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Adesina makes U-turn, says Buhari to travel to London to see ENT specialist

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After denying that President Muhammadu Buhari is sick, the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, on Sunday announced that President Muhammadu Buhari will take a 10 days off and travel to London to rest, as well as see an Ear, Nose and Throat, E.N.T specialist for a persistent ear infection,

Adesina who took to his Facebook page to make the announcement said: “President Muhammadu Buhari will take 10 days off and travel to London on Monday, June 6, 2016, to rest.

During the holiday, he will see an E.N.T. specialist for a persistent ear infection.

“The President was examined by his Personal Physician and an E.N.T Specialist in Abuja and was treated. Both Nigerian doctors recommended further evaluation purely as a precaution.”

It would be recalled that Adesina had on Saturday denied an online report claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari was ill and treating an ear infection.

Speaking on telephone with a correspondent of The Nation Newspaper, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, dismissed the report as false.

The President, Adesina said, was fine and discharging his duties as President of Nigeria.

“It is not true. It is the imagination of the writer. The President is fine and has been performing his duties.”

The report claimed that the President was ill with  infection in his left ear, known as Meniere Disease, and that the President was being treated at the Presidential Villa by his personal physician and other experts from the State House Clinic.


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  1. #LMS

  2. Ok nah I think say dem won cheat nature

  3. When will this fools stop lying to themselves

  4. Baba hearing strange noises of dead people he has killed innocently

  5. Pls hold your horses,an infection is no big deal a disorder unrest uneasiness we do get inflected once in a while is not life threatening neither is it terminal which is deadly,so pls don’t make it out to be what it is not bad belle!!!

    • You are correct Emeka Emma. But, are you not worried that our President is traveling out for a mere infection that is not life threatening?

    • @ Chima. Our life is in the Hands of God who is The Supreme Power over life and death. We should not say one disease is terminal and another is not. The doctors are just trying. It is only GOD that heals. The Aso Rock Physicians say the President has Meniere disease which is more or less the same as vertigo I’m not a medical doctor but I can say he needs to be checked for blockage of one or two sinuses. It is a simple thing that can be done @ the ASO Rock or UCH Ibadan, provided it is unblocked speedily, otherwise it may become terminal. The President is a VIP who will not like to patronise local herbalists. He has his options. One impression I want to correct is: there is no disease, however small, that is not life-threatening, even ordinary malaria fever. Everyone of us is configured with our vulnerability from the Devic Kingdom, believe it or not. God Himself created diseases and not Satan as pastors would like us to believe. Without disease, there will be no death and man will be immortal, contrary to what GOD decreed when Man sinned. I wish the President a speedy recovery.

    • No big deal in death or sickness. Shakespare said: it (death) will come when it will come. So lets pray 4 d sick & commiserate with d berieved. Our turn may be by d corner.

  6. #You guyz r saying trash jux bcos megabite is cheap,how old r ya fathers/grandfathers b4 d kick out?

  7. :
    Why do buhari/Apc government
    solace in lying: WHY?

  8. Tired of this country. PDP bunch of thievessss and APC fantastic LIARS

  9. will not die but live to do the all might God want you to do for Nigeria

  10. Ify Yvonne Odita

    Abeg make Adeshina go learn work from the masters jare. He is a learner

  11. This issue does not stop his ability to carry out his functions, if he decides to rest and use same opportunity to check up, better. We better concentrate on issues affecting us.

  12. Nigerians, we talk too much and at the same time deliberate on an issue that is not relevant. Does Mr. President has doubled life or does he not have blood and water in his system like everyone? What is the crime all about if he is sick. Tell me somebody that had not sick before and I tell you how many people that had died due to illness.

    • How many time did GEJ travel out cuz of health issue,jst watch out for d yar’dua tng

    • How meany people have you seen praying for his quick recovery? Bcs of how is leading us

    • @Ibrahim innocent, f issue is not PMB’s sicknesses but d media assistant initially lied dat Baba his not sick, y lying, anyone can fall sick at anytime. Pple are tired of dis lies, d earlier APC realised dat election is over d better

    • @Dayo do you work in presidency, how come you know about mr president illness in the first place. If he was healthy yesterday and feel sick today, what is now the issue? Some of us can’t manage our home let alone to manage a nation.

      Nigerians, we are too lazy and that is why we devoted our time with the issues that is not important in order to keep our idol time going.

  13. Let him die,the blood of those he has killed will fight him.

  14. He may be our president but he still remains a human being,just like any of us.The painful thing is d people around him who builds ‘artificial wall’ around him.May ALLAH heal him,ameen.

  15. He should go and queue on the synagogue prayer line for T.B Joshua to lay hand on him and stop this necessary spending of tax payers money

  16. @ Chima Nwuke no I’m not remember he is proceeding on 10 days vacation to rejuvenate and be equipped to handle the complex affairs of the nation and medical check up (ENT) ear nose and throat are delicate organs of the body, since he is on vacation why not see a specialist?

    • So no specialist in 9ja on that so if affect ordinary citizen that could not afford overseas trip they should die, then he should not ban importation since he will go to abroad for treatment

  17. No wonder all that nigerians are saying fall in deaf ears!

  18. Hahahaha so wat buhari has as a media aid is a full time liar.

  19. Is their any body that is free from sick?

  20. Hmmmm nigerians we are the cause of our problems. I know before the election there has been this rumour that Buhari is not medically Fit but we threw all caution to the wind and he was made the President, now seeeeeeee. I wish the president speedy recovery. APC and lies kai!

  21. The Presidency should apologize to Nigerians for this deliberate falsehood.

  22. Blame amaechi and jagaban tunibu. He who brings home ant-ridden fargot must be prepared for the visit of lizards.

  23. wawaye,sentimental people.Small time u begin to say u are men of God.Does God created sickness for only person? Sickness does not control life span of a person.Those of u who are evil minded buhari is sick,does buhari tell u he above to died? But u that are agitating it for him,you will all die before him.

  24. We all know that we are in a democratic dispensation of lies. To worsen it all, apc emarged as a political party whose foundation was laid on the platform of lies. So Mr President has a sick ear tht is why he had refused to listen to the cry of the masses in this economic hardship. I wish him a quick recovery.

  25. Glad dat he out to fight graft but he shld also learn to deputize some roles to his deputy cos of his age. Mr Prsido, we don’t want you to die now. U truly need more than 10dys rest. Patriotic Nigerians wish u robust and sound health.

  26. Is he d only Nigeria president that will fall sick pls get some thing serious on ur thinking cap

  27. So you want to die in active service?

  28. No hospital in this nation that can treat such ailment?

  29. Is Abuja National hospital not good enough for our dear President? If not it must be upgraded so ordinarily Nigerians can get good treatment there. Meanwhile our President should set a good example for other government officials to patronize our local brand. He must not travel abroad

  30. No wonder the cry of Nigerians hv fallen on a deaf ear. Pls his cabinet members shld use trumpet to tell him that Nigerian economy has crippled under his care for just one yr. However, I wish him quick recovery.

  31. mmmm infection on the EAR, infection on the NOSE and infaction on the THROAT. please wats the cours of this infection?

  32. why using this group as news maid

  33. APC 419 and confused party

  34. That Adeshina guy must be stupid.

  35. Who is reponsible for this now? Is it PDP or GEJ? Well its my prayer that God will heal him in Jesus name amen! But my word to apc is that they should repent and telling us the truth at anytime.

  36. Mane e go come con settle mata wen dey wait am

  37. Any one can be sick at an time. Both old and so called young ones carry lots of deceases along. Every one should pray for good health. Stop critism

  38. Is there any man that can not fall sick? Don’t be surprised, the people rejoicing that he is sick can have him sending their families condolence messages when he returns. It is God that knows who will die. Don’t be happy a man is sick. Don’t start calculating somebody is going to die. Don’t sit anywhere to wish people death. When u dig a pit…… Don’t even rejoice a man is dead. It is a debt we will all pay one day. As it stands nobody is dead. & we can be certain who is next. You can pick numbers with your comments.

  39. Leave Femi alone,he’s just back from the school where Lai graduated. He’s fooling himself.just let other good Nigerians join hands in prayers for the President for devine healings.

  40. This govt & it’s officials including the president lack integrity. Check their records one year ago. Can a govt that lacks integrity fights corruption?

    • Integrity is for GEJ and PDP. No wonder they transparently utilised money meant for arms procurement, Customs, NNPC,

  41. we have to learn our lesson from this old age .Anybody above 70 years every- body know all the system would be inactive.God bless Nigeria.

  42. adesina is a honest man,but since he took this new job he has been thought how to tell lie

  43. Lai Mohammed na his senior brother…abi na PDP cause am… . Mr president is a human being and can fall Ill just like me n u…. We wish you quick recovery… Pls

  44. GEJ is responsible for this new sickness in nigeria now. U know d name of the sickness? ….. The ear infection fever.

  45. Seems that he is not yet tired of lieing to Nigerians

  46. Are you people not tired of fabricating lies ? The only statement Adesina made was the president is going to London to ent hospital so, why making that news again

  47. When would this infection take him out like yaradua?
    Because his frequent London trip is sickening. Why don’t he use all that money to build such hospital here in Nigeria?

  48. PMB is human and a mortal, he therefore can fall sick or die when the time comes. So what’s the big deal if he falls sick? Even the biblical prophets have come and gone to their Creator, who is the overall dominion over life and death. So who then is PMB? Certainly an ordinary mortal like our parents, grandparents etc that have come and gone before us. Talk about something else, because health, sickness, life and death belongs to our Creator.

  49. Y not Ebola disease abeg I wish him Ebola disease

  50. Why trivialising an health issue, no one is shortlisted from being fall sick and so the president has travel to attend to his health !

  51. They cannot change lets wait for liar mohamed’s side of d story.

  52. I only wat to ask sometin to knw…. Is dis buhari led govt, 419s n liars to nigerians? So if dat is d case, can such govt lead people right….who is fooling who?

  53. How did Adesina get to this low time level. I loved d man when he was wt d sun newspapers. This present Adesina,i know not.

  54. From PDP SHARING party to LYING party-you see,one man in PDP would seize a state,or LGA money share with members who are aware,the money still circulate,but IN APC CASE,one man would seize the money,members of the house are aware but only the publicity secretary would be given a bribe to start telling lies on every news-chose by yourselves from these parties who is criminologically better

  55. Adesina the boy is good. Just to maintain his job. Ineptitude people.

  56. go die wot re u waiting for nah

  57. He is destroying his goodwill and that of APC. No one will believe them any more.

  58. Illnesses to Femi Adesina is different from Sickness and Health Problem

  59. Nigerians! see comments, l no fit laugh.

  60. The always eat their vomit like dog.

  61. Don’t worry u re not sick u re just been stressup

  62. Sickness is inevitable but “the person u wish death, may live to attend your funeral”. God is Great!

  63. He running from militants

  64. So Buhari after shedding so many innocent blood dat flow inside the gutter, after rolling so many innocent heads on the ground, after making a mother childless, you are going for medical trip in London bcos u love ur life and hate others abii. May God judge you.

  65. Just thinking and getting unconsolably worried over Niger Delta Avengers issue.

  66. This government has work on how to communicate to Nigerians.

  67. All men are bound to fall sick..but why did our President illness suddenly emerged after the Niger Delta threatened of coming to ogoni…secondly please wat if he didn’t win the election which money him for use take treat the ear….no wonder Nigeria is suffering how can a deaf man rule Nigeria

  68. Buhari shouldn’t die o. If he does, ApC people will always say if he hadn’t died, Nigeria would have been like Dubai…. biko oooo. Hian.

  69. What else do u expect from a Yoruba man…..,they are slaves under Aboki

  70. let him nt die,bit comot from post

  71. Adesina’s blunder is a resignable blunder! But they commonly have no shame.

  72. In APC government lying is not corruption

  73. Why the double standard? Must Bujari run off to London for treatment. So made in Nigeria doctors and hospitals are not good enough for him? Why then did he ban importation of so many foreign goods.
    I think the populace should agitate for a ban on abroad treatment for serving officers..#hypocrisy#

  74. Can’t Mr President rest here and see and still see a ENT specialist here?
    Does that mean he has no confidence in our medical service? May God God help us o.

  75. It is a shame for the president to travel to London to rest. Will the British Prime Minister ever contemplate to come to Nigeria to rest or receive medical treatment? Nelson Mandela did not travel abroad for any treatment.

    • What is a shame there, there are no adequate facilities here and he was recommended for further evaluation. Would you rather have issued complicated so as to avoid shame? I wonder how some of you reason. If Nelson did not travel out of S.A. it means the facilities are there. Abi na Buhari spoil the health system again?

    • Abaaa Yinka Akeredolu watinnn!!! Who con spoil the health system o? Is this the first time he BuBu as been in govt.? Now he is totally in charge & band all govt officials not to travel for treatment so those people can not be sick or is he the first person here in Nigeria to have ear problems how many of them travel abroad even now that they claim Nigeria has no money abi Na beans them take they travel the travel abi entourages no follow am?

  76. Do life dey sweet pmb like this
    Y is he running away from Nigeria Quack doctors

  77. So we have a deaf man as a president? No wonder things re not moving well

  78. Maybe ear infection no be sickness but Bubu travel to London to get cure. I wish him well. Femi ado ata ata unamikot.

  79. What of eye and anus specialist yeye

  80. Lie, lie party of Deceits shame on them.

  81. Mr.Fimi Adesina,what the you take Nigerians 4??

  82. I wish him quick recovery. Let him come back to finish what he has started so that we all see the end of this CHANGE

  83. When has Nigerians become this callous!

  84. Government of lies, what do you expect from a house boy???????

  85. I think Adesina is playing pranks with Nigerians. You tell us one thing today and tomorrow you say another

  86. Can A Man Go To Bed When His House Is On Fire?

  87. Get well quick presido cos u must live to see biafra emerge , if u die, anywhere its according to ur confession so be it… I wish u get well

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  89. Is the man God not to be sick? Is this an issue?

  90. This is an insult on Nigeria doctors. Does it mean there are incompetent.

  91. Why not treat himself in Nigeria.

  92. He did not know Buhari was traveling, his friend told him. When he finally read it on news he beleived it, he said na true o, my oga don travel o. Thanks to his friends. Which kain govt be dis sef.? Everybody just they run him tin. PDP is more organised when they are in government biko.

  93. No member or intending member of APC that is not a LIER.

  94. Quick recovery my amiable president.

  95. It seems to me that Femi Adesina is on a self destruction mission, somebody should remind him that there is life after public service. This is not how to represent a gov’t. Is a crime for the president to be sick? Why lie about it? Nigerians should know,so that together, we can pray for his quick recovery.

  96. He never chi chon chin! No peace 4 wicked leader

  97. I remember you today. Dr Angela Bruno Oshiokpehai. A compassionate and dedicated E N T. Specialist. Rest well my dearest.

  98. If PDP that is accused of corruption could not build any standard hospital for 16years, why can’t the APC states with their integrity and incorruptibility build a standard one in their states? Secondary health care is on the concurrent list and some APC states have their own states teaching hospitals so as saints, why not standardise them? Show PDP and Nigerians that you are impeccable, incorruptible, beyond reproach.

  99. I wish u quick recovery baba. Be healed IJN..Amen

  100. Long Life Baba,great Man With A Great Ambition We Are Pray For You During Our Fasting May Protect And Guide From Evils Of The Nig And Also World

  101. This just tells U that adesina is not in his right senses & should go see a psychiatrist.

  102. Say mama for next coming Election for better Nigeria
    vote for me

  103. I hope Apc will not blame G.e.j for this oooo becos na blame game we dey.

  104. Allah ya ba buhari lafiya da zaman lafy

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