Friday , April 12 2024
Lawal Daura

Arrested men, not our members but sleeper agents of DSS says ND Avengers

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The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) on Saturday put the lie to the claim by the Department of State Services (DSS) that some members of the militant group had been arrested.

The NDA in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo described the arrested men as sleeper agents of the DSS sent after the Niger Delta Avengers.


According to the statement, “Reports from National dailies that two suspects Mr. Christian Oluba alias Sensor, and Selky Kile Torughedi arrested by DSS are alleged members of Niger Delta Avengers is laughable, the fact is they are sleeper agents of the DSS sent after the Niger Delta Avengers.


“The boys have the right to demand for their money from DSS, why not pay them instead of arresting and labeling them as Niger Delta Avengers members.


“DSS and Nigeria Army can’t win the Niger Delta war by feeding their President with false information about situation of things in the Region. It’s all-good because as it seems the DSS is now having internal crisis with most of their sleeper agents and it a sign that God is on our side.


“There are problem in the Niger Delta region such as underdevelopment, environmental degradation, lack of infrastructure and the issue of self-determination. These are the areas Mr. President should focus on, not arresting their allies and linking them to Niger Delta Avengers.


“This is to DSS Director Lawal Daura, this is the holy month of Ramadan and as a Muslim you hold it to Allah and the Nigerian people to say the truth. Why not come out with the truth.


“To the Nigeria press, there are always two sides to a story. Why not try to get the other side of the story by interviewing the boys.


“The Nigeria army will never get us (Niger Delta Avengers), let them go and settle with their sleeper agents and stop deceiving the general public and their President.


About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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    • Upon on these I catch them story, vandalism is still on without a bit of restrictions. Just yesterday that they claimed catching them with IPOB, they still blast pipeline. This one no be Aisha / Fayose matter ooo. Na wait and take, so make them dey lie dey while the blast lasts.

  1. APC are best in telling lies…..lai mohammad is really teaching them how to lie.

  2. I used to say it and I will keep saying it everyday, APC should stop chasing the shadow and works to Nigeria.

  3. If DSS lied of arrest, can’t be possible because, there most be visible and statements on ground


  5. Y didnt dey tell us whr dey wer arrested nd hw

  6. u can never see de real NDA, and carry on more boom boom for de zoo till de end of their journey all hail BIAFRA

    ..he is a fool

  8. U ar free 2 say what ever u whant 2 say, is a free world.

  9. Dss knows who they arrested Avengers can never admit it

  10. Nigeria media they can’t say the truth we’ll what is the name of lnfromation minister lie Mohammed. That’s why they media lies DSS lies EFCC lies they President lies governors lies senators lies rep members lies all things in nigeria is lies lies lies

  11. If they are not your members as you claimed,why did you bomb pipelines today?…or is it coincidence?

  12. Lie lie gvnt who is d DSS to arrest undeafitable lions of ND Avengers something Nigerian army & Navy other forces cannot do . DSS fit near dem. lie lie Dss

  13. Goverment dat is full of lies nd criminalities, how do we belive it is true. No truth on the claim.

  14. Hahahahaha! Na true my bros. Lie gallon, Lie nigeria Plc.

  15. (N D A) deal wit them monkeys very well ok. Nigerian politiances there thiefs, cheaters. Go n deal wit them pls

  16. Many are regretting to be a Nigerian, wht is even wrong with all dis old blinded fools, dat take Nigeria 4 granted n do what ever dey like. Lie lie lie lie. Make una shame small pls, it takes a bigger lie to cover lies, dey kill dia fellow human being n can destroy d whole Nigeria jst to cover dia lies shameless animals

  17. whatever, who are the so called NDAs? They are mere cowards that strike and run. Show yourselves if you are as strong as you claim so that your supporters can praise you more.

  18. Yusuf garba,am so much ashamed of you.where were you when Boko haram where making mouth,why dont you come out and make noice.

  19. “A hunter who has learned how to shoot a bird without missing it must likewise learn how to fly without Pershing”. Niger Delta Cowards!

    • I believe they have to come and learn from book haram your brothers.

    • Hausa-fulani should stop causing problem in Nigeria by allowing other ethnic group to hv their own country

    • #Ifiok, remember General Azazi that was assassinated together with Yakowa, Kaduna state governor by your evil party (PDP) simply because he revealed d truth that PDP is behind Bokoharam.
      May God continue to expose your secrets. Amen

    • #Nnamani, sincerely speaking, nobody is stopping u from secession. It’s just that your agitation for Biafra is a scam. These questions require a sincere answer.
      1. what are d strategies and methods u guys are putting in place in actualizing your Biafra??
      2. What are your achievement so far?

    • Namesake please tell the sickle cell anemia patient wat he needs to know. They can do anything for money dat is y they are been given N500 TO Rally the streets in the name of agitation.

  20. The will soon be arrested..

  21. If baba Buhari can see Boko haram off then you people are as good as gone KARNUKA KAWAI

  22. your the men bokoharam is just toy, do more, the idiot/brainless president of the zoo is now on his knees beging,,

  23. Avengers on relegation zone!!!

  24. Hahahaha they haven’t seen anything yet

  25. Remain six pipeline to complete our job so that hungry will kill northern people

  26. Aya NDA are talking about infrastructures in Niger delter dia confused and treason head has started
    Working u better come our and beg the government to build up the area as they already had in mind not to be making indirect apologies. Continue bombing gas insulations and see how it’s end the country will bleed and ur land will suffer the damage no matter how a terrorist or militants group is strong can never defeat a Government. Continue telling people to believe u dia is nothing hidden under the sun.

    • how will der suffer ve der been benefiting from it?

    • And if i may ask you who should be held responsible for Niger delter not been developed is it BUHARI who is trying to work things out for developing the place or Goodluck the son of Niger delter who neglected them for 6yrs or there governors, senators who have been eating their allocation for the state and send there children to school abroad and still give them N65 000 to still vandalise pipelines naija let’s be realistic

  27. Am Ifatunde son of Awoniyi of ijebu Igbo land am here to advertise my father job what do you realy need. You want to consult the oracle, you want your market to be selling fast, you have any disease, you want to be more richer, do you have a husband problem or wife problem, in any problem you have, just come to Ifatunde of ijebu land Have the evil spirits blocked your marriage from having the fruits of the womb, Do you want your lover to take good care of you and continue to spend for you, or Are you suffering from one of the deadly diseases that you are ashamed of or u want progress in your work this is the opportunity for you…. Address Awolowo way ijebu Igbo Ogun state. 09057177929 IFA AGBEYIN OOOO

  28. we knw,its their stock in trade..

  29. Zoogeria forces are only good at molesting citizens

  30. In nigeria the more you lies and looted public funds the more honourable you are,and you will get the public respect despite the fact you r thief and #layer.
    Where and how DSS could arrested invisible NDA?

  31. Avengers will not come out until biafra comes.They said that zoo is no longer their country.How do u expect them to come out in zoogeria?

  32. Hausa fulanis boko haram idiots

  33. ND Avengers will soon surrender. Just wait for the joker or ask your biafra neighbours what went wrong in their first and last attempt to rebel.

  34. Ayuba, the north is crying bcos d of Avengers. They owned 80% of the blocs and that is what the Avengers want stop. If your blood relation owned one, u’ll beg. When Avengers obtain Independen Imsha Allah, developed countries’ll come to their aid. Think b4 u talk next time. They’re not ur boko haram who’re that stupid without focus. Consult ur people b4 u open ur mouth.


  36. Politicians are the sponsors of NDA as anti-hausa sentiments run high. But not all northerners are Ndu-Hausa.

  37. If they are not your members, why are you bothered? Please continue with your bombings and let’s see how far you can go as only time will tell before you are caught and made to face the long arm of the law

  38. That’s how they go about … Arresting innocent citizens and label them criminal while the people in charge of power are the number one criminals.

  39. This Is Were To Find You Guys. Food Is Ready. Keep Encourage Yourself That Is The Antidote For Wailers?

  40. Parade them and lets see them if DSS is saying the truth.

  41. Hausa and the Muslims all their hidden plan over Nigeria shall be expose very soon

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