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Shekau’s flag and Quaran recovered by Nigerian soldiers

Army claims to have found Shekau’s Qur’an, flag in Sambisa

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The Nigerian Army on Wednesday said it had recovered Abubakar Shekau’s Qur’an and flag in Camp Zero, the Boko Haram’s Headquarters in Sambisa forest.

Maj.-Gen. Lucky Irabor, the Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, said this while giving newsmen update on “Operation Rescue Final’’ in Maiduguri.

“We believe that the Holy Book and the flag were abandoned by Abubakar Shekau while he escaped.

“The Book will be taken to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Burutai, for onward presentation to Mr President.

“We have also made a lot of arrests. Our troops in Damboa arrested about 15 Boko Haram members. We also arrested one Musa from Potiskum on Christmas day which was Dec.25.

“On Dec. 26 our troops also intercepted two Boko Haram suspects in Maiduguri.

“We, therefore, warn residents of the state to be wary of people coming to hide in and around their houses.

“We are also warning residents to report any suspected Boko Haram members hiding in their houses to the relevant security agencies and any failure to do that would tantamount to supporting and sympathising with the sect’s activities,’’ Irabor said.

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  1. Great !!!

    Well done our Soldiers for your bravery.

    Well done Mr President Buhari for your support.

    Well done good Nigerians for your support and prayers.

    God we thank You.

  2. Cudos to pmb nd our gallant soldier rideon

  3. It is time for the likes of buhari to comment. #Nonsense! We shall soon hear that boko haram is regrouping or that they defeat will not stop insurgency! #Learn_to_do_right!

  4. Ara n da Ekun ti o ba joju, E je ki omo oligini da ti e, ka wo ran. I appreciate the nigerian Soldiers. If u know u can do better than them, pls. Join the fight at sambisa forest.

  5. Come on! You kidding me,ain’t you? We have plenty bullshit to contend with,don’t give us more.The government is just making jest of itself if this news is true.

  6. How dem take know say na him get the Quran ?

  7. What’s the special thing’s about common FLAGS & QURAN? Where is Abubakah Shekaru the most INFIDEL? why is he RUNNING, upon his BOASTS,

  8. Good job our Army keep it up

  9. Where is Shekau? No end yet to boko idiots. Shikena.

  10. Army mumu sha, instead of dem to brandishing Nigerian flag, they are busy doing the opposite

  11. Well done good Nigerians for your support and prayers this issue is not stop Nigerians prayer oooooooo

  12. Nigerians want Shekau not his flag. May be after two or three months than we discover his shoes and another time his cap. Sheer propaganda.

  13. What is so special about an ordinary piece of cloth called flag for the military to rejoice about? Can’t anybody display anything and call it flag? Abi the Nigerian Army wants to claim to be ignorant of most of our new generation churches hoisting many of those western countries flags? Abeg, this is rubbish jare! Mtcheeeeew!

  14. Boko strong hood has been captured by APC army govt, then Chibok girls where not seen,when the war is so serious at that same time BH are also negociating release of chibok girls, apc who is fooling who

  15. May Almighty God help them to capture that useless and senseless animal called shekau alive . kau is kau .

  16. Emmanual/ bcareful an mind ur public conduct, if u don hav any paramount contributio 2 post- pls kep silent

  17. Please, the peace of sack clothes and a self hand written book he claimed to be Qur’an is not recognized by Islam. So Muslim are not interested to know what he wrote for deceiving the none literate. Do away wt it. And again all bastard white men captured in the forest shall explain to Nigeria their duty in the camp.God I hail.

  18. Shekau is a lad and to believe anyone linking this too young a beast with a reknown moslems scholars who alwaz write QUR’AN by heart and the copies attributed to who wrote devoid of mistakes and errors. Therefore, whoever elevated Shekau to those higher planes has delibrately created a mountain from a heap of stones period. WISDOM.

  19. Allah ya taimakeku duk lnda kukasagaba Ameen

  20. army should stop morching nigeria citizens pls

  21. We don’t care,the most important thing is that you guys has done a job and kudos but you people need more efforts to bring back the remaining chibok girls so that we will believe that the real battle has been won and clean in good ground,then tackle the issue of herdsmen.

  22. The same Sambisa forest Jonathan, Dasuki, & Alex Badeh claimed no human being can enter it except Spirits & Ghosts.
    Thanks to our gallant soldiers.

  23. Nigerian army is a wining team,an dey will never lost,congrats soldiers.

  24. No weapons recovered, no Chibok girl rescued. Were the muslim terrorists really defeated or they tactically withdrew?

  25. Quran and flag wen dem manufacture by themselves ? Me I get brain ook

  26. Well done our military, but na d same Shekau wey una don kill since?

  27. So where is shekau and d chibok girls?

  28. More blessing nigeria army

  29. We need shekau not a piece of cloth pls

  30. I know many of us can’t know the meaning of the flag, But in a military or let me say in a battle field who ever his flag is no more functioning it means such a group or country has been eradicated, so mind your speech shekau may not be captured for now but, I believe were ever he is now, he can never have a rest of mind. Go on you military may Allah be with you.

  31. How many Shekau do we have in Sambisa forest?

  32. Instead of pple 2 be encouraging ad praying 4 d army dere ar commenting nonsense here some pple will just die at d hearing of gun shut common cultis ad cultis fight pple cn nt withstand it on d street nt 2 talk of army ad deadly forces do dere knw hw many army dat hv gone because of dis fight or dere think d army ar just playing or wat if it is dat easy den dere should organise all d whole hunters in Nigeria ad den take dem 2 sambisa forest ad see if some will even cm back alive again.

  33. I hissssss with the stupidity in this message. So Nigerians should start rejoicing for a piece of flag and qur’an.

  34. Shekau has been killed for about 3 times and now his flag is being captured.theArmy should not that boko haram are still in mallamfotori, kankarauwa etc

  35. breaking news bokoharam terrorist group release new video 29 DEC

  36. Allah will help us by the grace of Allah

  37. Thank you Nigeria Army. may GOD help you throughout your life and after

  38. Some people as just talking any how, if you don’t know how you can appreciate Nigiria army you better stop saying stupid .

  39. Did he wrote his name on the Qur’an’s?… Idiots zombies

  40. We commend our military but the recovery of the Quran and the flag are irrelevant, I was surprise to have seen the commading officer of Lafia dole saying he will handover the recovered items (common flag which can be printed within a second) to Chief of Army for an onward delivery to Mr.president. We are talking of the capturing of Shekau life or dead someone is recovering flag does this add together

  41. All this type of government sponsord highest level lies is what that I’ll finally led Nigeria to fall headlong into the bottomless pit of hell.what a mayopick lieying fabricated story by the army of Africas most wicked /corruption COUNTRY. The nigerdoom, Its very shamefull indeed. Wt the loss of many Cols and countless Innocent souls.what the army is celebrating wt the whole fools of nigeria is a pics of rag & peper? In this digital era?

  42. Stupid since the existance of BH what contribution u mak to clear boko haram in d country u ar here busy making noise bonch of bullshed

  43. Am very suprise most of Southern Nigeria didnt like this admistration but we are one nation? We support PRES BUHARI WE SUPPORT OUR ARMY IN FIGHTONG TERROSIST ?REMAIN BIAFRA AN AVENGERS THIS IS BIG CHALLENGE AFTER BH? I HOPE FG WILL LOOKS THIS CRIMES

  44. If Nigeria army claim to hv killed shekau before Now,what is so special abt his flag and quran,Is it the quran that they hv been fighting for since all this while or something else,no weapon recover,no Boko haram capture,what is even the evidence if that very quran and the flag belong to shekau,shekau is no more alive and his f&Q still existing?Ha who is fooling who?

  45. Nigerian army are worst than politicians they’re only good in confusing the nation

  46. The Koran and flag must be preserved in the national museum, as a memorial for the unborn generation.

  47. The Nigeria army have done their best, we shall continue to pray for the success, by GOD will shekau and his allied shall be like pharoah.

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