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Assassination Attempt: Your Silence Speaks Volume Dino Melaye Tells Bello

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Senator Dino Melaye has accused governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State for keeping silence over the assassination attempt on his life which occurred on Easter eve, said the ‘governor’s silence speaks volumes’.

The senator also said he’s still in shock that the state, especially Kogi West senatorial district could go low in its politics of bitterness to the extent of assassination; said the development is the first time in the history of the district. However, the state governor, Yahaya Bello has said he will not join issue with the senator, urged him to wait for police to do their job.

Dino who expressed shock in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media, Gideon Ayodele described the situation as unfortunate, regretable, highly disturbing and very strange to the socio-political culture of Kogi West senatorial district. The Senator however thanked the Almighty God for sparing his life as he declares that God is his “Rock and Salvation”.

“Senator Dino Melaye declared his unrelented resolution to continue to champion democratic courses targeted at good governance, masses empowerment and the Rule of Law. He promised never to relent in his fight against corruption, maladministration, impunity and nepotism. “No amount of threat, blackmail, name-calling and harassment will stop him from being the voice of the voiceless and the mouthpiece of the common man”.

“It is outrageous and high sense of disbelief that four days after the attempt on his life, the Kogi State governor, the Chief Security Officer of the State, has neither called nor visited to know the state of affairs with him as a serving Senator from Kogi State.

The Governor’s deafening silence speaks volumes”. Dino who said long in the history of Kogi West, various political gladiators have at various times, had their differences but said none had ever been escalated to the level of attempt on life, “Chief Awoniyi and Chief Daniyan (both of blessed memory) had their strong differences. Senator Dino Melaye and Prince Olusola Akanmode also had their differences. Arc. Stephen Olorunfemi and Prince Olusola Akanmode and Tunde Ogbeha, also had their differences.

Senator Dino Melaye and Senator Smart Adeyemi had their serious political differences. None of these differences was ever escalated to the horrendous level of assassination attempt. “The recent incident is alien to Okun people and to Kogi West.

The advent of Yahaya Bello as Governor and Taofiq Isa as Local Government administrator in the political firmament of Kogi state has brought this unfortunate socio-political paradigm shift.”

He therefore called on Kogi Elders, Traditional Leaders and Opinion Leaders to call for order and restraint said, “It may be Dino Melaye today, we don’t know who is next.

The aggitation for good governance, payment of worker’s salaries and welfare of pensioners should not be punished with assassination.” But Bello in his reaction through his Special Adviser on Media and Strategy, Kingsley Fanwo said they won’t join issue with the Senator, said Dino is being hunted by his past, “We do not want to join issues with Senator Dino Melaye. He is an adult and can explain the path he has chosen to tread. If he accused the Governor of complacency in the so called assassination attempt, those who have been following the trend from the day his group promised to make Kogi ungovernable will not be surprised. “The case is under investigation by the Police and making serious statements about it may be seen to be subjudice. We have been witnessing imaginary attacks in the state and when the Governor travelled to Kogi East, his antagonists also alleged he was attacked even when the opposite was the case. “As a government, we believe the Nigeria Police is capable of getting to the root of the allegations and do justice to it once and for all. Governor Yahaya Bello is redefining leadership in Kogi State, therefore, the plan of “One Day One Trouble” will not work. “We are in the news for the roads we are constructing, the agriculture we are reforming, the healthcare we are making affordable and the walls of insecurity we are pulling down. We have departed from their own ways.”

“The governor also said Dino has not call him in person to report the assassination attempt on his life to him, “You people need to ask Senator Dino Melaye if he reported the incident to the Governor who is the Chief Security Officer of the state. If you didn’t tell him anything, he too will have nothing to say. The reports of the security agencies will surely untie the riddles surrounding the allegations. “Security should never be politicised in our state. We will not be distracted. We know the plans but if they know Governor Yahaya Bello, they would know he is too focused to be distracted, too courageous to be intimidated. We are waiting for the reports of the investigation after which we shall be properly guided to make informed comments. Nigerians know what is happening.” Read more at:

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