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Daily Archives: November 2, 2022

Instagram suspended Hushpuppi’s account for breaking their rules on fraud

Instagram has revealed that they deactivated the account of the Nigerian influencer and high-profile international fraudster, Hushpuppi because he broke their rules on fraud. “We don’t want anyone to use our apps to defraud or exploit people, and have clear rules against fraudulent activity – including money laundering,” a spokesperson from Meta, which owns Instagram, said in a statement. “We …

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China video mistaken for drowning of Davido’s son

A video purportedly showing the drowning of the three-year-old son of Afrobeats star Davido is actually CCTV footage of the drowning of a two-year-old boy in China, the BBC Disinformation Unit has confirmed. Police have also dismissed the video – which has gone viral on social media – as fake. “We are yet to start looking at the CCTV obtained …

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Elon Musk suggests Donald Trump and other banned people won’t be allowed back on Twitter for weeks

Musk said that no one “de-platformed” for breaking rules would be allowed back until there is a process, which will take weeks. New Twitter leader Elon Musk suggested that people “de-platformed” will not be allowed back for at least weeks, appearing to rule out the return of figures like former President Donald Trump before the midterm elections. Musk tweeted about the process in response to …

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