Wednesday , February 1 2023

Aftermath of defeat, Trump’s hair appears to turn grey, Twitter users react

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‘Damn losing must have really hit him hard. No wonder he has been hiding’

Social media users have been reacting to Donald Trump’s Thursday’s press conference, which was used to give an update on coronavirus vaccine development.

Focus however is on the colour of his hair which appears to be turning grey.

Members of the public and journalists alike quickly pointed out that Mr Trump’s barnet seemed to be sporting a more demure shade of grey than his usual iconic bright blonde.

The 74-year-old, who is renowned for his deep tan and permanently blond hair, stepped out to make his first public remarks since major news networks declared Joe Biden winner of the presidential election on Saturday.

“Is it my TV or is Trump’s hair not looking it’s usual dog-p*** yellow today?,” political strategist and commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas said.

Many were quick to make jokes at the president’s expense or come up with different theories as to why the president may have had a sudden change in look.

“It appears Donald Trump’s hair dye has conceded,” Ahmed Baba, Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Rantt Media, wrote.
“Either Trump’s hair colourist has jumped ship, or he’s trying to gradually morph into Joe Biden and hope we don’t notice,” a Boris Johnson parody account joked.

“It looks like Trump let Four Seasons Total Landscaping do his hair today,” one user posted.

Others interpreted the transformation as a reflection of a downhearted spirit amidst the election, as Mr Trump is yet to concede to the president-elect and has mounted intense legal proceedings in swing states.

“How quickly has Donald Trump’s hair turned white? Damn losing must have really hit him hard. No wonder he has been hiding. #Trump,” one user posted.

“Looks like the lost election has scared Trump’s hair white,” another said.

The president has actually also sported a seemingly more demure shade during another coronavirus press briefing earlier this year in March, but given the spotlight of the election, this styling change seems to be drawing more attention than usual.

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