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Brothers Put Metal Balls In Their Private Part To Make Rape More Painful

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Christian and Sebastian Sandulache, the Romanian brothers who pimped out women, inserted metal balls into their privates to make sex more painful for their victims a court heard.
They are also accused of slashing a prostitute with a sword and forcing others to eat €700 in cash. They are currently on trial for human trafficking and pimping out prostitutes in Spain.

And a court in Oviedo heard horrific details about the pair allegedly tormented the women. In one cruel encounter, they were heard to have ordered prostitutes to eat €700 in notes after failing to make enough money for them.

It was heard they later said: “If this happens again, you’ll eat coins next time.” The Sandulache’s are alleged to have made as much as €10,000 a night from pimping out the women.

Further chilling details heard how they pair inserted metals balls into cuts on their penises which, when healed, would give them pleasure but inflict pain on the woman they were sleeping with.

When one of their prostitutes planned to flee with a client, one brother slashed her arm with a Japanese sword, it was heard.

On another occasion, the court heard how Cristian told a debtor: “If you don’t make the payment directly, I’ll set your mum on fire. Your grandmother will burn.”

He told another: “I am going to rape your little sister. I am going to burn your grandmother. And I’m going to kill you, I’m going to put your body in a bag and I’m going to dump you somewhere.”

Yet despite the ongoing trial, the pair have been allowed to remain out of custody after coughing up €30,000. Judges in Spain ruled the pair “are not a flight risk’. The trial continues.

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