Tuesday , March 21 2023

15-Yr-Old Student Opened Fire At Kentucky High School, Killing 2 Classmates

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A 15-year-old student opened fire at a high school in Kentucky leading to the death of two 15-year-old, with 19 others injured and hundreds fleeing for safety.

The incident began at 7:57 am on Tuesday, Jan 23 when a 15-year-old student armed with a handgun entered the high school and started shooting. The shooter entered a common area at Marshall County High School in Benton, pulled out a pistol and began firing at students.

Student Bryson Conkwright who witnessed the horror said: “I see this guy draw from his side and he pulls out a pistol. I didn’t even know what was going on. And then it registered. About the time it registered, this guy was sitting here pulling the trigger into all of us.”

“I can hear the gunshots. He was shooting in our group,” said Conkwright, showing where a bullet grazed his hand.

One of the teenagers died at the school while the other died after being airlifted to a hospital. 5 other victims who were seriously injured were flown to nearby hospitals for treatment. Authorities say the shooter was taken into custody in a non-violent manner. He will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

A witness said students ran for their lives out of Marshall County High School, jumping into cars and running down a highway as the shooting was underway.

“They was running and crying and screaming,” said Mitchell Garland, who provided shelter to between 50 and 100 students inside his nearby business. “They was just kids running down the highway. They were trying to get out of there.”

The incident is the United States’ first school shooting of 2018.

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