Tuesday , December 5 2023

7 die as MASSOB protests in Asaba

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 No fewer than seven persons have been confirmed dead following protest by members of the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), in Asaba on Monday.

The Acting Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), in Delta, SP Charles Muka, who confirmed this in a statement, added that the police recorded two casualties.

He said in the statement that five members of MASSOB were killed by military officers who had confrontations with the group along the Asaba-Onitsha Expressway in Asaba.

It stated that the military arrested and brought eight members of MASOB to the police and “are now in custody in Asaba.’’

According to him, the protesters turned violent and attacked the policemen deployed to monitor the protest, killed two and injured two others.

“We had to deploy our officers to ensure that the protest was peaceful but we were surprised that the people turned violent.

“To our surprise, they started attacking our men and at Okwe Junction in Abraka area of Asaba, the group killed a police corporal and took his AK47 riffle.

“Also along the Dennis Osadeby Way in Asaba, they wounded a police officer and took his anti-riot gun.

“This group also attacked and wounded two policemen, suspected to be marine police, and threw them into the River Niger at Cable Point in Asaba and in the process one died and one was rescued.

“This brings the casualty number to two with two others injured on the side of the police.

“The protesters also attacked military vehicles along the Asaba-Onitsha Expressway which left four members of the group dead and eight others arrested and brought to the police headquarters.”

It added that a pregnant woman was hit by a stray bullet during the fracas but now receiving treatment at the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba.

The statement advised parents and guardians to warn their children and wards to follow the part of peace and pursue their agenda constitutionally.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. This place should be Onitsha head bridge I guessed! So they are now crossing to Delta State.


  3. Pls God interven on this MASSOB of a thing

  4. How many of ur supporters die now? They are in lagos even across nigeria, u are on ur own. May God intervane quikly and u guys soft heart. Fallen heros RIP

  5. Blame Igbo elite, not Buhari, for Ndigbo woes
    — 31st May 2016
    The political elite in the South-East geo-political zone have been warned of the danger of creating fathom political issues in the zone and blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for such.
    “The current political configuration which had placed the South-East geo-political zone in the opposition was neither created nor caused by President Muhammadu Buhari as stated in a reaction by the Buhari South-East Youth Movement to some statements credited to some speakers in an anniversary lecture held by Alaigbo Development union in Enugu and reported by thisday newspaper of 28th May 2016.
    In a release jointly signed by the director-general of Buhari South-East Youth Movement (BUSEYM)Engr.Nwabueze Onwuneme and its national publicity secretary Comrade Igwe Samuel Obinna and made available to newsmen in Owerri the Imo state capital the group urged the region’s political leaders who have not contributed to the socio-economic development of the zone to apologise for their ineffectual leadership rather than resort to the blame game and weaving of fiction.
    The group lamented that it is regrettable that some Igbo elites said that the Buhari administration had relegated the Igbo to the background statting that even though the constitution admits freedom of assembly and speech and ordinarily it stated that it would not have joined issues with the proclamations made at the gathering but for the fact that the truth must be told and to shield the vulnerable from such misinformation. The group said it did not wish to join issues with some of the personalities who gathered recently in Enugu to make their assertions but would want to know how they arrived at this conclusion. BUSEYM said, it was regrettable that the elites failed to ask questions on the supposed developmental projects that should have accrued to the Igbo when the PDP was at the helm of affairs and totally neglected the zone as seen in the near collapse of infrastructu

  6. Since independent the South West have vatually being in opposition. No quam,no rancour,no compromi se,no surrender to Federal might. While our Bro. Igbo Leader are squating always for where their palms can be greased.Now it fires back pity the upcoming generatio n who never no the history of Nigeria Civil war where over 2000000 people lost there lifes.Th e Igbo leaders put all their eggs in one basket not because the love Igbo like Ojukwu orNbakwe but for selfish reasons now the basket is broken and all eggs are lost.Hop e for the coming generation is in patience and prayer not in rebellio us biafra.The children of Biafra sponsors are in Europe and Americ a.

    • I don’t blame you whoever that wears shoe knows where it pains him this people are not sponsored like terrorist they have been marginalised since after war even before the war that is one of the reason for war. You are comfortable enjoying the one Nigeria a marriage that one is been always be cheated will it still be? If the marriage can not work let it go look at the current budget you will see that the south eastern get the lowest allocation on road this is pure wickedness

    • Imaging your stupid comment that they have been marginalized since after civil war. Now tell me why the refused to agitate during the last regime? Why not ask the last regime to salvage your nonsense claim? Why can’t you tell your brethren to make a peaceful demonstration without any violent. Well I wish you could have sense for a minute to reason well as a normal human being in Jesus name. Amen

    • You call it a stupid comment abi now let me tell you for your wise comment because I know you don’t reason with your head. There has not been anytime they stopped agitation Jonathan is a wise man he applied wisedom in handling conflicts you hausa don’t make use of your common sense pls go and be properly educated this people are not armed they where never voilent they are just marking the remebrance of the biafran failing heros and your boko haram militry open fire on them God will judge this government and all of you support injustice and evil because of the blood of the innocent souls you have wasted

    • Shut up u be fool if. war start u @Elijah u go kasa beta tuk wise nor back off @ marcus same with u be wise stop saying trash young man u be fool 2

    • In your opinion, you feel you re wise, not knowing you and your zoo people are still in 1800. It is an accepted ideology world over for any people to choose where they want ro be and be there. Let s not go far, the world just had scotland vote for their own future and majority chose to be in UK. Camreoun only campaigned to convince majority to vote to continue staying in UK. He did not send army to go and kill people. The actions of people like you and the nigeria government does nt show a modern state. It is an expression of people from dark ages. Please listen and hear where the world have gotten to. If it doesnt happenn today, very soon you may not stop it

    • I beleive Obj, Bankole and many others are Igbos in opposition

  7. He who kills with sword/gun MUST die of /through same.

  8. we will soon start killing aboki people one by one in our place because they first start killing our own people

  9. Nigeria will never be at peace been one

  10. The blood of the unarmed civilians killed shall be on the head of buhari and his agents.

  11. I hope this will not result to a civil war?

    • You will revenge on face book abi.
      Dont know when u people will stop being object of ridicule

    • Bukola u re an idiot, demon in human form, I can see how happy u re for the death of the innocent armless agitator killed by cowards in uniform who call them self army. It is only on an armless civilians they can show their strength, let them go and face the avengers naw, I think what u northern cows and ur brainless illiterate president is looking for, u must surely get it, Imbecile.

    • U will revenge. Just like dat? With dis up face u can not even kill a rat

    • @kamer dare me… I no dey make mouth if u feel sey ur head dey hot come show for my area in warri I promise ur body will not be found cos going to tear ur body apart and trow it to the vultures to feed

  12. The tree of liberty can only be watered by the blood of the compatriots.

    • Are not a compatriot too or a social media compatriot?

    • I have protested severally, I was in Aba the day our men were killed when we were conducting prayer. Am not in igbo land, that’s why i did not join them in onitsha last time and let me tell you, am not afrai of death.the killing of our pple by Buhari will only harden our heart the more bcos many of us are willing to die for Biafra. We are demonstating peacefully now but if Buhari pushes us to the wall, I promise u that we are going to turn that peacefull demonstration into a heavy REVOLUTION.

  13. Do you sit in your house and get Freedom???

  14. @When GEJ claimed an Igbo you were not marginalised. The Igbo elites are ones marginalising their people



  17. fearless team no be oduduwa maga pple

  18. Children of vipers. They will likewise perish except they repent. Their sponsors’children are in schools accross the globe only to invited home to become heads of govt if these fool agitators succeed. Anyway, university wall was built by illiterates.

  19. Biafra can be achieved tru common sense not all these.i would ve prefered d igbos to wait till 2019 and make sure no election is conducted in their land neida wil any biafran contest for any post in naija then d ZOO wil realise their seriousness.

  20. Killed criminal people Army and police nothing will happen by the grace of God

  21. Lekwam le motorcyicle.d dont have vision bad oreintation will finish dere youths let dem kill dem back.ojionu egbutu oji.

  22. Can any of you commenting against the igbos give just one reason why they don’t have the right to self determination? Those born before the civil war demanded it and born after the civil war are demanding it! This is not the action of an Igbo leader but a collective desire of the Igbo people., its really strange to me that a people who have decided to peacefully demonstrate and tell the world their desire for self determination is being hate for such. Scotland just did a referendum to determine if they want to be part of Britain or not and at the end majority preferred to stay in Britain .So why is ours different? Is it because we are black,evil and wicked? Is it because we are mentally stupid and can’t do the right thing or that we have been cursed to perpetually to act like animals in all me do? If an educated person can sincerely berate the innocent demonstrators for asking for their right what hope is there then? people of good conscience should come together and address why after 49yrs a particular region is still agitating for self determination even the carnage of the civil war,even after loosing all their properties and source of livelihood.

    • Yes they don’t because they didn’t build what they want to take….They are just greedy people.

    • Is that peaceful to broke the pipe that affect the lives of all people?

    • Muhammad Abubakar Said please what is that that they want to take.? You said they are greedy?are you for real?

    • Build what Muhammad Abubakar Said

    • Muhammad Abubakar Said we are not talking about pipeline its like you don’t even know the reason for the protest

    • Double Gold, pls don’t mind Muhammad. Just like a number of northerns, he doesn’t know the difference between south -south and south – east. On a sincere note, our youths should avoid open confrontations and go the honourable way – REFERENDUM?

    • Yea that’s the best way…. table talk.

    • my mind is not trouble over biafra issue, it a deal done by God were blessed people’s happy new month to my lovely brother’s sisters here

    • Mohammed is only exhibiting his ignorance to the whole issue. If I may wat did u build that the Igbos want to take? with which money did u build?

    • Thank you musa for that question you asked that Mr Nobody. He who does not know and does not know that he does not know is a what?

    • @ Olaedo there are people who did it in other nations but they followed a process. You are taking monthly allocation from a nation, you have reps in the NASS, you have ministers in the FEC, your men are directors in the Federal pedestals yet you are demonstrating? The founder of Biafra was buried with national colour.But if our Igbo brothers want to go this can still be done without demonstrating and shedding of blood. Make a proclamation that all Igbos outside the should return home. 2.All Igbo sons/ daughters in the national assemblies should resign and return home, so also those in armed forces, police and para- military, civil service etc. Then we will know how serious you are. But no Nigeria leader from any region East inclusive will make a proclamation asking the Igbos to leave Nigeria. If you take up arms against a nation while you still take allocations from her amounts to treason. Better still let the Igbos in the various national assemblies raise bill to that effect instead of demonstrations and blood flowing.

    • @ shelu lucky. honestly you have just spoken my mind, you can not reside in a nation you r’ calling names like zoo and so on, yet u r’ feeding from the same nation, and u claim u r’ agitating freedom, for me to no you people r’ serious let all igbos in any part of dis nation relocate to their respective state then i will no you guys r’ serious. imagine somebody that is staying with his family in lagos, kano and so on will come to social media and be shouting up briafraud . go to your village or state and continue the struggle if you are serious .

  23. their sponsors children are well kept in a saver place. only the idiots die in vain

  24. South East & South South Senators & their Governors both present & past are the main deadly evil killing virus seriously working against the swift actualization of Biafra Republic because of their personal and selfish interest not even caring about us the masses but their evil effort & works will be in vain in Jesus Christ Name Amen. The Children of israel were in bondage in the hand of Pharoah if Egypt for 430 years but their cry came to God of Heaven and he deliver them from Egypt at the appointed time so brethren this is also another appointed time of God to deliver the Biafrans from the slavery of Nigerian Government called one Nigeria which does not and never existed. Moses was the person God used and Nnamdi Kanu is another moses but many canal people never know this because the battle has been won spiritually because the spiritual controls the physical as we are in a mysterous world so we are only patiently waiting for the physical manifestation of the Republic of Biafra freedom

  25. These people are just terrorists. They are the enemies of peace and shall be dealt with accordingly#

  26. y dis people ar nt value their live like dis

  27. Muhammad Abubakar Said you are a big fool so you call God ? And still yet abusing people with your cut and joined English let Chukwu Abiama strike that coconut head

  28. A referendum is needed imminently

  29. We are no more happy again. Nigerians need war, but we dont want to fight them. All whort we need is peace Biafra

  30. All igbas should go back to dere Land, with dat dey can get Biafra

  31. This should be reported to United Nation. Is it evil to demonstrate in democratic regime? Why Nigeria can’t be like develop countries of the world?

  32. If you people were serious about all these your action there are step you can undergo. 1, Recall all your people in the north and all o er Nigeria to come home, stay in your region at least for 4 months. 2. Tell your governor to reject allocation send to there States. 3. Tell all hour Senator not to attend the seating at Senate again and attack any Senator as Kano people attack Senator Kabiru Gaya for not listerning to them.

  33. Blame the stupid igbo group that their leaders in need of blood 2 suck

  34. Igbo are all idiot generations

  35. Massob should do their things in the east OK leave Niger deltains alone, we no be biafra

  36. they don’t have any right, all we need is to come back as one and live together

  37. Do not be cowed. BlAFRA stands and can never be uprooted now. Just cons¡der whether all of us deep ¡n the struggle can adm¡t fa¡lure, abandon the cause and go about our bus¡nesses forgett¡ng BlAFRA? Too preposter¡ous… r¡ght? That’s ¡t then. BlAFRA or death! We have won.

  38. They are too small wallahi

  39. every igbo man and woman wants biafra.

  40. The biafran dream is not supported by the igbo elites. How many of them have come out to condemn the attacks? The presidency is not helping matters. As a man of the people he should have called a meeting with the SE governors to fathom out solutions. So I’m afraid more people may continue dying because sheep without shepherds are roaming free into mischief.

  41. Just passing wetin concern me ???

  42. May their souls rest in peace, amen.

  43. all ndigbo are parasite viruses to nigerians. They can kill and biafraud you, beware of them call scavengers and agitators.

  44. I sense war give Biafra dia freedom 2 end d future bloodshed

  45. Igbos are playing Nigeria politics as if it is ‘Main market’ politics. No iota of diplomacy in your actions like Yorubas.

  46. Very soon igbos will be asked to leave Nigeria and go to biafra!

  47. this is not the right way to solve this problem my fellow Igbo’s.. see people dying like an insects.. its unfair deeds

  48. No fear of death…the living one day must die

  49. Biafra is only exist in #facebook,

  50. Did you say 7 or 70? please endeavour to report the truth always!

  51. Das u are going to end ur self.

  52. @olaedo, d only way brafra will work faster rely on their elits, d igbos shld pull out frm Nigra gt, n all her citinzens shld go especially d ones in d north/west shld lv too, trust me, it gonna stnd. If not so prtestg, shoutg n noiseg, will not solve d problem. Bcs as 4 me i wnt U guys to go.

  53. Igbos are Big tym cowardice, ordinary herdsmen r d ones chansg thm out of their home, let alone i wnt all d igbos to evacuate frm d west, bcs u r not d type to do with. Greedy sect of pple

  54. Biafra is some how achievable and some how impossible. If you doubt me, go and read the Pre-Colonial system before Colonialism in any sound Government textbook, and you will see my point. The term Acephalous is big problem. But their vision is good it is only that they are not following the right principles. You do not quench fire with fire. Likewise the Niger Deltan dream. Jesus thank you for making my State a peaceful State. It is really The Land of Promise. Very soon it will be the Dubai of Africa.

  55. ka chineke mezie okwu Amen

  56. Quite contrary, biafra crying can only comes to d devil in d hell rather dan God in heaven

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