Sunday , March 3 2024

ACF asks Niger Delta Avengers to lay down arms

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The Arewa Consultative Forum on Tuesday called on the Niger Delta Avengers to in the spirit of Eid el-Fitri stop blowing up oil pipelines and embrace dialogue with the Federal Government.

The ACF made the call in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary of the Forum, Alhaji Muhammad Ibrahim, to mark the Sallah celebrations.

“Destroying oil installations and polluting the environment is not a solution to whatever perceived grievances the groups may have against the government/oil companies,” the ACF said.

“Development and prosperity can only take place in an atmosphere of peace and understanding and not violence and destruction.”

The forum also called on the Muslim community to pray for the unity of the country, while stressing importance of Ramadan.

It said, “The Holy month of Ramadan of 1437AH (2016AD) has come to an end with the sighting of Shawwal moon. The period of Ramadan was an opportunity for Muslims all over world to fast, pray, and devote themselves to the reading and teachings of the Holy Quran, practices and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“It was also an occasion where Muslims reaffirm their belief in the oneness of Almighty Allah (SWT) and commitment to the ideals of Islam.

“Muslims also prayed fervently for peace, unity and understanding among Nigerians, they also helped the less privileged and the poor in our midst in view of the prevailing economic hardships and other inequalities nationwide.

“ACF therefore wishes the Muslim Ummah a peaceful and Happy Eid-el-Fitr celebration and equally urges Muslims to continue to devote themselves to prayers for unity and peaceful coexistence in view of the security, social, economic and many other challenges confronting Nigeria.”


About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. 4wot, do d remember that we d SE n SS ar part of dem,

  2. what business does #Biafrexit got to do with Eid-filtri? what business do christians got with Islamic activities? What is the business between pipeline and salah? Why don’t you ask your so called president to release all prisoners of conscience in the spirit of salah? Do this people think we have anything in common with them? Let them keep fooling themselves

    • Waoop very fantastic analysis. ACF weting carry wona mouth go for dia? E concern unah? Na wunah Land ? Make i hear word ? this ACF sef…. Please you guys shld continue and make sure whatever is left of your environment is completely polluted. So that soon your people will lack access to water, fish, food etc. as is currently experience in Bomadi, Kokori, Okporoza etc. But remember your sponsors are rich enough to import water from whatever countries they can get it from. But the commoners like you will tasting to death and generation yet unborn will regrets having you guys as their forefathers.

    • @ Ishaku Bashir Yakubu, so u think something is still left in that environment? Thats the problem with people who always want to be contributing in Facebook discussions without being enlightened. So before now, u don’t know that they cannot farm, they don’t have access to good water, they cannot fish and generally lack food due to oil exploration in that region? Let me update u, the bombing of pipelines in the Niger Delta is absolutely not affecting them because their region has long been polluted even before they started the bombings, its the North that are long been benefitting from it and that’s y they are more concerned. Haven’t u heard that 80% of oil wells in the Niger Delta region are owned by northerners? Go and make verifications, its a clear case of monkey dey work, barboon dey chop .Niger Delta people have nothing to loose since their environment has since been polluted and they don’t own oil wells. You as a person even tried but, preach to ur alamajiri brothers and sisters to go to school so that u people will know ur left from ur right ,illiteracy and ignorance is too much in the north, beggers of expired food everywhere. For ur information, their generations unborn will hail them for fighting for them as brave men and women. How can north own oil wells in the south?

    • isiaku i wanted to reply you but i wount because of the meaning of your name, for those who understand, i don’t think that anything said to coconut head can be heard or understood by it.

    • God saves my country. Emotion, sentiments and hatred is tearing us apart. I will continue to pray for my country. May the love of God binds us together.

    • @ Bulus Ashu, as far as some regions in this country feel they are Moore important than others and as far as some regions are unjustly and inequitably treated, hatred,emotions and sentiment will continue to tear us apart. And the love of God cannot bind us together bcos we are not together as a nation. Pls answer me this question, are u aware that more than 80% of northerners own oil wells in tmhe South? If its true, is it equitably distributed? If its true, are the South not supposed to agitate for equity? If this oil is in the north, will the north allow this kind of injustice? Pls we must learn to tell ourselves the truth.

    • Ejike Calistus Okoli,you are a good lecturer.

  3. No sourouder , no peace till #nigerdeltans republic,

  4. Keep on blowing all the pipeline fools

  5. For what? This Buhari thought he has deceived Nigerians into believing that he would be for all.But shortly, his planned with his people to make Nigeria a conquered Empire started manifesting. When you use your power to serve the purpose of ur people, every body will know where they belong. How many times did wicked Hausa/Fulani ACF asked their Boko Haram Children to lay down their arms during Jonathan’s regime . They want to kill every body just to control Oil & continue their exploit ation. ND Avengers should continue their operation. The statement from Wicked ACF is a loser creed, the sacrament of the defeated.

  6. Go to Niger delta n say it. Foolish Man

  7. Did they call 4 boko haram during past administration to lay down their arms? How many Eid el-Fitri was during past administration why they never ask boko haram to stop attacking innocent pple that time? I can see hypocrisy is developing faster more than everything in this country.

  8. Lol, in the spirit of what stupid eid filthy nonesense?

  9. I call on all the Northern Arimajeris in the spirit of Eid el-Fitiri to return all the oil blocs to the southerhers and embraced true federalism,,

  10. Hahahaha,it’s not yet time to cry,u will eat ur shit soon,in this struggle it’s a no going back war,we are ever ready,it’s no longer 1967 when u used christians to fight christian,this time is a different ball game

  11. They did not hear about the bomb blast at their prophet tomb in Saudi Arabia in this their holy period, how about boko haram

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  13. thunder fire those cowards… called Yoruba

  14. Nigeria, look at the type of statement one useless group from West is making,, because everybody is enjoying the change now,,,, let them come down to Niger delta crep to say that,, nonsense

    • Did U say West? U pass geography at all? lol. Never mind, just a joke. I support d bombings. I kept asking why should I be bothered if NDA want to desecrate their land? Y should I bother if I can farm on my land up North coz I know d spillage can never reach my land. Pls NDA keep up d good work, finish d land, spoil d water, poison d fishes n other aquatic lives, spill oil all over d farmlands. How else will we know U ve d oil, pls lets see d oil flowing all over d seas n lands of Niger Delta. Lol

    • Did you just write WEST. its not compulsory to contribute if you dont know what the discussion is all about.

  15. You must be dreaming at same time hallucinating. Leave the land and observe the demands of the Avengers then any other thing can follow. Period!

  16. Liars u can’t speak d truth for once, by telling ur brother in d spirit of salah to Nnamdi kalu all u r talking about is oil. This oil will all of u one day since u don’t want to remove ur eye frm it.

  17. Why Hausas cry most about oil pipls is their own? Somebody have something and want to destroyed it it your consign

  18. During Xmas do u advise bokoharam to lay arms be?

  19. The Only Dialogue is #Freedom of #NnamdiKanu n all our brothers n sisters across the cells in the zoooligical republic of nizooria. Without #NnamdiKanu they wnt be any Dialogue u idiots from northern Sahara desert should get this into yo thick skulls…classless illiterates @ aboki Fulani.

  20. But we have not started to drink our oil, did we ask you for your jam?

  21. If u stop blowing the oil well, u guys ul remain slaves to us in Nigeria. Nnamdi Kalu, Dansuki n others will die in cell, if u failed to know there crime . Buhari for Nigeria or your go exile. Go and eat n drink d spillage. It is too late for u guys. Pls let’s divide the country or u r see cowards.

  22. They once threatened that they would go to war against NDA, are they not carrying out their threat anymore?, life done dey tire them when the show never start?. Una go see something!

  23. The same set of people that encouraged the president earlier to send troops to crush the boys

  24. Let them not to surrender is that our fault ? the answer is theirs

  25. In spirit of eid el fitri? That evil spirit?

  26. For what and in which way

  27. God punish u.guys pls continue

  28. why did u not do d same wt boko?U want them to go hungry.?

  29. It is a war they cannot win against the Federal government. They only continue to destroy their environment and inflict more pains on their impoverished people

  30. May thunder fire all of them ! No retreat no surrender are they tired of declearing war on Avengers? Nija still get enough soldiers in d various barrack deploy all to Niger Delta and they will achieve nothing. We say no to Northernisation or islamisation of Nigeria but if that’s sacrosant let end d union and part ways. In BIAFRA we stand

  31. Pls blow all the oil wall jo good boys

  32. They should advice PMB to stop one sided appointment he is making for sake of eid el-fitri and take every body equal, he has succeeded in making( NNPC) Northern Nigeria petroleum corporation. A child who said that his /her mother will not sleep will not sleep either.. It will not work for him period… NDA carry go

    • Exactly! I kept asking why should I be bothered if NDA want to desecrate their land? Y should I bother if I can farm on my land up North coz I know d spillage can never reach my land. Pls NDA keep up d good work, finish d land, spoil d water, poison d fishes n other aquatic lives, spill oil all over d farmlands. How else will we know U ve d oil, pls lets see d oil flowing all over d seas n lands of Niger Delta. Lol

    • And you knew all this bombing, spillage can never affect you,why are you taking peels on someone head ash Ahmad Bello?

  33. Okoro èmela emela Okoro ème. Okoro uloya nagba oku ya nachuoke..As if thé maginalization is not enough. Buhari has removed Kachikwu emd OF nnpc because thé cabals Sées him an Ibo AND went ahead to appoint his northen brodas to manage thé oïl that is prodused IN d soutern niger delta. Nawao .This Tinubu and his brothers change

  34. No oil well, oil blocks, no appointment Mr predo no oil

  35. What concerns the North with blowing oil pipes, is it in their village or town. Let them blow all the oil pipes and all the oil companies, let every body go to their zones joor. Let’s see how Buhari will get the money and resources to pay all these service chiefs he appointed from north alone.

    • Exactly! I kept asking why should I be bothered if NDA want to desecrate their land? Y should I bother if I can farm on my land up North coz I know d spillage can never reach my land. Pls NDA keep up d good work, finish d land, spoil d water, poison d fishes n other aquatic lives, spill oil all over d farmlands. How else will we know U ve d oil, pls lets see d oil flowing all over d seas n lands of Niger Delta. Lol

    • Is north not going to war again
      You hv taken over nnpc, just continue ur exploits, Nigeria is all urs

    • Ha ha ha ha…Ahmad Bello, u r really bothered if not u wouldn’t b commenting every where. Pls restrict ur worries to d north & leave Niger Delta oil alone.

  36. then government should not appoint northerner as GMD

  37. Why can they asked their Boko Haram Brothers to do so this time around NO SURRENDER NO GOING BACK till every Region going their ways Nigria is not one Nigeria is more than Ten go to the North and see Hausa/Fulani prefer Niger, Sudan or Malian than Yoruba or Igbo even kaje from Kaduna state or Biriom from plateou state so the Arewa youth should keep their mouth closed for ever and waiting for the breaking up of Ten Nigeria SIKENA LO BA PARI

  38. Stop telling stories just deal with them

  39. Ask your brother bokoharam to do so before telling NDA.

  40. Where were u when all Major appointment was given to Hausa Fulani.

  41. Was it not that same peace talk the the Yorubas used in betraying the south when Saro Wiwa was murdered by a nothern president? Yorubas are a set of people blown by the wind, they are very untrustworthy. In sumary, they are betrayers.

  42. What are they saying about the lopsided appointments?

  43. Hammawa, Isa and Bankole, u shall beg more than ACF and Buhari are begging. Did any of u sypathized with Jonathan when Buhari made Nigeria ungovernable to him? Dont mind what Rivers State is doing now protesting against NDA. They speak from the other side of their Mouths. I bet you, if they refuse to join the NDA, the Headquaters of Niger Delta Republic wont be at Port Harcourt.

    • Please keep bombing ooo, its ur own land U re desecrating. Keep up d good work. U re lucky PMB is a president in civil clothe. U wont dare him if it was in his military era. Even at dat, Buratai n others are more than ready….just watch n see

    • Ahmad Bello, again I ask: what is ur biz if they are bombing their land. Why is it paining u morethan the owners of the land?

  44. Bcs o4 wht.we have leaders dt ar tribalistic dtz why al ths ar hapening.let them continue if it can lead to seperatn o4 dis entity cald naija no qualms.

  45. If u fight u wl die nd if u dnt fight u wl die, u beta fight to survive

  46. Let dem start we are waitin

  47. When it comes to the oil some fools from the north will say it belongs to Nigeria, but the polluted lang belongs to the Niger Delta abi.


  49. How come these clowns never told Boko Haram to stop killing and pillaging

  50. Did ACF have mandate over niger delta oil 2 warrant such appeal? It is a case of parasites shedding crocodile tears,d struggle continues

  51. Warn your arewa boko haram & leave our NDAs

  52. No going back until Govt decide to restructure d country! We need total control of our own resources and true Federal is inculcated into governance

  53. dey want the avangers to stop because their lives depend on d oil.. bunch of lazy ppl

  54. We want a country of our own Biafra.Your plea is belated.No laying down of arms until BIAFRA is RESTORED.ACF tell Buhari to release Nnamdi Kanu whom has sent to prison without any offence.We will never be in one country with you people with your discriminatory and violent religion.We will never allow you to islamise us.BIAFRA is a christian country.

  55. Abeg Avenger continue to bomb every oil in Niger delta. Na ur environment u de spoil.

  56. @ isa hammawa u be son of pharoah, very soon u wll die in red sea. And biafra must go

  57. Since when ACF, becomes spokes person for Niger Delta? Oooh because the oil blocks have now turn to oil blown u call for peace. Pls, evacuate the pipes to Lagos. For sometime now our oil will be reserved. Bring ur yams and cow let us sponsor the economy for once.

    • It is just an innocent plea. Left for me, I want d NDA to go ahead wt their bombings n further desecration of their land. Who cares!

    • Ahmed Bello, our target is to completely stop every oil activities in the eastern nigeria otherwise known as Biafra. We must achieve it with whatever means available to us. Let Buhari go and bring US submarines to fight us we will kill them all. It is our terrain. Nnamdi Kanu must negotiate for us. He is our hero

    • I have maintained that Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria.. There are some northern elements who felt the enclave call Nigeria is their private estate. They’re the will power of the country and without them nothing should move. If we take our mind to Nig.Defence Academy or Avengence, how come that every year the people well promoted are only from one section of the country? Are we saying they don’t have course-mates as Buhari has class mates without certificate? I bet anybody that very soon some emirs palace will close.,reasons are that the free-oil-wind monies to feed arlmajiris is also gone. The Sebs, the cruatians etc took their destiny into their hands before normalcy ” YOU’VE THE POPULATION, WE’VE THE ECONOMY” Hahahaha

    • Ahmad Bello, why are u crying over other ppls pty?

    • All ewus and thier chiclken NDA will soon realise that there will be no hidding place for them and that they can never ever challenge the Unity of Nigeria. Let the fire Power beggin and you will surely taste the agony of war like your grand parents did.

    • Pls,no negative perspectives. God will help everyone for if one way close another may open. Pls my people,a confuse,are the avengers talking of south south or south east?

    • Aliyu , ka rufe bakin babu hadin kai a Najeriya , abin da kuke fahimta da kalmar hadin kai , don haka muke aikatawa hadin ?? Akwai ya ba ta kasance hadin kai , shi ne mafi munin yanzu

    • Aliyu Ismail oil unity you re truly empty there’s no unity Nigeria is a fake country we can be neighbor we don’t need to share the same country anymore

    • Aliyu ba tare da taimakon British da adaka buro kakanninku zai ba su haye line, but don’t forget that the British won’t be there to help you again, they have left the UK gang, sorry to inform you that equipment are been sold to anybody, you can start the war but you can not end the war because the government will be dissolved

    • Ogukwo fought the war with 26 raffle and local made guns and obonigwe, but technology has advanced it has opened the wisdom of the world even all of us might not be saved including you and your family

    • We say no no no to unity by force

  58. Ewu nebe akwa, Aturu awusa nobi meat, Biafra 1/4 to go.

  59. chai…..insult upon injury……no bey their fault sha na the foolish SS/SE cause all this insult

  60. Peace can nt be purchased anywhere.

  61. Embrace what, abeg u pardon has the so called FG Meet their demands, u should be telling ur FG to meet their demands.

  62. Agf why not give order to crush move avengers . As u gave order to crush biafra

  63. Instead of you people to channel it to the North.

  64. Hungry don dey kill the Arewas?

    • Are you not ashame of saying “hungry kill Arewa”? We feed you in the south believe it

    • Feed us with what? Pls we don’t need you feeding again, we need referendum.

    • We don’t need you feeding us again,

    • What do you even feed me with? What do you have that are not in the south? For your info, what I eat are mainly from my place ok, I eat mostly fish, of course you should know that every where in Niger Delta are filled with fishes, you don’t produce garri, fufu, starch, red oil, plantain, some of the vegetables that are grown here are abomination to your land, your land not fertile , without fertilizer your land is doomed. We have our own fresh tomatoes here and some part of south produce rice and beans, we grow yam, coco yams can’t be grown in your land, what are you talking about, you think I am not aware that majority of the cows or cattles in the north are imported from outside the country? We can equally import and even have our own ranches, I mean modem ones not these roaming about all the places destroying people’s properties and killing people.let’s break up and see who suffers.

  65. wetin concern arewa with Avengers?

  66. I agree with u ACF more voices should be added to this appeal and buhari should talk national leader not sectional ruler .every time i will crush i will kill those days are gone .if Boko haram settlement was not compromised we would ve had peace in dt region if it was not politically motivated


  68. They should use cow to develop the country as change is concern

  69. I asked this questions number of times where are your so called granut pyramids? How can a hole nation, be soaking only one side of the state to death. Na wahooo 4 Naija! This is pure wickedness!!!!!!

  70. I can not understand who this wailers are when the worst happens the two of you will be history. You can not face it

  71. Boys go ahead we need freedom in this country my people.den was not nw

  72. Finally they sighted the moon abi? Moon and sun worshippers.

  73. Nikk 419man like u can go to war

  74. To me didn’t take Ibo man as a chiristen becos he is worshipping money not a Bible hw can u think him as chiristen. Ibo man like money than his papa and mama. all what u people posting in media is a nonsense noise

  75. Have bokoharam in breast peace?

  76. Lopsided appointments from the north, massive retrenchment of southerners from the army, massive elevation of the favoured class in the north in the army, removal of our own people from key public offices and their instant replacement by fulanis, all symbols of one Nigeria?. Money to pay these highly elevated personnels is expected to come from the Oil in the south, yet the southerners are not good enough for good positions in Nigeria. This is change. We are not foolish and we have read the handwriting clearly. In just 14months, the north are everywhere, even planning to annex the south by grazing reserves? Enough is enough. If Buhari cannot run Nigeria like a secular and Federal entity, let him resign or grant the south east and south south their desired independence.

  77. i totally agree,lets seprete,i dnt knw wt mr President is waitng 4r,let seprete nd see who will eat grass

  78. They claim they own the oil in Niger Delta.

  79. Just tell me where do we hav anything incommon wt hausa pls aboki na aboki

  80. When did acf become fed govt? D same acf and nef that initiated boko haram,u guys think if u make gej govt ungovernable ur own will be a smooth ride?this acf are all a huge asshole,you can now see dat what is good for d gander is also good for d goose


  82. Hw many times hv u ask ur brodas BH 2 lay dwn arms during GEJ?

  83. U ppl have not seen anything yet,expect more bombing #all_hail_biafra

  84. Wailing wailers, blowing up pipelines is a niger delta agenda,

  85. No!!!,… when you claim you own the whole country abi???,… come down & claim it na.

  86. Kudos to Niger Delta avengers am giving you 100% support and God is with you all the Hausa and Yoruba’s that are against you people shall not prosper in Jesus name

  87. Wetin concern north with south. Tell your boko haram to lay down arms.

  88. Evil pple this time around acf wil say lead down ur ams during boko harm wat is they plan .pls aso rock is nest. up avenger

  89. Fools, but you said that buhari negotiations with NDA is an abomination, So why begging now confused people.

  90. have eve aks boko haram to lay de arms be 4?mumu

  91. have eve aks boko haram to lay de arms be 4?mumu relz nnamdi & give us biafra

  92. have eve aks boko haram to lay de arms be 4?mumu relz nnamdi & give us biafra

  93. Why telling Niger delta Avengers to lay down arms Alhaji Muhammad lbrahim is it today that Muslim in Nigeria doing Sallah celebration because of ND avengers is blowing pipelines that you people use to take oil from Biafra land northern is the owner of oil in another people land the avengers will continue blowing the pipelines until the northern know that the oil is not there own

  94. Pls keep off there are not bombing sugar cane or carrot pls.

  95. Where was d acf when bokoharm was busy attacking churches and other places,u only care for urselves,now d u will all mourn for your shame zombies.

  96. Tunde Bankole are you from Hausa Fulani or Yoruba Fulani so conditions of Niger delta people is good to you your Nigeria government is using oil money from Biafra land and develope your area then leave the owner to suffering Mr Tunde bankole nothing good will come to your family useless almagiri

  97. What does Niger Delta avenger got to do with arewa yaks forum? ACF is the worst enemy of Nigeria, why they support fuel subsidy under buhari?

  98. Abubakar Liman the environment is spoiling since your people deriging the oil so not today the environment is spoiling the avengers will continue blowing to the evil you people are doing the sultan of sotoko don’t know the time of the moon again

  99. Parasites! What’s your concern with the activities of the NDA?

  100. Busybodies. Misplaced priority, acf don’t have boko haram to advice again ehhhhh! Boko haram had gone their control. Save your advice, NDA don’t need it

  101. Acf is A bonch of coward

  102. Why President buhari will disturb himself,,, Gen burutai and his boys are ok for those Criminals,,

  103. the president is dividing the country already via appointments so I think NDA is diving the country via pipes lines vandalism because they NDA has come to one understanding that one Nigeria is all about oil.

  104. I still maintain that war against NDA is war against the South just the way ur people once told former president GEj that war against boko haram is war against the north.

  105. this is not what I expected I thought by now you pple will below up everything. pls you pple are delaying boin dawn everything let Nigerian go dawn and dawn this useless country called Nigerian.

  106. Continue the bombings, don’t stop. It’s your ownership.

  107. tell buhari to stop his madness!!! just bcos Kachichukwu had logger heads with Amaechi,tinubu and co few days later he was demoted in disguise? next will b CBN boss to go down!

  108. Pls they should continue to bomb

  109. Should their ignorant leaders to the needful.

  110. We are not one imagine Arewa

  111. ACF never once tell the bokohara

  112. Talk to bokoharam let IYC people from here talk to them because the more they hear from people like you who refused to talk to bokoharam when their brother was in office the more bombings will continue.
    Why are you crying more than the bereaved?
    Are they bombing the north?
    Face bokoharam who are bombing the north.
    Let those of us whose lands are being destroyed complain not you.

  113. Someone remind me… How long did it take the arewas to call on boko haram stop bombing innocent Nigerians? Well! The Niger delta avengers would have taken such an advice serious if they have done the same about 5yrs back. Come to think of it, which is more important to you arewas? The innocent lives being lost in thousands from senseless attacks of boko haram or the pipe that carries oil to line the bottomless purse of Western interests. We are not as stupid and gullible as the average Northerners. The simple solution is asking buhari to call for a referendum

  114. CONTINUE Destroying your Lives o Niger deltans.

  115. The money fg used to construct and esterblished that pipelines and wells was not from the petrouleum resouces. If NDA refuse to embrass dialoque,they will soon apprehend dialoque is panacea for devmnt

  116. keep the fire burning pls…. until you set this useless nigeria on edge.

  117. I have always maintained that any effort to dialogue with these criminals can not succeed. If you don’t have the capacity to fight and finish them, then you can pretend to be talking, may be just to buy time. Never negotiate with a criminal.


  119. Abeg please continue to bomb the pipes ooooo. Don’t spare any

  120. The Governors of that region should be held responsible.

  121. IT’sGod dat will purnish dem Fulani herdsmen mumu dem.

  122. The same ACF that was supporting Boko Haram activities during Jonathan’s regime?

  123. You used BH to distabilse GEJ’s rule, now they must pay u back in ur coin. Total Resource Control or Zero Crude Production. All eyes is now opened. No more robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  124. Tell your man to release their resources for them shikena

  125. Those who clamour for war aren’t only stupid but childish. Be objective (even to yourself only) for a moment and check around the world, if any war torn country is smiling at its condition. you guys always come on facebook and start beating your chests, issuing threats and even calling for war. Idiots !!!!

  126. Did these idiotic parasitic ACF tell Boko Haram murderers to do likewise? Demonic cultists.

  127. What did GEJ do y in office seven years,y didn’t bomb pipelines then 4 lack of development of de Niger delta ,u didn’t cos u were enjoying free money from surveillance job from Deziani and Nimasa,now is no more u are crying wolf,go and bomb otuoke and arrest GEJ and ask him where is de money 4 Niger delta development. Point one major project he executed & commissioned, also ask orubebe where is east west road money,ask tompolo where is nimasa surveillance and amnesty billions,so stop did nonesence u are doing,bcos u are fighting a blind man fight and doing it ignorantly too.

  128. All the killings from ur government army, have you ever tell them is wrong? Thunder fire you people, let everybody die the same time If the Lord is OK with it

  129. He shud tell his broda, d emperor in d jungle to follow d laws of civilisation to govern Nigeria as Nigerians are no animals!!!

  130. Let them tell buhari not to be talking like parrot

  131. I think they say they will live without oil that Easterners should go with there oil

  132. God will punish all of them. So they are no longer talking of crushing. They are now begging. This is just the beginning. The earlier they realise and accept that Biafra is gone, the better for them. Thieves in agbada.

  133. Are they destroying your land,why drinking para in another person headache why not mind your Lands.see wahala

  134. This aruwa are not talking about Fulani hersmen that are killing people everywhere l have confirmed that really you people valued cow more than human especially those that are not in the same region with you people even the way buhari is talking about oil he never talk about people killed in different places in nigeria

  135. What’s the link between ACF with niger delta issues…. please mind ur boko brothers and the Fulani millitia issues leave the Avengers alone…. 80% of Nigerians love what they are doing…. freedom for all….!!

  136. When Muslims were killing Christians during the xmas nobody told them to stop

  137. Who the hell are you to tell us what to do idiot… Go and advice your boko haram brothers first please you guys should bomb everything

  138. Please who can help me tell Niger Delta Avengers: don’t listing to anybody, don’t accept any offer in form of dialoge or amnesty, please, please steadfast, destroy all oil installations burn all oil wells. Buhari wants to deceive you don’t allow it. Make Nigeria ungovernable for him as northners make government ungovernable for your son/brother GEJ. This is the time to take revenge

  139. They should talk to Buhari who does not obey court orders. No dialogue with a dictator and hater of a section of the country he swore to rule.

  140. Some body should help me tell the zoo government i Buhari to realize our leader Nnamdi kanu before any thing

  141. Why do the north cry more than the bereaved ???? .DIVIDE AND RULE GAME IS OVER !. WE ARE BIAFRANS . Let them destroy their properties , it should not be your problems haba !.

  142. We are not infidels, we are not murderous religious fanatics, we are not demonic, we are simply demanding for our freedom and we do not look like Muslims. Ride on my gallant and fearless avenging brothers. Don’t mind those demonic moon worshipers. God is involved and approves of ur course. Right from d time of Own d Baptist, d Kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force.

  143. ACF tell your book haram and fulani hersmen to lay down their arm and stop implementation of forceful Shari’a law

  144. God punish those aboki that ask the Avengers to lay arms,is it there region?they should 4get everything abt the south,since buhari as north in all the better offices in nigeria.keep the position and let the Avengers continue there bombing

  145. As I read various comments from Nigerians one will wonder what is the actual state of the nation. Some Southerners are saying northerners used boko haram to make administration of GEJ ungovernable. Now some northerners are saying southerners are using Avengers to make things difficult for PMB. Which one should we believe? God will visit everyone responsible for mayhem with divine retribution.

  146. Better tell buhari to obey the rule of law and stop intimidating other tribes, let him practice true federalism

  147. Arewa youth should tell Boko Haram to lay down there arms and provide abubaka shakau

  148. Time to break up which govt no way for govt of the north

  149. What is the pleading about?i see no reason for that.let the fed.govt face them squarely and those behind the plot.all i know for sure was that there is any bandit or terrorist thats above govt.and no matter how hard they try they are just fighting a loosing not repair the spilling it will them and then u follow-up and dealth with them.

  150. how many times did ACF begged boko haram to stopped making Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ?

  151. U see AFC forum, Anefere Group Once we say BIAFRA high Bp, Ebola, HIV, AIDS, Cancer, heart attack and ear virus will be affecting the useless Northerners and their cowardice Yoruba’s… All hail BIAFRA

  152. For what purpose let them continue their work don’t mind them up avengers

  153. Thunder fire u all arewas, bomb Nigeria to the very last. Next is aso rock

  154. Fulani herdsmen and boko haram must stop the killing. And 50% derivation to all oil producing states. Group managing of NNPC must be from South South region. More so, NNPC headquarters must be relocated to Warri or Portharcourt. Massive development of the Niger Delta region. Steady power supply be guarantee 24/4.


  156. These people are so arrogant and I hate them with passion.


  158. Hmm north boko haram,south d avengers,west unko?only time wl tel hmm i stl lov my moda land.

  159. Good job guys ,president will hear it . that seat wil b hot fr his ass


  161. Up avengers up biafra death to housa fulani death to nigeria death criminal emirs and sultans death to arewa

  162. where was the arewa when boko haram was bombing killing in churches and mosque and making Jonathan government to be ungovernable? At avengers hav not taken any live like boko haram! In the spirit of EID IL FITRI please tell buhari to release Nmamdi kanu.

  163. And who told you old fools that our learned avengers are muslims? Wetin concern eid fintiri with this legitimate struggle? This for now has no end. Quote me if you like!

  164. I wonder what’s d r/ship btw blowing of pipe n sallah celebration o……by d way we recorded lost of lives n properties from yr bokoharam brothers during xmas period………try n advice ur so called president to release those he detain in prison for no reason.

  165. They should also tell the President to do the right thing

  166. The thunder that will will fire all of you in that nonsense meeting is doing press up

  167. They ACF didn’t ask their dia Boko haram brothers to lay down dia guns. I’m sure Boko haram was a child’s play compared wit the case of NDA. Avangers carry go!

  168. don’t give a chance to ths evil nothers if the oil belon to them will we no?

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