Friday , March 24 2023
Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari cancelled planned visit to the US over fear of arrest – Report

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A source close to Buhari’s regime told International Guardian that  options of Aisha’s case are being explored diplomatically and must be resolved before she could visit the United States. The regime, it was gathered are looking at Aisha’s foreign immunity options under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA). FSIA –defines the jurisdiction of United States courts in suits against foreign states – where a foreign state generally is immune from the jurisdiction of the courts of another sovereign state.

November 2009 - Former Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) walks with his wife Andrea Jefferson as he arrives at US District Court for his sentencing hearing in Alexandria, Virginia. (Wilson/Getty).November 2009 – Former Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) walks with his wife Andrea Jefferson as he arrives at US District Court for his sentencing hearing in Alexandria, Virginia. (Wilson/Getty).

While the Buhari’s regime has not officially addressed the matter, government sources reveal that a U.S. travel restriction of the First Lady has always been in place as a precautionary measure to avoid what might be embarrassing to both the regime and the country. For instance,  Mrs. Buhari had skipped similar U.S. invitations in the past without concrete reasons. In August 2015, Mrs. Buhari was scheduled to lead four other First Ladies; from Ghana, Mozambique, Gambia and Rwanda to Houston for a conference about African women in leadership positions but did not show up.

Deliberations and bilateral engagements about a possible Mrs. Buhari’s prosecution remain in rock-solid secrecy. United States it was gathered reopened investigations of her suspected money laundering with a former United States congressman, William J. Jefferson. Jefferson who was sentenced to 13 years in prison 2009 for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Documents from the United States Justice Department, it may be recalled,  revealed that Aisha Buhari was used as conduit and engaged in fraudulent wire transfers from her Nigerian account in favor of Congressman Jefferson via the ANJ Group LLC. (See complete Government’s Sentencing Memorandum).


■On August 5, 2009, he was found guilty of eleven of the sixteen corruption counts. Jefferson was sentenced to thirteen years on November 13, 2009, the longest sentence yet handed down to a congressman for bribery or any other crime.

■On March 26, 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit affirmed Jefferson’s conviction and sentence on ten of the eleven counts on which he was convicted. The Court of Appeals vacated and remanded the conviction on one count of the indictment, involving alleged wire fraud, holding that venue on that count was improper in the federal court in Virginia.

■On April 20, 2012, U.S. District Court judge T.S. Ellis revoked Jefferson’s bail and ordered that he report to prison to begin serving his thirteen-year sentence by May 4, 2012.

■On May 4, 2012, Jefferson surrendered to the Bureau of Prisons facility in Beaumont, Texas to begin serving his 13-year sentence. He is scheduled for release on August 30, 2023.

Jefferson’s case was made famous by the $90,000 in what prosecutors said was ‘bribe money’ that the FBI found stuffed into his freezer, and a legal battle over the raid of his Washington office. He was convicted in August 2009 in U.S. District Court in Alexandria of 11 counts that included bribery, racketeering and money laundering. Jurors acquitted Jefferson of five counts.

Aisha’s U.S. trip cancellation has again generated another wave of controversy over scope of her involvement with the bribery scandal. “We had hoped Aisha Buhari would have capitalized on the opportunity to visit America, and put to rest the controversies surrounding her name in the matter” a source said.  An outspoken Governor of  Ekiti State,  Dr. Ayodele Fayose   had earlier accused  he First Lady of avoiding the United States to evade her involvement in the  scandal.

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  1. All liars shall perish in d bottom of Hell fire

  2. The useless lies fabricators ! When was that ! Agitators and separatist online !

    • Ganiyu, is the lie that Fayose did not say so, aisha is not involved, aisha did not promise to travel to US, aisha did not cancel the travel aisha is not th thief they are talking about, it was not announced she cancelled the planned and promised trip, she is in US or she is not the wife of the president?, please, which of the alternatives makes the post a lie?, answer or keep silence forever.

    • Sorry bros Abel ! Fayose said actually said so ,may be misinterpretation !

    • So is she going to the USA or not? Why won’t drag issues? Others are disgraced while others are covered up.

    • Mr dappa ! What happened during Nuhu Ribadu has the Chairman of EFCC ? Why not criticising Obasanjo by then or he was unbiased ? You can’t see 100% perfection in Man ! Some hausa people are facing corruption allegations and court trials too! Not only Igbos or Niger Delta people only ! It’s turn by turn ! The joy of it is that corruption war has started in Nigeria and should be allowed to prosper !

    • Bros stop all this rubbish defense. The other woman has come out to say that she is not the one, and that she is already in the US. She challenged Aisha Halliburton Buhari to come to US if she say she is not the one.

    • Sir. When was that ? Which paper carried the news ? I haven’t heard that from the horses mouth ! Very disgraceful that we allows ugly sentiments and sectionalism to take away common truth in our midsts in Nigeria ! It’s easier for the American government to speaks out if the allegations was confirmed to be accurate and precised ! Such inflammatory digressions against the first lady stands as a disgrace to every responsible Nigerians both home and abroad ! The Bible says thou shall know the truth and the truth will set you free ! Everybody in Nigeria including our men in the pulpits are in serious bondage of heavy inequities! President Buhari has visited American more than once since he became Nigeria President, such issues has not comes out with the sharpness and brilliance of American press and other parallels anti corruption agencies in American ! I am basically not for arbitrary solidarity, I wants the truths with convincing evidences from the accusers not to base judgements on what someone said out of frustrations and avenging irrationally and inimically ! I am on the side of truth with proves ! I don’t know Aisha Buhari in person except on the screens and news papers and I don’t think we can meet except by miracle from God ! but we should be fair and firm reasonably ! I still believed what Nuhu Ribadu said about the issues for now! Visiting America or any other countries is optionals not by force as some people thought ! I want visible truths !

    • Ganiyu Ibraheem u choose to the news u want to hear that’s why you didn’t hear this one. Google it

    • I just Google it now ! What I read was not convincing,they said US said Aisha Buhari has a case to answers ! No names of America officials in Charge of the case were mentioned ,No concrete analysis,No name of the investigating agency ! I read it very short passage in the Google now ! We wants elaborates constructive statements and the America stands on the matter ! At least Senator Kashamu fought it out with the US government on drugs related offences in the court here in Nigeria and he won the extradition war! thesame rules can be apply by the US on this blowing matters to make the coast clearer !

    • Ganiyu stop defending what is evil ,let her visit US and come back unhurt,then we will know that fayose is unchained mad dog according to her.

    • OK ,Now she refused to go ,what next? Let American government order her extradition for justice to prevails! The whole issues is an assumptions no factual analysis observed ! But if the allegations is true, it’s a question of time, another government can do the justice ,so we shouldn’t worry ourselves on this !

    • Hahahahahahaha, @ganiyu ibrahim U are a smart criminal like other criminal nigerians according to ur president and i can see that u are also fantastically corrupt. Do u know why nigerian govt is still covering that case till today?? do u know who nd who that is involve in that case? Do u think that America is nigeria where you people turn truth to be lie nd turn lie to be truth?

    • Ganiyu Ibraheem, learn not to defend human, we are not God, we are fallible. USA can’t try our criminal cases for us, the culprit in question remitted a total of $175000 from Nigeria to Jefferson account in USA. Jefferson was a house member then, that deal did not Involve commoners, it involved top people from Nigeria and USA. US government has jailed their own people involved in that scandal it was only Nigeria that has refused to talk about it. No matter how you trust someone always give chance for investigation, curse is he that put trust on a human. The president wife may have a case to answer. Again, in whatever thing you are doing, don’t neglect the strength of an opposition. Your friends we tell u all is well even when everything is wrong but opposition will tell you your weaknesses and use it to attack. Happy Sunday!

    • @Ganiyu Ibraheem take wise counsel from Christian Onyia and stop fooling yourself before this platform.

    • just answer the little question sir ! Did Ribadu lied or is she an APC member?How did Obama opposition looted before before he won American President ! I understand the Igbos minds from day when GEJ lost the famous last Presidential election, I grabbed the why the militants renewed their attacks of oil installations in Niger Delta areas but I am yet to know the depth of fayose Jerffeson allegations Saga and reasons why first lady cant proves the doubting Thomases wrong by just .makes three days impromptu visits to American,if Atiku , OBJ and others can be going to US like Onitsha or bariga despite their involvements in the Jefferson frauds ! If I were Aisha I will shame Fayose and his cohorts and proceeds to US with my friends ,come back to openly conduct the dance of victory !

    • @ ganiyu, now you’re talking! Nigerians are waiting!!!!

  3. You are useless to allege that what is a non truth is a ” useless lies”. Ur Yoruba brother exposed d wife of the so called ‘president’ & yet u hv d temerity to play d devils advocate. @ganiyu Ibrahim

  4. She can’t travel to US, if she try it, America we jail her.

  5. I wonder if Sahara Reporters have not heard this news or is it a deliberate act to pretend they are not seeing the news? it is crystal clear that that Buhari’s wife is a wanted person in USA, pls you people should know it that USA is not like Nigeria where all these people are untouchable, am happy Ayodele Peter Fayose had been vindicated

  6. Hahaha her husband is fighting corruption ole

  7. Lies from the pit of hell

  8. why she’s afraid to visit the U.S is because she don’t want to eat white beans in sell.

  9. If it’s a lie, then let her visit U S na

  10. Well ” if she can’t attend let the Vp” s wife represent her simple,

  11. I agree with her for security reasons let the poor 1st lady beware of traitors

  12. They are fighting kworoption when infact, kworoption has a swimming pool in her family. Who is fooling who?

  13. She would hav seen death there

  14. She for enter, I thought she is so brave as first lady my foot

  15. Fayose is really dealing with Buhari’s family.

  16. I belong to everybody but kwaraption no!

  17. An opportunity to clear herself and give credibility to her husband’s war against corruption, if not, i do not see how this issue would just go into oblivion.

    If she refuses to seize this golden opportunity to visit the USA in the company of other first ladies, well, it is morally incorrect for her husband to continue in office, Buhari should be called upon to resign for playing the ostrich all this while.

  18. Fayose is not justified to share or steal even if Aisha is involved in a scandal!

  19. Curiosity killed the cat. Make she no try am oh!

  20. she can never escape justice no matter the trick and logic

  21. This is why politics is a dirty game. Her forgotten but little secret is now in the public domain, leaving her husband helpless.

  22. Wailers keep on wailing is is in your blood right from the baby factories you originated from. One thing is for sure as long as the world lasts no first lady will ever emerge from you tribe mark my words.


    • Is very unfortunate seeing a post like dis from an elderly man like u, if a man like u which i believe is married will refer to another persons wife as ashawo i guess u have given every right to any body to call not only ur wife, but daughters, sisters and mother dat even to ur face. Attitude matters by d way have u ever met wit her?is a great disgrace and such a disrespect for some of ur age to make such remarks


    • Aisha is a prostitude,for sure,let her go to USA NW,thank God whole worlds are seeing the kind of president nigerian has,evrything about buhari’s family z a scam nd fake

    • E 4 get ashawo 4 house gangaroo

    • Hahahahahahaha, she don sack herself from travelling abroad o o o, even her husband buhari don de fear o o since this case bust d man don de stay 4 naija o o o.


  25. Wasteful time and effort commenting on rubbish! You guys find out where the first lady is first before you start rubbishing yourself with ethnic and religious hatred! No Wonder Nigeria can never develop with people whos thinking is weak and shallow!

    • Are you asking me? Did you ask me b4 you start your rubbish!

    • Short up answer the question n stop ur rubbish

    • Aliyu Dauda, thanks 4 ur comment! But if ur almighty arch angel Buhari,s family are as blameless as u presume, let Aisha Buhari just take the trip to the U.S nah. What is she afraid of, being the wife of the incorruptible Buhari?!

    • So you guys are not even aware of the latest ! But keep your rubbish on face book ! For your information Aisha is taking a 10 days holiday in US! This month you generation of myopic psychopathic Nubians

    • Aliyu weldone.there is this saying that when u are not informed u are deformed. Thanks for the information.

    • Aliyu na lie! That is just another APC lie! If ur Aisha B dare goes to the US, she will be arrested, tried and imprisoned, She is a criminal! “Our own” Ayo Fayose, knows everything, even with pictures.

    • Wow! Aliyu Dauda, welldone! U have decided to empty the whole of ur vocabulary, just to defend Aisha Buhari! This ur loyalty to Buhari is quite commendable. But u dont have to lie, u know this world has become a global village. U never can tell who is watching, that,s why we shd always “keep it clean”. Just admit it Mrs A. B is a criminal. She is human, just like u and me! Just say she has changed her ways, now that she is first lady. But when Buhari was broke, she did cut corners to survive.

    • Onyx j mark. Right on target. “Cutting corners to meet up”

    • @Onyx i wonder what you guys used as means of getting your information : to say the fact that you are still an out cast .on this issue that was swell substantiated by many media outlet . Now coming to Facebook and make such . claim after all the evidences really shows that you and your types are new on social media. So please do your research properly before coming to shout on social media. But you are still entitle to your colonial opinion.

    • Can you prove to me either by documents or by any other means how could a woman staying in USA claiming to be a daughter of Buhari will be his wife ? Please sentiment apart can you explain to me if Mr PMB wife was from Adamawa how comes she claim to be from daura! No wonder you deserve a tout like fowlyose as a Governor . i dont know whether you use!! your head or your ass to think

    • Laughing thunderously………….

    • @aliyu dauda save urself time by telling aisha buhari to travel to US nd let us see cos aisha herself never deny fayose’s allegations, she only say she will confront fayose in anyway which is a statement born out of guilty conscience.

    • Ikechuku Nzego Chukwuma Kaduna: son of Chuku Emeka Ojukwu : brother or Mr Ralph Uwazierikwe and Cousin Brother to Nnamdi Kanu ; both of Federal Republic of Biafraud Facebook! You try well well! Oya tell you brother Mr Azikwe Ebele Jonathan that if he sees Mr Ihejirika in kuje prison to pass you message to Mrs Aisha Buhari inUSA! Biagoat!!!!!

    • Their is no need for this country to be one, I strongly believe this and by the grace of God we will go our separate ways, my take is that a little Facebook article is bringing about abusing a whole tribe.

    • ALIYu u talk too much from your prove shows ur level of understanding and educational background sorry to judge u like that u ve no case u re usually behind the house and draw conclusion bcos of ethnicity and hatred,if a thieve wasn’t to steal u re usually 5 kilo meters ahead of ur prey so what re u saying

    • Infact may we live to see the day for biafra actualization! Let me tell you to go and address your kinsmen! It is because we allow igbo race down here to take all aspects of businesses and acquiring all sort of properties and living peacefully ! God come down to the north and see! So some few despicable vile and mean amongst the Igbos are not contented with that are always envious trying to cause crisis so that those of you living down here stand to lose! Damn iam sick and tied of hearing some biagot calling for succession! So be it who do you think will stand to lose ! 70% percent of your people investment is down here already! But i can see it glaringly that many of those complaining are jobless worthless living in your so call zoo Biafraud!

    • @ Mrs hope i hope you can now see from where i am coming from ! I just pity your kinsmen living down here !

    • @Dauda, u talk too much. A word is enough for the wise, u must nt fill the whole place with ur rubish comments. There is a saying that says anywhere u go and there is no igbo man or woman that u should come out of that place, i dont want u to believe this because it is a real fact. U people are full of trouble, tell urself the for once.

    • You People Hv Just Made Dauda Head Swell, But Dauda You Will Never Inherit Any Property Own By Igbo If Your Lazy Brain Telling You So.

    • Eh yah! Only that your people will vacate our land! And for the take over a biagoat like you cannot decide on face book! Thats at our northern people personal discretion! Hahahahah!@Boni Nova

    • properties are just mere vanity. the ibo lost everything both human and material wealth during civil war of 60s and today the owned 70% of propertis in north and still want BIAFRA. pls think deeply becos after d restoration of BIAFRA they will after u and ur land. it is just a Natural. u fought civil war, encouraged maitasine, religious crisis, sharia law and now boko haram and buharisation and all failed u. when the ibo strike u all will be Niger. only time will tell.

    • Parasitic dauda, na ur useless people make Nigeria not to developed

    • Tell itself the bitter truth

    • Hahahahah !@ Ibiam a fool at fourty as you are a fool forever! This your statement shows how foolish and clueless people of igbo race became lately! I did not see any where even in your local government chambers where BIAFRA is delibrated! Only for fools like you to come on social media and start shouting rubbish! Let me help you for south to call a northerners parasites kindly dismantle or denounce the Nigerian Government apparatus in your state and start you biafran agenda down there nobody is stopping you. But coming to facebook for your agitation when you can even maintain the so called Biafra radio i mean it really shows that you abiam and the rest of your like mind are simply call BIAFOOLS. Why didnt you started your stupid agitation six year ago? When the whole bunch of Igbo race are Parasites in previous Government! Are you not the biggest parasites ever! Biagoat like you! Instead of thinking how to make better future for children and compete with other over 300 ethnic minorities in Nigeria you are busy campaigning for Biafraud! Useless product of trouble makers generation ! Your dad should educate you what happens in 1966! Shameless parasite born and brought of in Bauchi state. Eating from our national cake yet calling us parasites. Please kindly relocate fron Bauchi to your BIAZOOO!

  26. Hahaha mek I laf smol jare.

  27. She and her husband know what they doing

  28. That’s Ridiculous, if it’s true then she should tender unreserved apology to Fayose.

  29. I told u she can’t barawo bansa

  30. Fayose has open some people secret

  31. Keep wailing I say she no go enter u. s. na by force. Hahahahahahaa

  32. The so-called people of honesty and integrity.

  33. Aisha no go USA becos if dem bab u na 21 year imprisonment be dat no say I no warn OK u better dey naija dey enjoy ur loot chikina

  34. Madam, kerosine is above the reach of the poor, the only commodity that is always necessary for the grassroot, a litre is sold for #260 as against #50 last year. Please madam, help us chip it in to oga ear, please, people are living death. Check it out and see!

  35. Yeye woman,y not travel since u n ur old fool a husband r d only saint in Nigeria

  36. “Aisha Buhari” shuld proof “Ayo Fayose”wrong by travln to US. other than that,she’s a theif.

    • Dats brave to thing like u did bt i must say bravery atimes is a risky game to play always have dat in mind. Is just like going to ur rivals home to engage in a fight with he has request u to pick it up. Believe me.

  37. Those that live in glass house should not throw stone , practice what you preach , serves her right . dangbura ubanka

  38. Criminal aisha buhari. Her husband never fights that type of corruption.

  39. smelling maggot fast at insulting men! you baosted u had no skeleton, so why the hell did u refrain.. shameless wife and the husband

  40. Buhari’s and his wife are terrorist his wife is hideing,let her travel to USA TO PROVE HERSELF,shame on to your people,president witout waec,what a shame

    • Tank God u address him as president i guess if u wey get waec result u no fit contest win for dat buhari pass u we should mind our speeches abeg e no d make sence wat did d bible say about respect for authorities. Is a great deal of embarrassment finding people who claim to b educated behaving no different from he dat is not.

    • You re a vagaborn nd a bastard


    • Atleast in dis way u have presented ur self as d fool u are referring me to be. One thing is certain i am not here to exchange word wit u cos no amount of hate can make him drop as president. Believe me even if today buhari is no more history is already written till d end of time and he will b remembered as long as we leave either negative or positively. It will b more useful of u to settle down and think of hw u can make dis world a better place than wasting ur time on wat u can’t change. Accept ur fate and move on d possibility of u in person takin over from Mr president is like an equation dat can not b solve for now. So wake to see d reality of life dat dis life is to short to hate focus on hw u will make it great, free advise . Mr frank credo

    • Mr Adeniyi am so sorry bt am not in position to address d issue which if i could have i would have put more effort to see dat people get wat d want cheap. My apologies. There is dis common saying dat says b4 any body gets to apologise to u a harm have been done, and after d apologies it is expected dat both d offended and d offender will come together to see d way forward. Grumbling will not solve d problem bt we believe dat through communication great things can b achieve. Wit time i believe dat wen u and i are positive in our mind set Nigeria will b great. I wish d government will address dis issue more promptly.

    • Dafir why the truth alwaz be an offence in nigeria?dt buhari you re defending said he wnts to fight corruption,he should 1st start by himself,he claims to hve waec result then show it to the judiciary and prove himself right,he didnt,let her wife aisha go to USA TO PROVE HERSELF for halibruton scandal she ws here wairling around,who is fooling who?everything about him is forgery fake,buhari is chief source of corruption in dis country,…during jonatherns regime,he said attack of bokoharams is attacks of the norths,he said too there will be blood sheard if he didnt win!!!i am nt judging him bcos of tribalism no,bt bcos he ws corrupt dts all

    • Am not disputing ur fact my friend bt wen u check dis things categorically if d president has no waec result i blame it on d judiciary, the legislative especially d federal government back den wen he was a soldier and also war collage administration in d united kingdom for accepting one who we claim to have no qualification to join d great alma-mater. Bt d question i keep asking is if our government can sponsor him(Buhari) wit no result to such school i believe d den government is guilty of d corruption charge. Let me remind u and i stand corrected by anyone dat in those days been in d soldier u can join bt witout d qualification as claimed dat he (Buhari) has non or wit qualification. I doubt if really Buhari has no qualification d issue of promotion in d army is rare to meet someone witout result as a general most of dem do retire as sergeant in d army, like i said dats my view, u can judge for urself.

    • The way credo your father who is drunkard and ignoramus and your ashawo mother born you bastard in a brothel ,just tell the world you identity pls give him an applause by clapping your hands readers he appeared world no. 1 ward winner among world bastards

    • Frank you are right. president without weac

    • Ani congrate for accepting d fact u have an illiterate govern u d literate as number one citizen of ur country is it not a shame on d educated once?

    • Saleh yakubu you re a peadophile nd horrigan nd ur father is a coward nd ur mother street prostitude lyk ur wife

  41. Oforkansi or u call urself u no get home treaning ba

  42. Thief y u no go again…….. Just as ur husbnd refused to go ogoni fake family

  43. She and her husband are thief God is watching them.

  44. If this is True den i lough in French buhihihjhwhs

  45. She is afred of being arrested, but her husband is busy here arresting people nd sending dem to jail. Her wife dosen’t want to go jail. Dat is your president for you.

  46. She will be arrested. Thief inside Hijab

  47. Mrs Aishaburton…. Mad Bitch Who Want To Fight A Mad Dog.

  48. madam no go, if not u wil miss ur husband for life.sue Fayose as u said since he refuse to apologise to u.u hear.send me small cash for advicing a deal pls dnt tell ur husbsnd

  49. Fayose 419 Governor ekiti man with fake news.

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  51. Let her go there and fight kwaruption for her husband.

  52. When it was speculated that GEJ had gone on exile, He proved them wrong by returning to Nigeria in a grand style. Pls Madam Aisha, prove them wrong by visiting USA. Lol. Or is it a case of those who have buried the past being scared of those carrying shovel?

  53. Fayose has won,unfreeze his account,stop persecuting him.

  54. Advaisaly take fayose as your escort then ok.

  55. Her credibility is in doubt

  56. Hahahahah ole oooooo aisha buhari

  57. The whole scenario is interesting fayose made us all wondering if truly the anti corruption fight is gonna touch does dat we will say are untouchable like the presidents wife in dis case if its true. So i went on to online and made my enquiries about d Jefferson bribery scandal wit Aisha Buhari who according to efcc is an impostor according to two ex bosses of the anti grating agency Ibrahim lamorde and Nuhu Ribadu dat impersonator was almost been arrested by d Efcc b4 he Ribadu left d commission so categorically the first lady is not d one in question. Come to think of it if she was d one is more easier to get her now dat she is a public figure in Nigeria so dey can easily get her.

  58. why would they arrest her when they are d saint obi. I mean she and d husband with their cohort. they will face trial one day. except they die on seat as they are planing to. there wives children will face it.

  59. She even tried by attempting to go. Funny stories, expect her to travel on sallah day

  60. No amount of the truth you told to those who are baised, they will never believe. Fayose wants to be heard. I was amused when i read what a PDP chieftain in person of Senator Buruji Kashamu wrote on Fayose. Iam not surprised. Fayose want to divert attention of Nigerians from his stolen wealth and fraudulent practice. He will go to jail. His days are numbered. Let Fayose stooges continue to say all their rubbish. The truth will definitely prevail and time will tell. I don’t care what your response would be. That is your cup of tea. I don’t respond to senseless comment from ignorants

  61. Look at the so called husband nd wife fighting corruption.

  62. And some learned old fools would believe this.

  63. I’m only watching.
    We must see the end soon

  64. Madam please go. If they detain you, your husband will just go there and crutch them. So please go.

  65. Big dreamer you can never talk good about buhari fmly cos you hv never voted him .And he can never be with u. He can win even 2019 with out u people so do your noise

  66. Senseless report, when she is not a drug baron senator

  67. Aisha Buhari did not go to USA becouse she is on their wanted list for money laundring. However, Buhari is at the moments pressing right buttons to clear the mess. Plead bargain originated from US ; it is a political settlement that can prevent jail terms. Aisha Buhari may soon be in USA for the purpose of plea bargain as soon as she gets the signal . We all are sinners but Saints are sinners who repented and made heaven.

  68. Lie lie na una de fear idiot

  69. The guilty are always are afriad.

  70. They should release Fayose’s money joor!

  71. I oni Nigeria. Com you must be insane with this fake story. And some gullible Nigerians will fall for such cheap lie

  72. I wouldn’t know why u people can’t say d reality about the Buhari wife,…. America is in the world,…… Let her travel there for once,…….. There’s always SENSE IN NONSENSE,……. Fayose saw it before he voice out,……. Let Buhari wife defend herself,… LOBATAN

  73. Just a tip of the unfolding interesting drama, up 9ja.

  74. Aisha Buhari is corrupt, therefore if her husband should fight corruption with all sincerity, d president should first put his house in order bc charity begins @ home. Aisha Buhari should b in kuje prison nw, then EFCC will nw start investigation.

  75. But come to think of it, why is the President not talking? Abi, was the transfer don on his behalf? Just asking.

  76. Let her travel to US to prove herself innocent, very simple like ABC!!!

  77. Wen will Nigeria b free from corruption wen we still celebrate d corrupt fayose i must say drew attention to himself i pray he survives it cos he took dis opposition thing as if he is d only surviving opposition member. The last time i check gov. Wike is also an opposition member bt i see one one going after him and i must say he is trying to put his state first at mind unlike my Ekkiti friend. So unfortunate at dis era i still can hold our leaders accountable for their action instead we fight and call each other name in favour of d leader no matter hw bad there deeds are.

  78. Aisha bombom have been open, let more breeze blow please so that she can catch some fresh. air #Thumbs up Fayose, strong man indeed

  79. How do you know,ist your this jounkey reporter were among the kitchen cabinet of the first Lady? How did you people like to viral the jangons news to the Nigeria, to make Nigerian believed is a real and authentic information.

  80. First lady my yash, my foot,lbrahim magaji, u should be ashamed ,u are still talking fool, fuck u, encouraging evil act

  81. Honestly woman she was being at all time but now she has defended herself since she’s called somebody unchained mad dog

  82. I have no intention of joining issues on false allegations against our first lady.but I am convinced without apology our first lady is a absolutely innocent of all this nonsense.The lady in question is another lady entirely, but time will tell.

  83. Mr and Mrs integrity. Self delusion.

  84. Niga jos hate d man bcos he critisms whm r u not 2 b critizys not even d fayose nor buhari o any bodi,dis country wl neva b a beta plce if we refus 2 reman tru i tel u.

  85. Don’t mind idiots who can’t speak the truth for even for a second. Tomorrow they will tell you that PMB has a Phd degree even when he is unable to present a common School Cert. Shameless people whose preside forger certificate and that is not corruption.

  86. May God almighty 4gv Yuh all jst talk 2 our president 2 employee graduate & nt dat d graduate wtout job w b paying 4 an appointment in various offices

  87. Any allegation against Apc a k a Association of professional criminals is a diversion from mrs Buhari to brutai, magu, mungono, Ameachi, Tinibu, Elrufai, Atiku among others. Hahahahaha from change to chain

  88. Harunay sabo
    I pity you oo, from your face I could see tribalism and hypocrisy written all over you. Bad Nigerian! If it were Patience Jonathan……….

    • Musa,sorry I cannot use the same word to you,hypocrisy, tribalism etc,it is immature. The so called Aisha Buhari leaves in New York as I am talking to you now and not married.Take it or leave it.Our baground as Hausa Fulani unadulterated woman by tradition will never pursue wealth acquisition through dubious means,Sooner or later orchestra tors of this malicious, cruel allegations will find themselves stuttering to point of suffocation and shamefully disgraced.

  89. Haba, friends….. Baba is not strong enough to be left alone to travel that far Pls forgive her but the next meeting she would be there live, besides it would be schedule in Nigeria.

  90. @Wisdom Uche: Why Sahara would hear an Aba market Ogogoro joint fabricated story? This story is your own so that you will continue living in darkness and frustration. If you see her in US tomorrow then the same medium would tell you it is fake. That’s how you run your life in total darkness.

  91. Mrs Innocent, let her go naa.

  92. How does her trip cancellation concern u, u haters

  93. she must go by force or interpol must come and pick her up

  94. I thought they is another aisha buhari to prove first lady innocent, let her travel to us. No need for abuse frm any where. Simple. Innocent criminal

  95. Hope pple say we ibos the defend corrupt pple bah? We ibos ar nw sayin make she travel go U.S. Make buratai confess, atiku and ameachi shld be investigated. Any clown that will comment contrary in supporting me ir am “evil suppoter” idiots.

  96. U can nw see hw almajeris are defending corrupt aisha buhari. U nw knw that ibos are against corruption that is why we are saying she shld travell. Hahahahaha laugh no gree me oo.

  97. the stupid old man is campaining about Anti-corruction and the wife of the president of Nigeria is a thief there is nothing we will not see in this country let her go to the US they will arrest her NIGERIA is not US when you do the way you like.

  98. Wailing wailers in action, keep it up

  99. which means she is guilty of the offence

  100. I’m surprised at the extent ppl are going to defend the first lady,as if she shared the loots with them.

  101. Why the weaste time and energy. Why don’t the first lady travel to America and let the cat out of the sack.

  102. If so, she should resyn as a first lady so that bokohari will marry another uncorrupt wife.theifs

  103. If not stupidity how can US think of arresting our president s wife? It can’t be true.

  104. U can nw see why fayose is our man. He knws and speak the truth. He hate kwaruption and we ibos like who hate kwaruption.

  105. If na me be Buhari, I’ll get ticket for my wife make she enter US make evrybody for see say she be innocent.
    But if dey arrest am, she go break record as first Nigeriia first lady to be jailed while in office.

  106. if actually innocent of the crime, there is no need of fear.

  107. Corrupted fighting Corruption.

  108. It is a very simple issue if she I’d innocent let her travel to prove herself innocent

  109. Why then is she denying that she wasn’t the one

  110. V-u-u-m is better than statement!

  111. I want to know why she cancelled the trip. May be she is 9months pregnant lol

  112. The case is simple,prove to the whole world that you are innocent by simply travel to US. Taking such step you shame Ayo Fayose

  113. Who will arrest wife of the president Nigeria? She can go to any country at will no shaking.

  114. wht a man can do a woman can do better , madam go to US and clear ur name , if u re d true daugter of ur father

  115. Bring better news not rumour based on hatred ok

  116. Can you see upon the mouth she is making so she is quity were is efcc

  117. If ghoast is not afraid, why operating at night?

  118. Alatise Saiyed, God bless you real good

  119. She can not because she’s not first lady but wife of president. Nigeria has no first lady

  120. She need to also cancel her first lady position and cancel Buhari from aso rock.

  121. Let her go 2 U.S to prove herself innocence, she shld stop hiding herself under d needle. Wot gud 4 A gud 4 B. Wot gud 4 dasuki, fayose, fani kayode, etc gud 4 first lady Mrs Buhari.

  122. Upon all d strictly warning Ashia issue 2 Fayose 2 withrew it state of accusation why did she refuse 2 go 2 Usa if she is really corrupt free trial??? Between #ASHIA ND #FAYOSE who is now unchain mad dog???????????????????????????

  123. Y is she afraid i thought herself n d husband are saint?

  124. ….the road should lead Aisha Buhari to US….no points in pouring out defense using rotten Hausa/Fulani kind of sentences that give us stress to fix the meaning…

  125. I wonder why the United States has not come out to make a categorical statement to the effect that she is declared wanted.

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