Friday , April 12 2024
Sani Usman

Army says it averted attacks on oil pipelines in Bayelsa

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 The Nigerian Army says its troops on Sunday averted attacks on oil pipelines located at Gulobokri and Eweleso communities in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa.

The acting Director of Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman confirmed this in a statement issued in Abuja.

Usman said the attack was averted by the troops on patrol of areas around Brass in Bayelsa.

According to Usman, the patrol team has an encounter with some armed militants in two speed boats with intent to blow up Nigerian Agip Oil Company pipeline at Gulobokri.

“In the early hours of today, May 29, troops of 343 Artillery Regiment of 2 Brigade, 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, carried out patrol within the general area of Gulobokri and Eweleso.

‘’This was around Brass area in Bayelsa State.

“During the exercise, the troops encountered some armed militants who opened fire on the patrol team.

“The troops responded with overwhelming superior firepower and as a result, the suspected criminals sped off from the area with many of them sustaining gunshot wounds.

“Unfortunately, a personnel of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) attached to the team sustained gunshot wound and has since been evacuated and he is in a stable condition,’’ Usman said.

Usman also said that another patrol team of the same unit of 82 Division, Nigerian Army, averted another attack on an oil facility at Perigbene House Boat in Bayelsa.

He said the troops on patrol to the area encountered militants in three speed boats also on a mission to attack another critical infrastructure in the area.

Usman said the troops killed most of the militants while others escaped with gunshot injuries.

He said the casualty figure on militants could not be ascertained as it was raining heavily adding that the raging storm could not allow troops to go on in pursuit of the escaping criminals.

Usman added that a mop-up operation had been organised for those militants that escaped with gunshot wounds adding that they might be receiving treatment in the neighbouring communities.

He said troops would continue to intensify patrols in the general area to further halt planned attacks on key public infrastructure in the area.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Keep on with d good work, may God protect our gallant soldiers.

  2. Good! The spirit of the land, you are protecting with guide you all insha Allah ameen

  3. You cannot kill a tree by taking the fruit go for the root

  4. Keep it up until it is finally stopped


  6. It’s a lie. There are only arresting innocent people and saying this to impress the Government. Watch out for avengers.

  7. look at what some useless Yoruba and Hausa / Fulani are saying your army can’t do nothing who are they protecting your army but to kill innocent people is only what they know

  8. Guess what? The ten suspected men they arrested are criminal from Edo State. The army can’t dare avengers.

  9. Igbo! Your head is steal cocoanut,

  10. According to reports very interesting

  11. Folks saying the Army ain’t working are you in support of the avenger?

  12. The end justifies the means. The zoo must fall, if they like let them clear okoroza, the problem is nt solved.

  13. Hahahaha, army says! i laugh again hahahaha.zoo wel done.

  14. It must not be said that buhari’s army are incomptent. They must do media hoax and propaganda the very pillar of this government of daura dullard. #Liars.

    • Another nitwits showing hw illiterate he is ……I pity you.

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  15. old time liers by killing baby n old woman?Are u so weak?

  16. Lie lie!! I pity them cos time will come when none of the soldiers will be alive. Zoo millitary can never stop avengers to carry out their work.

  17. Its a lie the Avrngers re stronger n more intelligent than the Army. They only arrest innocent pple, That name Nigeria has expired

  18. What do you expect of liars the zoo??? They stage manage lies eg chibok girls it shall not be well with you oppressors zoo!! Animal farmers!! All we are saying leave our oil blocks for us!!!!!

  19. Good trust me dats a blatant lie..

  20. Just ordinary inocent pple

  21. sometimes I feel shameful seeing Hausa/fulani and some foolish yoruba comments. those it mean they knew it already that the are curse and that the little light they are using is Biafran light, they are so stupid and hopeless to the extend of praying to God not to let Biafrans go which is they only Hope in life. its a shame they can’t survive without Great Biafrans. look how mean they are just to stop Biafra which they can’t, they know that the only source of their surviving in this life is by keeping Biafra in this Zoo called nigeria, they can’t even pay those criminals wearing uniform if not with Biafran money and resourcess. Hausa/fulani shame on u, stupid yoruba shame on u. God will wipe una all soonest

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    • Go and ask your four farther abt history of the past, if the Niger delta alla ll he avengers u can do anything our army are ever ready for any nonsense. Idiot

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  22. cock n bull story,another version of missing chibok girls

  23. Na lie! Nothing like that. They just want to please Buhari.

  24. More grace to your elbow we solidly with for defending our father land against the enemy of progarss

  25. Another cock and bull story.

  26. Know that reports of war are only brought by one who has seen its battle . As for the fighter , he is occupied with the acts of war , distracted from the reports of war ! Information is knowledge and deeds are action . There is no doubt that we are in the best of time and the one who is ignorant of this day of blessings is a donkey without a doubt ! The hand of the terrestrial is always over the celestial in any state . He said may He exalted : ” Yet We desired to be kind to those that were abased in the earth and to make them leaders . . ” Ina cike da masu gaba da baba buhari kuma bana musu fatan alheri . Ni a ganina suna kama da yan boko haram !

  27. Tomorrow now story will change to Niger delta avengers bombed everywhere

  28. The AVENGERS vs The AVERTERS. Will definitely make for a great movie

  29. Don’t just avert apprehend them if need b hunt saboteurs down so as to serve as a warning to odas

  30. leave oil alone go to war on. boko haram no more free juice army I repeat

  31. Just to show they are working. 1967-70 propagandaa.

  32. Hmmmm…I’m sure most of the undesirable elements, posting nonsensical & unpatriotic comments on this platform, are comfortably faraway from the theatre of agitations…May sanity prevail…

  33. If i were to say, i will like govt to leave them, let them keep bombing then after the bombings then we can negotiate.

  34. The avengers are ready for u common cooperate criminals….. They surely no what to do! I beliv them

  35. Sumtyms i get confused because i dont known who really owned the oil between nigerdelta and biafraud but i later find out the owner of the oil,dats means biafra are just spokeperson for nigerdelta

  36. Thank you Nigeria Army our lord God is your strength, he is with you.

  37. Stop decieving uneducated people go to the creek and crush the avengers! Fools cowards who can only kill unarmed Biafrans!!

  38. Their is no difference between muderous islamic Nigeria army, and bokoharam islamic terrorist– the are the same people!!

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      If u are really serious then rescue #Kanu

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  41. When will d military avert herds men attack on communities? Have they not done enough havoc? Or are the presidential strike force?

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