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David Lammy

Black British MP sent hate mail telling him to ‘be grateful or go home’ 

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Tottenham MP David Lammy was born in North London to Windrush migrants from Guyana

A black Labour MP was sent hate mail telling him to ‘be grateful or go home’, after speaking out about the Windrush scandal.

Tottenham David Lammy, who was born in North London to Windrush migrants from Guyana, posted the letter on Twitter today.

The letter was dated last Monday, April 16th – the day Mr Lammy spoke out in the House of Commons, branding the scandal a “day of shame” and demanding an apology from Home Secretary Amber Rudd .


The letter reads: “For Gods [sic] sake Man stop your Vile and obscene Speeches knocking this Country down.



“Be grateful that we have taken you in as a Black Man and given you a Life here, as wehave done for all those Black People who Came to Live here.”


It adds: “Otherwise, go back to your Country of your Forbears and lets be rid of you.”


Writing on Twitter, Mr Lammy said: “I have just received a letter telling me to be “grateful” as a black man for all “we have done for those black people who came to live here” or “go back to where ever you came from.”


“I was born in the Whittington Hospital the son of Windrush migrants. And I will speak for them.”









Who are the Windrush generation, and why are they under threat?


The ‘Windrush generation’ are British residents who arrived from Commonwealth countries before New Year’s Day 1973.

They are named after the Empire Windrush, the ship which brought some of the first Caribbean migrants to Britain in 1948.

Anyone who arrived in the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973 has a legal right to stay, unless they left the UK for more than two years.

But they now face being threatened with deportation under new immigration rules despite living and working here for decades.

People are being ordered to prove they have the right to be in the UK to rent property, work or access services and benefits.

Yet the government failed to keep detailed records of Windrush arrivals, and landing cards were destroyed in 2010.

The Home Office has set up a task force with the aim of sorting out cases within two weeks.

Windrush immigrants are being told to send “as much information as possible” if they don’t have formal documents to piece together a picture of their lives.

This can include school, college and work records, birth and marriage certificates, and bills and letters.




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