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Appoint Jonathan Niger Delta envoy, group urges Buhari

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A Socio-Political group, Assembly of Concern Niger Delta People (ACNDP), has appealed to President Muhammaudu Buhari to appoint his predecessor, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, as special envoy to Niger Delta.

National Coordinator of the group, Mr Eperemor Governor, made the appeal in a statement on Thursday in Benin.

According to him, the appointment will help to reduce the present hostility by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), which has been responsible for the blowing-up of oil installations in the region.

He said that as an indigene of the area, and former governor of Bayelsa, the former president would help to bridge the gap between the region and the Federal Government.

Governor, however, condemned the spate of pipeline bombings by the avengers, adding that the bombings were not only affecting the nation economically but degradation the soil of the region.

He reminded the NDA that while the country was suffering the effect of their activities, the environment of the region they claimed to represent was also being destroyed.

He, therefore, urged members of the group to channel their grievances to appropriate authorities rather than destroying the country`s commonwealth

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Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Jonathan is bigger than that

  2. So that he can steal money for them abi? How ex_ president got political appointment?

    • Yes take the money that belongs to them not steal abi the oil na your papa get am?

    • The oil does not belong to you. Go and sell tomato and cow.

    • Oil well is like waters, it doesn’t belong to anybody but God’s blessing to mankind but wicked people want few people to benefit, God will continued to disgrace them and they shall live in famine prosperity, I.e nothing to show for their rich though the cash is there but they live in pains & sorrow.(famine prosperity)

    • You should post your real name here not hide under false identity to rubbish yourself. Selfish as you can be. Why don’t you ask God to send the oil everywhere since it is like water and belongs to nobody?

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about because that name are my names from the very day l, except you want my native name which is UTENW UOJO,for some claiming oil is their father’s birthday right property is a big mistake, you people want to share the glory of God with oil that is why God allowed Satan to entered into you people to destroyed every thing, to God be the glory, destroyed every thing and see who will regret, to me by God’s grace lam 47 years now l don’t know whether Nigeria get oil or not because l benefit nothing from oil, but PMB God brought him to help Nigerians but if you people don’t want him because he is not corrupt to shares money, he has nothing to loose,God is able to supply all his needs and his family until God called him to great beyond. So go destroyed every thing you people are free the budget is not for Buhari’s family. GEJ is gone is gone, he can never recontested like Buhari. So those who have ear let hear !.

  3. According to them GEJ is corrupt,so i don’t c any reason for him to accept that appointment

  4. What did he do for them during his 6 years as President

  5. Why would GEJ accept such appointment if it’s presented to him?
    Didn’t Buhari boycott every state invite and turned down every official gesture extended to him while he was in the opposition?

    • Igbinidu Charles Osaretin

      I feel you but we are not expected to pay evil with evil. For the sake of the economy which is already having a biting effect on majority of Nigerians, don’t you think, it is a good idea?

      • Well sir, the Yoruba’s have an adage that “if you brutally yanked off a lice from a dog’s ears and didn’t show the dog the cause of the sudden sharp pain it just felt, it’s likely going to take your action as wickedness”.

  6. How can a blind man be able to drive a car?

  7. he is not like useless obj….so no way.

  8. Let them go,with their appoooo

  9. Bomb more pipeline avengers

  10. bomb more pipelines and pollute ur environment the more…..fools

  11. GEJ has gone and has gone, another ijaw man can take care of that if there is need, but they should dialogue with boys, bcos Nigerian army can’t survive wit them on sea, that is their habitat

    • Well spoken bro. But will Buhari listen?

    • adesola ,more wisdom bro well spoken

    • @Kingsley; please don’t reduce counter-insurgency operations to swimming competitions…After all, you don’t have to climb the tree to CATCH a monkey, do you? The ND Avengers cannot withstand the Nigerian Army, at all…However, I hope sanity prevails…

    • Lateef Tunde, what is the result so far, with the warships, gun boats, jet fighters and helicopters?

    • I hope when the NA are doing the killing no one will complain of genocide right. So let see how the fight continue

    • @Gilbert…Hmmm, “A like child boldly rained insults on the IROKO tree; and then EXPECTS instant reactions”…But IROKO can but react, when least EXPECTED…May sanity prevail…

    • Tunde u haven’t been to creek that is why u talk like that, these boys can stay inside water for hours, army fighting them haven’t experienced water or sea in their life, this is different from boko haram , they use crude oil to exchange weapons , now they have sent message that on 7th June , they want to test run six missiles, Federal govt brought air fighter, gunboat, war ship, yet, they are blowing oil wells, chevron till last nite, the daily crude oil barrel production has reduced to 500,000, and they want to zero it, this is the only source of FG income, so the fight is different from boko haram fight, economic will be crippled with high dollar exchange, everybody will hear wen

    • #BREAKING! ND Avengers Vow To Shoot Down Military, Commercial Aircrafts in the Region


      The statement, signed by General Akotebe Darikoro, Commander, General Duties; General Torunnanaowei Latei, Creeks Network Coordinator; General Agbakakuro Owei-Tauro, Pipelines Bleeding Expert; and General Pulokiri Ebiladei of its Intelligence Bureau, reads in full: “We have seen and noted that President Muhammadu Buhari (a.k.a. Pharaoh) is set for the final breakup of the country.
      Mr. Buhari should also know that we are also prepared and set for his proposal.
      The Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC) which is the highest organ of all the freedom fighting body has finally endorsed the followings:
      1. After extensive and exhaustive deliberation by all Commanders of various groups in Yenagoa, the heart of the Niger Delta struggle met last night and as part of our mission, we are going to test six (6) of our MISSILES in the region. This is to show the federal government of our readiness of the American prediction.
      2. There should be NO any form of helicopter to fly around in the region as we will not guarantee the safety of such object.
      3. The people of the Niger Delta region should not be panic in course of test running the 6 MISSILES.
      4. We may also decide within the week to shut down the Nigerian satellite orbit, so that there will be no communication in the country if needs arise.
      5. Within our three (3) days operations, NO airplane should fly out of the country because it can target such object no matter how small or big it may be.
      6. Our Fighter Expert Team shall be position in the six (6) Niger Delta states, who are already arrived the region from training through our country’s porous borders with our foreign partners who are going to showcase what they have learnt in past on year.
      7. Our struggle is not for any human blood, but we have been pushed to the wall for justice because our patience is running out on daily basis as Nigerian uniform men killing our innocent people continuously.
      8. Nigerian military should as a matter of urgency leave peacefully the Ijaw communities they are presently in, the next 48 hours under the guise of searching for the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) or else we should not be blamed of whatever catastrophe that may befall on such officers and the likely affected families of the officers should blame not the region.
      9. We have consulted our war gods (deities) that enough is enough and that the time has come. Since the present Pharaoh of Nigeria, President Buhari is to preside over the disintegration of the country it is a good omen.
      10. Henceforth, any attack on Ijaw communities or person(s) by the military or para-military body in the region, we will not hesitate to order our shoot-at-sight squad of any uniform personnel in the region.
      11. We ask all Service Chiefs including Minister of Defence to shamefully resign their positions because Nigeria has no security in whatever form. Bravo to our Foreign Marine Crack Team for their ability to shut down Nigerian obsolete surveillance equipments.
      12. For the records, Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) are not in Delta state, we only go there to strike and return back safely to the struggle base, Bayelsa state.
      13. We further warn especially Mr. Jonathan Obuebite, Information Commissioner in Bayelsa state not to criticize our activities any longer or else he has a choice of leaving the planet earth anytime he made such statement(s).
      14. All oil and gas operations should shut down immediately as our MISSILES testing will affect their equipments.
      15. NOTE, we shall commence MISSILES testing on Tuesday 7, June 2016 which coincide with the date of our training abroad. Since the present Pharaoh of Nigeria (Buhari) fails to our demands. We promised Nigerians and the entire world that we are going to surprise them. –

    • Idiot you can go & join them. @Adesola

    • God punish ur Hausa head bala for insulting , no manner, Hausa cow

    • Kingsley Adeola….hmmmmm….like someone said…do you remember what happen to odi??? the issue of Fulani started like this when people are killing them and take away their cows…..though we know bokiharam is now using them to perterate evil….but no terrorist can stand in battle against a well trained army…who told you that the army don’t train in creek…have u ever seen the military training before… do you think their way of brutality is just a cause of light training??? I told people that when the army retaliate people would cry for them

    • @Kingsley: Once upon a time, a group of people went ahead, and POISONED their proximal sources of WATER, complaining that others from faraway are unduly benefiting…With time; others too providentially DISCOVERED alternative SOURCES…But can the already poisoned WATER be of any benefit, even to the proximate “OWNERS” in the nearest future? They may THEN have to pay DEARLY to access nonpoisonous WATER to sustain healthy life… May sanity prevail…The GERMAN WATERS has not yet become safe from the aftermaths of WW ll, even after more than SIX decades…

    • We are talking about the land of the rising sun(BIAFRA) and you people are here talking about brainless and weak zoo army….by the time there will be ready for NDA as you guys hopelessly hoped, Biafra must have been restored and that will be called “mission accomplished” …hahahahahaha…..the zoo must hear it

    • @Adesola, Thank u for the update. I will still off my handset to avoid ant crack. All hail Biafra!!!

    • Am very sure the ijaws will never go with biafra when the time comes.

    • @lateef what make d nigeria military strong? I guess is dia uniform. Dis guys have wealth weapons. Dey use crude oil to exchange wit weapons. So i tink dialogue is d best idea

    • My brother you are an Elite i can see you write up shows me the rate of ur potentials

    • U know one thing with all these illgotten aboki facebook champions they are brainless Nigeria economy is about to cripled and some uniformed idiot & Animal are stil here hyping Nigerian soldiers, my peoples said that a child carried at the back by the mother does nt knw a distance covered by the mother ,non of you have been to the creek before thats why you are runing your stupid mouth i know 2 gallant soldiers that has been killed by these boys .i Heard somebody talking abt Odi for ur information OBJ never eliminate The militants, the army only kill the innocent onec ok Go and make ur research b4 responce Dialogue is the best DEMENTED COW BRAINS

    • I didn’t see reason why some ppl are attacking this Kingsley Adesola, he just said what he saw and that’s fact..he is neither NDA nor Fg… Fg must do something fast to prevent more attacks,.masses are d ones that will suffer most in all this not NDA or Buhari…

    • Oreagba Akeem Afolabi who is talking? Yoruba why are u worry /why disturb

    • We have the Navy. This is a military arm that train in water with sub marine. They can deal with the militant with just one strike with their sub marine vessels. However, the issue here is sensitive and delicate. Fighting the militants headlong is not the best option. It will amount to fighting civilians. The military is only employing intelligence to make arrest and thwart further attack by the militants

    • I was very very happy
      N.D.A remov monky buhari delete
      A p c

    • Cyrus u must be a nuisant u dnt know any thing o

    • @cyrus, you talk like a child, Navy that is doing stop & search at Owerrenta & Other places, Biko Cherekwa.

    • Why calling for dialogue?if they choose violence,let’s violence met violence.

    • what Nigerian Navy cannot curtail then wetin b Nigerian Army on a HIGH SEA??maybe it has now bcome Part of their Training.@m only passn-by pls!

    • We were told NDA boys are going to test run 6 missiles on Tuesday, President Buhari dialogue with these boys. This is not play here in Niger Delta

  12. Jonathan is bigger than any appointment from Nigerian government

  13. Buhari must end what he started. Jonathan has serious commitments elsewhere. After criticizing Jonathan you want him to help you. Not possible. Those idiot saying Jonathan is corrupt, have you seen any indictment attached to him. Did efcc told you they have seen any money or business to Jonathan name? Is it not your brother dasuki that turn to ATM machine dolling money anyhow & betrayed the trust & responsibility President Jonathan have on him? Rubbish! Those who built university while in power(OBJ & ATIKU) did your brainless buhari go after them. NDA have not started anything yet. Inconclusive government

  14. That’s an insult to d region. If he accepts such appointment , he would be hated by his own people and he knows dat too well.

  15. Samuel Chukwu since you supported this evil activities, may evil and destruction never depart from your way


  17. Are they crazy?Make una leave President Jonathan for me o! The cattleman should clean up his own mess.Haba!

  18. God forbid apoint to du wat Gej is too big for any apointment for nigeria

  19. But he is a Santa Claus.. dem go like am. No be moni be their target.

  20. Is Gej going up or down?

  21. My presido needs rest so dont involve him in your silly rule.

  22. Useless cows, no b only enyoy

  23. Pls make them blow all the pipelines fast fast, let’s see if they will have water to drink and eat

  24. …he does not need help..

  25. Because he is an ear to the ground of Avengers.

  26. pls my people ooo!! were is the looter’s list? re the padding it? Thursday has passed oooo!!!

  27. Restructure Nigeria on the part of regional autonomy/ fiscal federalism,not appointing GEJ.

  28. Pls allow GEJ to rest, he served his fatherland for 6 years, all he got was abuses. The country belong to all, let those in affairs do their best if they can.

  29. Pls help this man and give him a job

  30. Even if the President should consider that, GEJ, should not accept, he deserves his rest and peace of mind.

  31. Allow Jonathan to rest
    .The bad names you have given to the good man, is it not enough.

  32. Another move to rope GEJ into rubbish….. GEJ is busy for now.

  33. Jona shouldn’t accept with obvious reasons. Don’t ask me why?

  34. Jonathan was given the opportunity to developed Niger Delta, but failed woefully.

    • As a President will he just take money and develop an area or he will have to pass through bureaucratic process and political hurdles to get things done. People just take delight in making irrelevant comments so as to belong. Woefully indeed.

    • My dear check your tenses again.

    • fool 4years is not enough to build Niger delta, so it will take years and d one jonathan did, was to lay d foundation which is d confab and d PIB petrolum industry bill. Which is to liberate d oil producing communities and states, so dats where d development will come

    • Did u complain wen he was developing ur region? Ingrate northerners

    • @glory, Jonathan did not bring any positive development to my region. The only development he brought to my region is 18 months of state of emergency to fight Boko haram and during those months Boko haram captured many territories, raped innocent women, abducted many children. The money meant for the procurement of arms to fight Boko haram was shared amongst PDP top brass to fund their campaign. Dasuki, metuh, badeh etc are being charged for their roles in mismanaging our resources. Lastly, the north is not ingrate.

  35. @okpe,where was Jonathan when ATM Dasuki was sharing the money. What stops GEJ from calling Dasuki to order or even sacking him? Jonathan has aided and abetted the stealing.

    • Look at your name first before you talk, there is no connection between you and Ekpe or Gej, so pls package yourself well, you’re just suffering from tribalism and religion so the truth is hard for you to say. North hate the South and East.

    • @Blesding Udogu Ekwy, I don’t comments on post made by women especially your type, but I have to tell you that am not tribalistic as you alleged, I have closed Igbo, yoruba friends. Similarly, I have relatives and friends who are devoted Christians. I don’t hate any peace loving Nigerian.

    • .
      What do u mean u don’t comment on posts made by women??? Are u say women can’t make sense???

    • If that is wht u claimd, Gej is in d country dis moment,so go & arrest him if u hv d muscles than runing mouth.

    • See u commenting as if u are a saint, dat’s y jonathan said u northerners are d real bokoharams, u ppl neva blame dasuki for nt using d money on weapons, but rather blamed jonathan, did dasuki to jonathan tel jonathan he was nt going to buy d arms? What’s stoping buhari nd efcc to arrest jonathan if dey are up to d task?

    • @gbenga, I do make comments on post made by women, but not those who you used abusive languages or inciting remarks.

    • @glory, Jonathan have never said northerners are the real Boko haram. What he said then was Boko haram are everywhere including his cabinet. Jonathan appointed Dasuki not the northerners. What stopped Jonathan from sacking Dasuki when he realised that dasuki refused to buy arms to fight Boko haram. Jonathan is not above the law. If he is found wanting he will be asked to account for his misdeeds.

    • obj did all manner of evil & still on it nobody hang him now buhari has not stayed up to a year & 6months so many evil has happend u are commenting nonsense, dat’s why they said ur people are tribalistic in where.

    • I don’t know what to tell TMB other than allow my sisters face and correct him.

  36. so that he can continue diverting the oil products as the tendency with maduweke and pocket in there personal accounts so that is what you mean? senseless peoples.

  37. Jonathan should nt accept rather a well known and respected Niger delta personal can….

  38. When boko haram where killing n burning down houses where was buhari

  39. That is if buhari was appointed envoy to boko haram sect not withstanding his relationship, romance, protection and defence of them. Jonathan should be left alone

  40. That remind of a renowned SECURITY czar from the ND, and an ex-Boss to GEJ himself, at OMPADEC…I mean Chief Albert HORSEFALL. Where is he, now?


  42. SKV ; boko haram for Gej and Niger Delta Avengers for Pmb

  43. Oh really ? imagine the stone which the builders rejeced has now gradually becoming the chief corner Stone. GEJ you re my Hero for life.. #Respect sir

  44. Jonathan must not be insulted with such appointment from a coward and destroyer called PMB

  45. a whole OGA JONA envoy, na EX.Presido oo, diz govt how sef. mk una send me, OGA JONA can’t go bak to his vomits


  47. Jona don’t av Nigeria time he is an international man now..

  48. Or what will happen ? For someone who was there for several years as the Commander in Chief, he didn’t do anything. Again, now he is just an ex.

  49. Leave GEJ alone. He is not looking for a post from a man who did not allow him enjoy his tenure

  50. Oga Jonah should be careful with these people o hmm

  51. Tufiakwa, Jonathan will never accept any offer from a N/Delta #1 enemy.

  52. So this was the plan. Dont worry all of you will pay for the destructions. Now we dont know who is educated and who is not. Very soon result will call itself.

  53. Who is even calling him. He wants to use avengers to continue the looting. Nobody has his time.

  54. Buhari can’t give Gej any apointment,, he’s nt an ilitrate like a forged certificate Fulani man,

  55. Who told you he is looking for a job , boko haram appointed buhari then he declined

  56. If this is true, Buhari’s plan is to appoint Oga Jona so that he will us his influence to clamp down the aggitation for Biafra and later kill him as he used to do, but is not gonna work with that beast called Buhari.

  57. That’s an insult. When GEJ was working tirelessly there was no PMB. All his trusted anticorrupt ministers are from the north, southerners are corrupt, let him choose someone there.

  58. Jonathan should stay clear

  59. buhari shld take d position

  60. We don’t need the service of GEj again his time has expired. We should not allow him to take us back to Egypt again

  61. The only. Dialogue is Biafra.

  62. To Actually do Wat? Ineffectual buffoon?

  63. Does Nigeria need envoy that would represents good for nothing but thieves? Let them continued their good job by bombing pipe line, ours is to suffered the economic aspects but pains pains remains to the people behind the masks..


  65. For what? End road to democracy in Nigeria. “let cat watch, roasted meat”.

  66. Fafafa foul!!! Let the magician solve all the problems himself. We are enjoying the constant supply of comic relief.

  67. GEJ Has left… Should find someone else why all recycling of past leaders dat what killing dis country on a good day buhari Has no business being in d goverment house…. Look at d europe and america dat we trying to be like giving room for young generation or people who have never being in d seat of power…dis govt Has no plan on ground all the ministers and special advisers are either ex govenors and party members…its so sad

  68. So jonathan is behinde every masacre in niger delta, ok

  69. Please oga jona don’t take d appointment, northerners are wicked, may be they want to use it and set trap for u, Jonathan please reject d offer

  70. Jonathan should rest, look for someone esle

  71. hmmmmmmm! wonders keep coming!

  72. I Considered The Content Of The Post, I Observed Is An Advice Which Is Subject To Consideration. I Had Said It Several Times That Yorubas Are The Best When Coming To Peace, Progress And Unity Of This Great Nation. Yorubas Helped In Stopping Biafra War And No Yoruba Person Destroyed Anything To Challenge Federa Government Even OPC. Notherners Destroyed North-east And Killed Their People Through Boko Haram Issue. Also, Part Of The South Preciselt South-south Has Bn Destroying For Long And Till Now. They Will Sn Understand.

    • Clueless Boy, Truth Is Bitter. Reality Will Soon Come As You Are Destroying Your Environment In The Course Of Fighting Federal Government. Even If Yoruba Could Destroy Then Because Of June 12 Election, I Will See Us As Unserious, Unfocused And Useless As Two Wrongs Can Never Make Right. Who Is The Real Imbecile, Idiot, Moron And Fools? Am Sure Reasonable People Quiet Understand That War Is Not The Best Way To Ask Or Agitate For Things.

  73. GEJ, pls do not accept if offered. They will robe you in.

  74. buhari should carry his own cross i known dee jona ll never give a room to dat, after some double face dogs of Nigeria castigated him .buhari if ye be man face ur government, Jonathan has finished his.


  76. The same Jonathan Buhari and his APC are accusing everyday with all manner of accusations. This is non sensical suggestion front non sensical group. Are they insinuating that the gentle GEJ has link to the boys, as being pushed by the All Professional Criminals party? Did Yar’adua or Jonathan appoint Obasanjo during their own time?

  77. All these will not get 2 2018 God won’t allow his children suffer 4 long

  78. My oga jona no de drink Fulani cow milk


  80. Jona hs refused d offer period

  81. Baba obasanjo no even talk anything because he is tired of this government self, obasanjo alone can calm this guys down but seen someone like buhari is sturbon he won’t seek is advice,hmmm everything in this country is just repeating itself, what we went through during good luck is still happening again. what an epilepsy government we have.

  82. Belated. After all d insult. Buhari can handle it better. Lie lie mohammed can be his deputy. Scalywags!

  83. That is a big insult to GEJ

  84. Buhari’s brain is out there I hope he finds it anyway,all he knows is to give army instruction to kill people,the guy is a soldier he is clueless about democracy,the NLC has no power again,we feel powerless,it’s what they like that is happening.buhari is a liar and a big thief as well,if he wants to arrest people he should arrest everyone,as if it’s not corruption money he used for his campaign,very wicked man,he is pointing to others what about him.they are all the same

  85. Dont try it! Jonathan na your mate?

  86. Jonathan or no Jonathan the zoo must fall

  87. Y can’t buhari appoint emir of kano

  88. Pls fellow Niger delta pole leave Jonah alone from this govt. Let apc carry their cross. They are still accusing him of present mess while in govt for 1 year.

  89. The same people who advised Buhari to crush the NDA is the same group advocating for Buhari to beg GEJ to intervene,so that they will go back n say that GEJ is sponsoring the boys? I think GEJ is more wiser n smarter to have fallen in their trap!

  90. Not for our hero, He is too holy to join himself with this regime. Never… pls the poster should not pray for that. Or what do you think?

  91. Hahahahaha e no easy oooo

  92. Our lovely Father Jona May God continue to fight for you……….

  93. This is an insult, hw can Buhari will appoint Jonathan envoy? this position has nothing to do with Jonathan bcos he is above any position under Buhari government, let him appoint tompolo or dokubo asari. if not let him appoint the one dat is deceiving him tinubu or Soyinka weather the problem will solved.

  94. Tinubu is a master strategist and all knowing political guru he should be the best fitted as an envoy to mediate between the government and the boys in the creek; have they forgotten so quickly that Jonathan was a weak president ?

  95. This is useless suggestion. When Boko haram named Buhari to represent them at a scheduled negotiating meeting did Buhari not declined it, saying he has no link with Boko Haram. Why associating Jonathan with the group Avenger?

  96. NDA will bring down those fake jets Obama gave to mumu Buhari called president.

  97. GEJ is a single individual in the niger delta,his voice wil no more be heard again.he can not speak 4 them again.and if he do,it show dat, he is sponsors of NDA.

  98. Jonathan does not even have time for Nigerian appointments. Biafra may appoint him Biafran ambassador to USA very soon.

  99. GEJ don’t ever agree oo

  100. Ill conceived opinion. Pmb is not a fool ok. He has already told jonathan wot he will do about d avengers.

  101. Don’t insult our hero with any appointments in this satanic regime

  102. Goodluck Jonathan. Can not put him self at risk

  103. You should leave GEJ alone. Let him enjoy his retirement from public office. Are the accusations and humiliations being heaped on him by this administration not enough? Please let him be.

  104. Nigerians has been taught by successive govt to see their past leaders as criminals. If Jonathan wishes to lay down his life for ingrates he should take up envoy job from Buhari. Avengers is a potential weapon Buhari put in place to dismember Nigeria

  105. That suggestion is satanic. To turn Jonathan and his people against one another. God forbids Jonathan to ever accept that. Send obasanjo instead, or danjuma or atiku. Ara gbachie nnu nti otu osiri gbachie buhari nti.

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  107. Story. Group ko, group ni.

  108. reporting to who, use other medium as GEJ did not himself help issues in N. D.

  109. use wisdom as Yaradua and Jonathan. force will fail and collapse the nation

  110. Please you guys should leave my president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan alone. He doesn’t have time for the present selfish APC government

  111. That’s been disrespectful!!

  112. If buhari can,t handle Nigeria, let him go on exile, like my frd said, d boys ar frm river, n force can,t solve it

  113. Sorry GEJ should not pertake in these

    He is now a private citizen like anyone

    Enough of the rubbish on his character

    Pls GEJ enjoy your peace and life after service, let the politicians settle their scores

  114. Where was buhari when boko haram was on rampage during Gej administration?.Even when b/h appointed him to represent them in peace talk he bluffe it over.Has he ever condame boko haram publicly under Gej?.To your tent oh Isreal.buhari should stop dishing out empty threats and carry his cross.Quater system Gen.who knws nothing about respecting other nationalities.

  115. You chaps should stop insulting Jonathan. He has had enough from this inept APC govt.

  116. . . . Envoy to what? God forbids! Our Hero, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will keep resting untill Nigerians beg him enough, to only return to Aso Rock as president to help this country.

  117. is it only jonathan dat is there forget abt dat jor

  118. Pls leave GEJ out of this. Go and clear your mess. Yaradua dealt with this issue as a gentleman but the old man of daura thought other wise but this is just the beginning of the disintergration of Nigeria.

  119. If dia is any reason for PMB to apoint GEJ dia is nothing bad wit dat. but GEJ hv to be very very careful wit dem…………

  120. What kind of stupid talk is that? Reducing GEJ to this level is nothing but an insult to his personality, cheap propaganda and a campaign of deceit by whoever that is behind the call. Let Mr.President find whoever the cap fit excluding Jonathan and let such person wear it.

  121. If you re confused,leave that seat and resisgn and never dream of calling Goodluck name for any appointment,hope u and ur bokoharam swear he will never enjoy his leadership,take Nigeria and do it anyhow u want to do it.

  122. for what? did jonathan appoint Buhari special envoy to d north east? everyman with his own cross ojare.

  123. If jonathan is d key to stop all dis den e shud b appointed.evrytin has a reason o

  124. Is that the reason why He(Brother Jona) introduced those idiots called NDAs to distabilize the nation?, they shuld continue blowing their lands, whose benefit?

  125. You guyz have to think out of sentiments, PMB is working hard to unite ds country but some of you who can’t even understand who they are beating around the bush blindly. I petty you.

  126. For those who claim to have the oil region, don’t worry sooner or later we will liv d region for you, by that time you will understand who you really are.

  127. Your so called leaders are cheating you but you are blindly putting the blame to northerners

  128. U meen envoy between Gov and who? Fight for corruption is not negotiable.

  129. Why army in water area why not navy. Mr thinks army can fight anywhere. I said nothing

  130. This is nonsensical, degrading and insulting, for a man who is now an international figure like Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Ban-Ki Moon, etc. Oh …so President Goodluck Jonathan has become important overnight, or it’s a ploy to accuse and insult him further? This faceless group is warned by this comment to respect the father of African Democracy, as Facebook is not a forum for insulting people. And for your information, the only envoy is true federalism, if we must be a country.

  131. Jonathan should not work with Buhari,how eat dine with the enemy?

  132. Baba don’t appoint him.

  133. Goodluck support group are calling on president Buhari to appoint their hero believing that the appointment can protect him from prosecution.

  134. Let them continue destroying the land by themselve noone to be blame, dependency on oil by this country wll soon be a history

  135. Goodluck support are calling on mr president to appoint their hero goodluck jonathan believing that the appointment can protect him from prosecution.

  136. This is a lazy man suggestn.If d Pharaoh cannot contend with d people of God,let him resign or allow us to go.Jonathan cannot help this Pharaoh..How abut Judas Amaech?Infact light nd darkness cannot work together.Buhari bu Aru

  137. People will still loot money under his office, and, he won’t do anything to them.

  138. Its an insult to the person of GEJ

  139. No GEJ should stay out of this let’s fight our fight toward our right!

  140. GEJ dont need ur fucking ass hole,bcos he is too big for dat buhari shld find a way of solving his mess,he claims to be a mafia…

  141. What an lnsult to gej personality. Mtcheeew. Information rm two warship.

  142. NO please don’t work with a man who lacks integrity

  143. Dis is another propaganda to soil gej

  144. Boys in the creek vs sambisa terrors ,ipob na refree while herdsmen are the lines men, the scores would soon be out 4 part 2.

  145. Whatever its work.let there be peace.God bless nigeria

  146. Lol….. I #Laugh Hahahahahah

  147. Make everybody carry their cross abeg. GEJ abeg go ur village go rest and leave dis govt to carry their cross becos they see nothing good in you.

  148. It was foolishness for the current admin to insult u instead of seeking ur advice and work with u.

  149. After makn GEJ govt.ungovernable?you(Buhari)wants him to intervene in ur Failed govt aswell?its high-time my ‘follew-follow peeps’ sees how FOOLISH ds APC(Amoured Personell Carriers) led Govt is more Clueless!!

  150. We dont wants them ..anymore they av wasted or used their time….what did he do….look for fresh and new person…and stop it without me ..they cannot do anything…even without u they will do more better…

  151. Jonabom is the creator of boko haram and now turn them to become avenger.I pray avenger should become a poor centre poverty

  152. Maybe they will soon convert him to APC member

  153. Did Buhari go to Saudi to dialogue with boko boys….

  154. Please Oga Jonathan don’t get involved. They conspired to rubbish and snatch government from you. Let them therefore clean their own shit. Don’t forget their wicked and devilish propaganda machinery. They’ll still accuse you of evil no matter what good you do for them.

  155. No need after all no southerner qualify or can b trusted for Buhari appointment except northeners. He can appoint Atiku,,,is Jona a fool to accept such rubbish?

  156. jonathan should never accept such assignment please allow the man to rest after all these years of stress

  157. President buhari and all his APC members have fail Nigeria. He was just pretending to Nigerian, I want to call the attention of Nigerian to all appointments made both in the Nigeria military and para-military are from one side of the country, these singler

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