Sunday , March 3 2024
Inspector-General of Police (I-G), Mr Ibrahim Idris,

14 Policemen fired for misconduct

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The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) on Tuesday announced the dismissal of 14 policemen for various levels of misconduct.

A statement by DCP Don Awunah, Force Public Relations Officer, Force Headquarters, Abuja listed the offences as Aiding and abetting serious crimes, Conspiracy with militants and Disappearance of explosives.

Awunah said that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, on assumption of duty, instituted strict measures to ensure that the conduct of officers conformed to international best practices and norms.

He said that the IGP was determined to ensure that Police duties and other responsibilities were carried out professionally without compromising integrity and allegiance to the nation and the force.

The force image maker listed the affected policemen as ex ASP Yuguda Abbah, ex Sgt. Habila Sarki, ex Diphen Nimmyel, ex Sgt. Yasan Danda, ex Sgt. Abbas Mailalle and ex Sgt. Bwanason Tanko.

Others are ex Sgt. Donan James, ex Cpl. Idris Salisu, ex Cpl. Zakari Kofi, ex Sgt. Musbahu Yahaya, ex Sgt. Ugenlo Sylveste, ex Sgt. Musa Umar,  ex Cpl Omale Edicha and ex Sgt. Laibi Opakegba .

He said the aforementioned personnel of the force who used their official capacities to carry out misconduct were dealt with according to the law to serve as deterrent to others.

“The following personnel of the Force who erred and compromised in discharging their duties and betraying the official oath of office were arrested, subjected to internal disciplinary measures and punished according to the gravity of their offences.

“This unacceptable professional misconduct are categorised as follows: Aiding and abetting serious crimes, Conspiracy with militants and Disappearance of explosives.

“The IGP wishes to acknowledge and commend the patriotic and tireless police officers who are making sure that Nigeria is safe and secure especially at the flash points of the North East, North Central and South- South (Niger Delta).

“Their sacrifices will not go in vain; they will be adequately rewarded.

“Admittedly, these remarkable achievements are clear testimonies of interagency synergy between the police and our sister intelligence agencies,’’ he stated.

He said that the IGP recognised and appreciated the professional and institutional support of sister agencies.

According to Awunah, the process to progressively sanitise the system of unprofessional and criminally minded personnel will be sustained.

About Charles Igbinidu

Charles Igbinidu is a Public Relations practitioner in Lagos, Nigeria

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  1. Revert their dismissal to suspension cos dey may be absorb by boko haram or Niger delta militant

  2. Who den wil fire u 4 u onw misconduct?

  3. Na only 14 una c? U need exodus !!!

  4. ls there any policeman that behaves well? ldt the roger continue jo o

  5. Scan news, I can’t believe that

  6. Come to warri we have thousands of them here

  7. Their misconduct is enormous, they are the most corrupt

  8. IT’S Condemable at this hardship

  9. Come to Etche divissional head quoter okhi in Rivers State

  10. Pls don’t dismiss your well trained officers as they may become dangerous to the public. Demotion is better for them and to the society.

  11. Misconduct like collecting money for bail? While bail is free? If that is not misconduct then what else? Men of the police force misconduct on daily basis.

  12. Hw many frm south/north? Fulani agenda to put their ppl everywhere.

  13. Only 14 you people are not serious

  14. They can’t b only 14….

  15. Dont send them operking NO execute them becouse even if u jail them one day they will be free and disturb the public. House of rep should enect a law condemimg offeders to death.

  16. They are terror to the public demote their ranks

  17. Pls come to ajuwon police station all of them are criminal officers

  18. They should come and join biafra

  19. 14 only?amongst thousands commiting heinous offences on daily basis?

  20. Police force is improving very fast now pls send them 4 regular training courses bcause they are very very rude corrupt incompetent compared with their counterparts in Europe e.g. Britain

  21. Societal risk elements being increased by police

  22. Many of them are still on our high ways collecting and extorting money from poor road users.

  23. That is not enough they should be sentence to life imprisonment, so that their skill would not be use to hot the nation, and again the step is welcome but pls let the sanitary move round all the station in the country, nd bring those curropt ones to book, without bais of any form

  24. What about those that need reinstatement?

  25. Pls tell is d misconduct if any officer is free from it

  26. That is just a tip of the iceberg even the oga is not innocent.

  27. I hope dem don collect their guns o. U sure say dem no go sack dem all for same offence?

  28. When you got punished for what almost every body is doing………. You are sacrificial lamb.

  29. IGP, Are the remaining ones free from those crimes or offences?

  30. Fire or wat did you say…. U said u Don’t dey should go back to dier various houses instead to b sentence, at list 15years imprisonment… Who knows maybe u will not call dem back if dey have strong connection, are we not in Nigeria…

  31. The action of their dismisal is ok. But the about Police welfare should be urgently addressed. Their salary is very poor considering the level of risks and hazards of the service, poor retiremnet entitlements and name them. The Nigeria Police if sent on international mission are usually rated the best in the world. Because they re well taken care of but here in Nigeria they recklessly abandoned by the Govt and hated by all. Govt should address Nigeria Police problems

  32. Addition of arm robbers in our highway.

  33. If some of you have the opportunity you will do it more than them. When police need 10000 recruit about 2000000 of you applied today policemen are bad becourse you did not have the opportunity tobe one of them.What is your job are you among the highway robber, are you the one converting public money into your personal use, are you yahooo boys, you hate police becourse you dont want do your civic responsibility you will soon be arrested and jail.

  34. Thousands still needs to undergo the same fate in order for the Nigeria Police Force to be completely sanitized.

  35. U will still see d fired policemen on duty post next week. Watch n see

  36. Why didn’t they show us their faces? What are they hiding? Where are their names?

  37. Some criminals are covering their features with the uniform. Sack them.

  38. I believe this pple are those that do not have connection,,blc in nigeria is only on poor that our laws are active

  39. We have five of them at asaba ogbogonogo market close to A division disturbing d entire peace of d market, collecting 100 100 niara from keke boys, pls if any one have d contact of IG pls kindly inform he to send some monitoring agent to asaba divisional police to check b4 those bad police ll turn asaba to what i don’t kwn

  40. Oh my God see comment, let me ask u peoples that comment on this post, hw many of u withness this scine? Many of u try 2 join the last Recruitment up till nw no way why is that when police man kill an armrober it ill bcome problm bt when armrober kill police u ill be happy? Why re run to police if we hav a cases? Under sun u ill see them, Rain u ill see them, hw much is there re salary? Pls mined the way u comment police is our friend l love them all

  41. Some peoples there should jail them bcoz there use to collect N100 on the road, if l may ask were is Dasuki? Were Bankole? Were is Reuben Abathy? Nd some many of our politian when use pen stoling Billion of our money? Were re them? Ur power is 4 police man who re helping us collect N20 frm our hand, there should go one hours strike ur boday will tell u nosnse comments

  42. Just 14 with all these corrupt officer all around town disturbing people’s peace and overturning case against the innocent one just because the criminals know the so called way.

  43. They’re all in our various roads extorting people

  44. Well IG of police. U are doing well but nor matter how much your men are paid as salary, they are satisfied without collecting bribe from motorists. In fact no vehicle owner is happy to see yout boys on d road. Thats how bad it is

  45. I reserved my comment but when ever I vomit it, it will shake the Govt, and the citizens’s hearts as whole and commentators “for the measure you give, the mesure you get back.”

  46. Isaac obaka, may the Goog lord bless you.

  47. Very Dangerous to dismiss Rank and file at dis time cos they are exposed and they may become terrible to d public, we urged IGP to look over it pls.

  48. Kill them all or…………

  49. Police is ur friend and some of them sold Ak 47 to armed robbers who are also ur friend abi !

  50. The truth of matter is that any policeman or woman that faces any punishment has no prominent person inthe government if not what is misconduct compire to what we read inthe newspaper,watch for television,listen on the radio.pls my fellow nigerian the poor has no peace in our belove cauntry those clapping for the dismis police.either you working or doing any type of nonsense job one day the devil will visit you the same way.farmer oo fulani people wil visit you in your farm. In jesus name

  51. Some people are very useless 4 sayin they should kill or jail them just because they collect N20 or N100 u can put it in any way u want but pls lets me ask some idiot here. When ever they send police 2 go and do work 4 road who is given them the fuel? Who is given them food 4 that bush? Some of them will stay 4 gud 1 week without taking bath. Some useless they compare nigerian police with British and USA police, if u are not in the system u will not no what is happening,
    they dismiss some police men 4 not goin to road 4 there duty because they don’t hv fuel & is the useless people commenting bat about police dat report them because they robe them. Only God can judge.

  52. Police police police dis one is reminding me of d bad old days of Anini d law.they re nt only 14 d entire nigeria police re corrupt d police station is d bank d dpo is d bank maneger other police officer re d bank work n staff.

  53. I don,t know y u peoples keep condeming The Nigeria Police in dis country ?, these our policemen each time they are on foreign miss ion with policemen from other countries of de world, Nigeria Policemen are alway rated best.Pls like de Police,They are our friend, tnx.

  54. 14 policemen fired 4 misconduct I G what type of misconduct? 2. Of what rank? 3. if policeman fail to iron his uniform is that misconduct or offends?? That means buhari should be sack for retireing your senior officer for u to become . I G . Abi na co

  55. Is this a joke or what…if you really mean to sanitize this force,all the police will get sacked on a single day….cos they all stink.

  56. God bless u Mr Isaac. During recruitment excersic, if u go various state u will see them full everywhere with their small head, big head, tall, short with difference size like fly. Anybody that hate police is a Satan. God said that he will come this earth because of siners. So, think twice my brothers and sisters.

  57. Is high time IG set a special squad to monitor the activities of the Nigeria police force because they are now acting beyond their capacity. Hw can a police officer stand on the high way and be collecting the little money bus drivers do collect from their passengers. Bribery is the worm that has eating deep into the police force today

  58. Hmmm 14 policemen dismissed becos of misconduct,why?the best name 4 policemen is Misconduct now,pls no need of dismissing only 14 of them,say dismissed all of them,becos all policemen are corrupted.if dis country wants to tackle corruption they have to tackled where corruption is embedded is in POLICE.

  59. Am not in support of dismissing a force man, bcos he is well train, so he may be a denger to the community

  60. Yes is a welcome development for the issues their criminal activities & so on

  61. Obaka it seems u are a police man. If u hve eva bn frustrated by dis highway police b/c of 50 naira u will hate dem

  62. The Police must monitor their post-firing for misconduct else it becomes counterproductive to the society ex-cops will co-habit.

  63. Maybe those people people are innocent but there is no money to pay them n they imbibe this easy means

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