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Kada Plaza

6 things to do when you are alone in Benin City

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Feeling lonely in Benin City? Do not be! Once in a while, it is nice to stop and take a moment of time. There are actually a number of ways to have fun all by yourself without feeling like a loser. You can pick from  some of these activities you can do on your own in the city.


Visit a hotel bar

Benin features a number of hotels that boast of fabulous bars and drinking joints. Rather than mope around, mix up your regular routine, track down one of the best hotels in the city and head to their bar. Not only do you stand the chance of meeting other people, it allows for change of scenery.

Explore a place you have never been before

There are so many exciting spots to explore around Benin that you cannot get around them all in one week even if you tried. Whether a cultural center, golf course, ancient landmark or just a bar, certainly, there are sites and locations you have never visited. Seek out one of these places, take a walk on a street you have never walked on and post a million Instagrams. Or just read and enjoy the silence for a while.

Kada Plaza
Kada Plaza

Catch a Movie at Kada Plaza

Seeing a movie at the cinema is a classic solo date night and fortunately, residents in Benin now have Kada Cinemas located within Kada Plaza. An entertainment center and cinema venue, it is flexible  and ensures you do not have any dulling moment.

Enjoy some live music

Listening to live music always offers an exhilarating experience. It is not difficult to find live music shows around Benin in the weekend. However, if you are up for a night out on a weekend, some clubs offer live band on Wednesdays.

Music band
Music band

Lunch at Mama Ebo rice

Just because you don’t have anyone to go out and dine with, does not mean you should relegate yourself to another night of takeout. You can still (and SHOULD) go by yourself and Mama Ebo pepper rice is a great place to go. Granted eating at a table for one, is pretty damn awkward and uncomfortable, but at Mama Ebo’s you wouldn’t lack entertainment as the place is always crowded and you get to witness a lot. Also, the meals, which are mostly local meals are quite sumptuous.

Benin  Art

Get cultured for cheap

If you are feeling artsy, but you do not have a date, do not fret too much. Visit the Crowne Art Gallery at GRA area of the city to see a display of art from different artistes within the city and more. These art works mostly tell of Benin’s history and traditions and usually, there is an attendant to answer whatever questions you may have.

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