block he go allocate 95% to u just 1yr in office forget abt it better fight for freedom or resource control.

  17. No more oil,buhari lets farm

  18. Is not buhari that allocated this oil block’s

  19. God Almighty wil protect and defend Buhari. And may God guide south south right and whatever they wil voice out of their mouth should be right and Godly Amen.

  20. So if this story is true, who are those mining oil in this oil well.

  21. Buhari does not even need the so-called oil block, to do what with it, money ? No

  22. And they want to crucify Buhari as if he the one that has been allocating out the oil bocks all these years. Giving about 5 oil blocks to one person is even corruption. Some individuals are allocated more than 10 oil blocks. All these allocations were not done by Buhari. And I see Buhari reversing all these corrupt trends. The reason

  23. Leave market for traders

  24. Have He Revoke The One Allocated Previously By His Brodas?

  25. If it is true; U see how greedy nd curopt he is, emansing the wealth alone, yet claiming d (failed) Nigeria is brok.

  26. Sorry o! No more oil bloc to allocate!

  27. I wish he will seized all those oil blocks from those wicked pple.

  28. Wailers n haters n home of fake news ,una don hear am?

  29. Femi Adeshino and Lai mohammad will come and tell us another story soon.

  30. I don’t want any Northerner to contribute here because we’re not discussing groundnut issue here. Copied?


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