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Jamie Spears pictured in 2012 and Britney Spears in 2017. Pic: AP

Britney Spears asks Court to charge her father Jamie with “conservatorship abuse”

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Britney Spears on Wednesday pleaded with the court to charge her father Jamie with “conservatorship abuse” during a hearing after the judge granted her permission for a new lawyer.

The judge has however permitted the hiring of Mathew S. Rosengart, who was a former federal prosecutor.

Britney told the court in Los Angeles that she wanted her father, Jamie, to be charged with conservatorship abuse.

The Toxic singer revealed she filed a restraining order against Jamie and alleged: “I’ve always been scared of my dad. I was scared he would show up drunk. I counted and in one week alone.

“I was abandoned 63 times by all of my family members as I sat in the trailer and watched them leave from the window.

She ranted: “My team took everything from me. They even took my hair vitamins away. That’s not abuse, it’s f***ing cruel.”


Britney would have preferred if Jodi Montgomery “stayed in place” but not her father.

The singer then indicated that her top priority was removing her father Jamie from his role while allowing co-conservator Jodi Montgomery to remain.

Britney continued: “My dad needs to be removed. He needs to be removed today.


Though Britney appeared virtually, Mathew was in attendance in person at the hearing.

Matthew said: “My firm has a very substantial trust and estate department. To this case, I will bring not only my legal expertise but my team of lawyers who will work on this case. My firm is coast to coast.”

Judge Penny added: “I am going to accept the resignation of Bessamar, your petition is granted for Bessamar to no longer be involved.”

Britney described her new lawyer: “Yes, I am confident in him. I have spoken to him on the phone several times and met him in person.”


Matthew explained why his client did not need her conservatorship: “In 2008, Ms. Spears had a medical issue that was addressed, but with no disrespect to the court, I wonder if bringing this into a public matter was ever inappropriate.

“She was not in a state where a conservatorship was needed. There’s a reason why Mr. Spears won’t voluntarily step aside today.

“[Jamie] claims he loves his daughter. This is his chance to show it.”

The next hearing has been scheduled for September 29th.


Recently, a source close to Britney‘s new lawyer claimed that he was “confident” that Matthew would be able to free her from her situation.

“He knows it’s going to be a challenge but he fully believes they have enough evidence to prove Britney no longer needs a conservatorship.

“He has been intensely preparing for today’s hearing and is ready to make some moves to get this process started. To him and Britney, it’s now a matter of when, not if.”

During Britney’s first court date, the I’m A Slave 4 You singer delivered a powerful testimony about her “abusive” conservatorship and how her father, Jamie, and the others involved should be “sued” for her mistreatment.

Britney has 'always been scared of my dad'

Britney has ‘always been scared of my dad’ Credit: Getty
Jamie arrived at the hearing

 Jamie arrived at the hearing Credit: AP
Jamie and Britney posed together for the camera

Jamie and Britney posed together for the camera credit: Refer to Caption

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