Friday , April 12 2024
Adams Oshiomhole

Attempt by Oshiomhole to reinstate impeached Speaker resisted by lawmakers

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Attempt by Governor Adams Oshiomhole to prevail on majority of members of Edo State House of Assembly to reinstate the impeached Speaker, Victor Edoror and his Deputy, Bright Osayande was  strongly resisted on Wednesday night.

The new Speaker of the House, Elizabeth Ativie, and her supporters have vowed that Edoror will never return as Speaker.

The governor and other leaders of the All  Progressives Congress, APC, had a meeting  with the warring members of the state House of Assembly on Wednesday night, with a view to finding amicable solution to the crisis in the legislative arm of government.

Investigations revealed that the meeting was necessitated because of protest by APC members from Edo Central Senatorial district where the position of Speaker was zoned who are unhappy with the removal of Edoror as Speaker and the election of somebody from another zone as the new Speaker

APC members in Edo Central senatorial district are contending that if the position of Speaker is not returned to their zone, it will work against the Party in the forthcoming governorship election in Esan land which is a stronghold of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the state.

It was gathered that the governor at the meeting, attempted to persuade the lawmakers to change their decision but each of the members narrated to the governor and leaders of the party how the ex-speaker had let them down, adding that while the ex-speaker was getting richer, majority of them were getting poorer.

They informed the governor that while the ex-Speaker allegedly receives N54 million for the running of the Assembly monthly, their quarters look like poultry pens just as the ex-speaker never carried them along on how the N54 million was expended.

The lawmakers lamented that while the ex-speaker received N9.5 million monthly for running his office, other lawmakers receive their normal N370,000 as salaries, adding that of the 45 special adviser positions allocated to the Assembly, the ex-speaker appropriated 25 for himself while most of the ordinary members were left out.

The impeached speaker and his deputy, who were also at the meeting were helpless when the angry lawmakers confronted them with these facts. When Oshiomhole observed that the lawmakers were not ready to listen to his pleas, he quickly had separate meetings with other leaders of the party, including the state chairman of APC, Anslem Ojezua, who is from the same senatorial district with the impeached Speaker.

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  1. Mr. One man one vote, let d wil of d assembly men prevail.

  2. You can now experience the secret agendas of this so called labour union comrades. When Oshimole was there everybody choosed him as someone who will be capable of resolving crisis. But now, what is happening in Edo state is less expected from a state you can call mini-nigeria in outlook fighting in the house chambers like school children under his watch.
    Jonathan and Okonjo Iwuala will be watching.

    • APC and Buhari must be blamed for starting this civil disobedience in the HS of assembly. Yako! PA buhari, although ur head is small but God gave u just one thing that all past prophets has ever demanded of him. Patience, truth, and the ability to know right from wrong. The likes of us are watching and waiting since 79. Keep it up and sail on.

  3. He has over stayed his welcome now enjoy nemesis

  4. Adams is heading for shame

  5. Olusegun mimiko of ondo state did under 2hrs what a leader

  6. Osamuyi Osagie

    No attempt was made to do dat,can d speaker be impeach wit out d knownledge,consent of d governor.


  8. They should impeach him straight.

  9. Adams is a disgrace to Edo people

  10. ThankGod people are waken up….. Not time of imposition again….

  11. Let the worst happen to him, the evil that men do!

  12. Bros larry na waooooh we no dy c u again hw far wit d stories naaaaww

  13. Please oshomole your time is over don’t turn Edo state battle field as you’re leaving soon, leave in peace

  14. It’s all over for APC in EDO state the signs are there

  15. This man is one of the worst governors

  16. People could have been saying that Oshiomole did not call on them to have brokered peace between then…….

  17. Do u blame him having lost a possible loyalist abd partner in u know what

  18. Who sponsored the impeachment?

  19. Bad omen for Adams. D Oba of Benin died in his reign and its bad for him. He should be watchful not to be impeached few days to his departure. D new Speaker has come to stay

  20. This is just the beginning of his down fall.

  21. Many of you’re all confusionists. When Edoror was removed, you said he was used and dumped by Oshiomhlole, who wants to impeach his Deputy. Now, he is begging them to return him to office, u say he doesn’t want to allow change. You’re confused!!!

  22. If a deputy had worked with a governor for almost 8yrs in d service of Edo state, for purpose of continuity of d good work, why is Oshiomoke blocking his deputy frm becoming a governor? Dis is d moral question!

  23. Who sponsored the impeachment

  24. Resist the devil he will run away

  25. Oshiomole is no longer in control with less than 6 months remaining to the end of is tenure. Those loyal to him have since discover that is purchasing power is now like the Liberia dollars

  26. What goes around comes around.

  27. The deputy Gov who has been in post for 8th years should live for another person to take up d post. Enough is enough

  28. Is the House if Assembly not Sitting in Governor lodge again?

  29. Osho baba shuld respect d doctrines of separation of power & allow d legislature enjoy their independence as enshrined in our constitution…

  30. APC people,everything about you is evil and confusion!

  31. If we want to speak about morality, THEN another member from ESAN should be the speaker and not ATIVIE. It is the turn of Hon. Edughele to be the spesker.Edo people are watching.

  32. This gov and PMB spokes person is a commissioning. From not attending d deputy govs church dedication, he said d deputy has gone to native doctor to kill him, or d life attempt of his deputy which he said is speculation and now begging d house of assembly to allow d impeached members to b. Osho people are wiser now.

  33. He is afraid because the deputy governor will probe him after winning the election.

  34. In trying to resist his deputy from being a governor for no reason will only make him popular. Hypocritic governor.

  35. Democracy in action! Election of the speaker is strictly the internal affairs business of the house. MYOB!

  36. @ Olapade Okeya , if I may ask, how many deputy governors that succeeded their bosses since 1999

  37. He has no power to inter fair with another arm of governance

  38. Who dee sow this cloth for this man self

  39. Which impeached speaker this useless bloggers and fake news
    Who told them you can sit and impeach the speaker without a maze which is the symbol of authority of the house.
    And people are wasting mb commenting!

  40. I thought dat by nw police should hv arrested sombdy cos of d war i saw in d video clip bt if it ws a poor man by nw he would hv bin in kuje prison

  41. APC should see the hand writing on the wall. The house is divided already and they can’t stand. Comrade has lost it. He appears busy talking about past government while his home is in shamble. It is a pity for APC in Edo state.

  42. There’s nothing God can not do. No man is God, God is working on Esan seriously, he know it’s Esan time for governor

  43. Na God go purnish una wey dey yab osho baba,na God win ooo.

  44. Hummmmmmmmmm,most of us used to forget things easily.befall oshiomole came to power in Edo ,hope u all remember .if yes compare and contrast

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